late delivery Late childbirth. This phrase for a very long time, doctors - gynecologists frightened women who decided to give birth to their first child after 24 years. However, after a while, the age range was raised, and women became known as old-age after 28 years, and after some time after 30. Nowadays there is no such thing as the old-fashioned one in official medicine at all. Now women who decided to have a baby after the age of 35, doctors call age-old. Yes it is not surprising - the last few years often doctors have to face a large number of women, giving birth to their first child after forty years. And, in general, the average age of the firstborn in Russia inexorably tends to be 30 years old.

Why do women give birth later?

Why is it that more womenpostpone the birth of their first child for later? And sometimes not the first-born - often for the birth of a second child, women are solved when their eldest is 15 - 16 years old. It is about the late birth and will be discussed below:

  • State of health of women. Unfortunately, in recent years there are fewer and fewer healthy women who can become pregnant and bear a baby without any problems. Often the cause of infertility are previously made abortions, or some diseases - as a reproductive system. And a woman is forced to be treated for a long time - sometimes for several decades. So it turns out that the first - but very long-awaited - pregnancy occurs when a woman is far beyond 30 years.
  • Material prosperity and career. Not so long ago the main purpose of the woman was the birth and upbringing of children. However, these views on the way of life of a woman have changed dramatically today - more and more women prefer to get an education first and think about a career, and only after that, having reached a certain level of prosperity, they decide to give birth to a child.
  • Re-marriage. Quite often women give birth to a child in adulthood, if she remarried. Of course, a married couple often want to have their own children. Therefore, they decide on the birth of a child, despite the age.

Pros and cons of late delivery

Be that as it may, the fact remains -the number of late deliveries is growing rapidly. And constantly there is a lively heated debate. Someone believes that late births have a very negative impact on the health of women, and someone, on the contrary, says that birth rejuvenates the woman's body. late delivery at 45 years old Who of them is right? Let's try together to understand this issue:

  • Pros of late delivery:

Talking about the positive aspects of late birth,we can not fail to mention such a factor as an increased sense of responsibility. Older women make a decision to give birth to a child consciously, which means that they are very responsible for the upbringing of children. And, in addition, as a rule, in the education of the child is directly involved dad. Psychologists explain this fact very simply - after about 35 years, a very strong attachment for one's family begins to appear in the man. And the attitude towards a woman in most adult men is radically different than that of young people - it is unlikely that the pope will become a passive observer who believes that caring for the child, his upbringing, washing, cooking and other domestic chores are not a masculine affair. Adult women will never treat their toddler as a kind of burden that interferes with their personal lives or careers. On the contrary, for them a child is the greatest gift of fate and a great joy. The mothers devote much attention, education, patience and time to the upbringing and development of such late children. And this is very important, because in this case and as the child grows up, the problems will be much less, because an adult woman is much more relaxed, and her life experience is much greater. For sure, everyone knows that babies born to adult parents are very often gifted. On the one hand, child psychologists confirm this fact. And on the other hand - it's not about any genetic or other features of the late children, namely, that parents are much more involved with such children than with the rest of the children. And accordingly, these children develop in a much wider range. That is why children are much more likely to reveal all their abilities and potential, which, incidentally, has absolutely any child. Despite the fact that physiological maturity and the optimal time for the birth of a child are 22-24 years, in the emotional and psychological terms the most favorable age is 33-35 years. Doctors - gynecologists and psychologists in one voice argue that adult women perceive all the difficulties associated with bearing a child, with much greater positive than young mothers. A visit to the doctor - gynecologist, all the examinations, the process of delivery itself - to all these stages a woman approaches extremely responsibly. Even very frequent attacks by very many women who have just become mothers - clan depression - occur in women giving birth in adulthood, much less often than in young companions. Of course, the moral state and mood play a very important role in the bearing, birth and subsequent education of the child. Surely, all women have repeatedly heard that late pregnancy, like childbirth, largely rejuvenates the woman's body. And to some extent this is really true - because of the influence of hormones produced during pregnancy, for example, estrogen, bone strengthening, cholesterol lowering, normalization of pressure, toning of both muscle tissues and skin integuments occur. In addition, all of the above applies equally to the entire period during which a woman is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding also stimulates a number of processes, including the production of hormones, which have a very beneficial effect on both health and age. In addition, not the last role in this is played by the psychological state and mood of a woman who has become a mother. Judge for yourself - their peers in very short time will become grandmothers, and they are young mothers.

  • Negative aspects of late motherhood:

However, in addition to positive moments, the latechildbirth attracts certain negative aspects affecting the health of women. In any, even the most favorable case, pregnancy and the subsequent birth of a child for the woman's body is the strongest stress. And if during pregnancy and lactation, during increased hormonal activity, a woman will feel a surge of strength and positive. However, unfortunately, after the active production of hormones ceases, the age will certainly make itself felt, sometimes in a multiple size. However, pay attention - a woman who does not have bad habits, visits a doctor and leads a healthy lifestyle, the chances of bearing and giving birth to a child are not less than that of a 25 year old girl. But if late birth in 45 years, women will have much harder. However, nothing is impossible - it's just that these women need to pay more attention to their health, to visit the doctor regularly and to fulfill all of his recommendations and appointments. In addition, geneticists say that adult women have a much higher risk of having children with different genetic diseases, most often with Down's syndrome. That is why late births and examinations should be links of one chain - the possibilities of modern medicine allow us to identify the presence of such problems at the earliest stages. By the way, remember that it is much more reasonable before you become pregnant, together with the father of the prospective child it is worth to visit a geneticist to get qualified advice. And one more important detail, which must be paid attention - is the development of ectopic pregnancy. To great regret, the greater the age of a woman, the higher her risk of an ectopic pregnancy. That's why, seeing on the test two coveted stripes, an adult woman should be especially attentive to her condition, immediately visit a doctor - a gynecologist. This will help to notice the problem at its earliest time, and therefore, in time to take the necessary measures. However, of course, do not overly focus on this - in fact, for every 500 successful pregnancies after 45 years, there is only one case of ectopic pregnancy. So be attentive to your condition, but make a phobia out of it - just enjoy your new state. To give birth or not to give birth to a child after 30 years is up to a woman who is able to really appreciate her abilities and desires. However, do not forget that the most important thing is the woman's happiness, in spite of everything, there were, there are and will be children! We advise you to read: