Lamination of hair Beauty hair models TV commercialsmeans for caring for hair, often in the beautiful half of humanity cause easy envy and the question: "What must be done to have such locks?" The desire to have magnificent, flowing curls makes them trust the loud words of advertisers or, at least, pushes to check, at the very whether or not this or that tool can bring them closer to the desired result. However, experience teaches that simple hair washing does not give great results, you need more, so you found another way - visiting a beauty salon. It is possible for an N-th amount of money to get high-quality care for the hair of a professional, but alas, this is not affordable for everyone. But visionary beauties always find a way out. All procedures performed in the salon, they learn to do at home, including possible and lamination of hair at home. So, today many women's forums can stumble upon discussions of an interesting procedure (hair lamination) and how to do this miracle procedure at home.

What is Hair Lamination?

Initially, this concept was used in the field ofpolygraphy to cover the film documents, but "cover with a film" you can now and curls in order to protect them. In fact, this procedure is called just "elumination", but by analogy with the name of the already familiar polygraphic method, the name "lamination" has taken hold. The essence of the procedure is that as a result of the influence of a special composition, each hair is sealed as it is wrapped in a very thin film that successfully protects curls from unfavorable external influences. The film is absolutely safe, because it contains microscopic pores, and this gives a wonderful effect, thanks to which the curls breathe freely, do not lose moisture and are protected from exposure to corrosive substances. It can not but rejoice that the lamination of hair gives them elasticity and volume. Thus, the procedure is very useful, especially for hair, spoiled by repeated staining. gelatin for lamination

Lamination by professional means

You can make lamination at homeprofessional means. How to make hair lamination at home? To perform the procedure at home, you can use both a special formulation and a specially prepared special mixture with gelatin. The desired composition can be purchased at the store for hairdressers. Special compounds are good in that they do not contain aggressive substances, for example, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and they contain caring substances - amino acids and keratin, restoring the structure of the hair. The procedure - laminating hair at home - is carried out in several stages:

  • It is better to wash the hair with a special shampoo for cleansing, removing dust and dust from the hair, and grease, dirt, and the remnants of the styling products. After washing, dry it.
  • Then it is necessary to apply the product and evenly distribute it in curls.
  • It is necessary to wrap the hair with food film orcover with a plastic bag, alternately heat for half an hour with a hairdryer for 5 minutes and then allow them to cool for 5 minutes. In general, for 30 minutes, 3 times, the hair should be allowed to warm up and cool down.
  • Then remove the film, rinse the hair to rinse the product, and apply conditioner, wait a minute and rinse again.
  • Now you can just dry the curls, and you can make the styling.
  • heat compress when laminated with gelatin

    Folk recipes for lamination

    Homemade hair gelatinization. What is good about this procedure and what effect does it give? Among women, the most simple and accessible procedure has become popular - it is laminating hair at home with gelatin. This procedure is simple in nature and requires a small amount of funds. You will need gelatin, water and conventional hair care products: balm or mask. The proportion of the composition is as follows: for 1 bag of gelatin (about 1 tbsp.) It is necessary to take 3 tbsp. l. water and half a spoonful of hair mask, no more, otherwise it will be less effective. Your actions are as follows:

  • Gelatin is poured hot water, thenit is closed with a lid for swelling for 20 minutes. This time is better spent on hair washing, balm treatment, rinsing and drying with a towel. Hair should be left slightly moist, so that the mass is distributed better. If after 20 minutes gelatin has poorly dissolved, it is necessary to warm it up in a water bath. To the mass after a short cooling, half a spoonful of mask or balm is added, and everything is mixed in the most careful way.
  • Weight with gelatin is distributed among the locks. Cover the head with polyethylene or food film, as described in the technology of lamination by professional means, wrap it with a towel, warm it up with a hair dryer for 10-15 minutes, then allow the composition to act for another half hour without heating. Then wash the hair with water.
  • Advantages of laminating gelatin What is the best way to home gel hair laminates salon procedure? It turned out that there are several reasons for choosing gelatin lamination:

  • Gelatin is a natural substance consisting of animal collagen, perceived by the hair as natural, it not only protects the head of hear, but also perfectly nourishes it.
  • The procedure is advised to be carried out with each head wash, this produces a magical effect on the curls; if they were thin and brittle, then after three procedures, they can not be recognized.
  • Price. The procedure costs literally a penny, the technology is the simplest, and the effect is a million.
  • Reviews about laminating hair

    Reviews about the procedure are diverse,some are delighted, others are perplexed, and some are disappointed with disinformation. Sometimes girls, going to the lamination procedure, believe that the effect will last up to six months. Lamination is a wellness procedure, from which the effect can last 3-4 weeks. While doing lamination gelatin, one should not expect a tremendous effect from the very first time. For a visible result, at least 3 procedures are required. The procedure is simple and usually takes no more than an hour. The drawbacks of this method of lamination is that the curls fade, and the procedure does not sufficiently strengthen the dry ends of the hair. Expert opinion on lamination at home Thanks to laminating the gelatin under the influence of heat, when the curls warm up with a hair dryer, the flakes open and steam out, which allows the mask to penetrate inside. The film, created around the hair, is also a protective capsule and a keeper of nutrients in the hair. In the end, the hair looks smooth and shiny.