hair extension for short hair It's good to live in the 21st century! Shops are full of modern clothes, cosmetics, shoes and accessories. It is possible in some two hours to change the image so much that the husband, when he returns home, does not know. And if you enroll in a beauty salon and radically repaint your hair, you can confuse even your own mother. What can I say? Modern technology of hairdressing art helps in a few hours to make a long-haired rebel a long-haired beauty. And the hair extensions will look as natural as possible, and the hairdo itself is simply stunning. Until recently, hair extension to short strands was impossible. An indispensable condition of the procedure was that the length of their own hair was at least 20 centimeters. Today, even bored bangs can be lengthened. What the fuck is there! The reasons for enrolling for an increase can be a lot:

  • you have thin hair and is sorely lacking in volume;
  • you are tired of a short haircut, or a new boyfriend likes long-haired beauties, and your sports hedgehog on his head does not meet these requirements;
  • the hairdresser burned your hair during the last staining;
  • the same (or already different) hairdresser made an unsuccessful haircut, and you want to save the situation with the help of accreted strands;
  • you just have a good mood and you crave for changes in your appearance. And what can be more dramatic and impressive than accrued hair?

Now, when the reasons are sounded, let's talk about the technology of hair extension for a short haircut. build-up on very short hair

Hair extensions: all for and against

First, look at your hair. If their length is catastrophically small, and the hair itself is very thin and rare, then most likely, the procedure of building up will have to be postponed. Or choose the average length of hair (usually women rush from the extreme to the extreme, first deciding on the hair as a boy, and after begging the barber to build braids, like Rapunzel). Of course, modern techniques have gone far in their desire to make a beautiful woman, but pity your own hair. Imagine what weight you will have to wear to your hair every day, and what will eventually happen to them after three to four months of forced "weightlifting". In case your desires are reasonable enough, and the hair itself is in excellent condition, you can safely choose a hairdresser and the type of hair extension. A short hairstyle is usually used micro-nurturing.


This method of hair extensions appearedrelatively recently and for a short time has already managed to win a whole army of female fans. During the procedure, the hairdresser allocates a thin strand of hair, passes it through a protective ring, which in turn reliably fixes. After that, your hair is cut a little shorter, and an artificial strand is attached to the place of the cut. A microcapsule that connects its own and exfoliated hair can be formed with both hands and with a special apparatus. In any case, and that and the other joint will be absolutely invisible to others. Another advantage of micro-nodding can be considered extraordinary comfort in wearing artificial strands. They can be easily combed, washed, painted, curled. In a word - do everything that you did before with your hair. In addition, such hair can be adjusted more than once in three months, as it happens with standard methods of building, and once in six months. The whole secret lies in the almost invisible capsules, a large number of accreted strands and modern technology, which makes the buildup invisible. The disadvantage of the procedure is its high labor intensity. After all, in order to turn a short-haired girl into a lady with a chic hair, you need at least three hours. Therefore, be patient, if you want to have luxurious hair extensions. hair extension for short haircut

Six rules for proper hair extension

This code of rules applies absolutely to all types of build-up. It does not matter if you have short hair or medium length; going to the hairdresser, three times, re-read the conditions for successful growth.

  • Healthy hair

We already wrote about this above, but we will repeat it again, as non-observance of this rule threatens with loss of own hair. Before building up your hair should be absolutely healthy.

  • Right to choose

If you came to the hairdresser and you insistentlyadvise hair extension only on one single technique, we advise you to be on the alert. This, most likely, means that the master does not have enough experience, and he has mastered only one way how to increase hair to the client. Experienced hairdresser necessarily offer several options and describe in detail about the features of each of the builds.

  • One type of hair

The main success of the enlargement procedure lies in itsmaximum invisibility. If everyone around will know about the hair extensions, then the whole charm of the transformation of the hairstyle is lost. In order for artificial strands to merge with natural, it is necessary that their structure repeats the structure of the client's hair. Therefore, before building, be sure to touch the strands that the hairdresser has chosen for the procedure. Are they similar to your own? Then increase.

  • Avoid excess shine

We continue to explore the hair for growth. Typically, a hairdresser offers a choice of several patterns of strands. And, as a rule, women choose the most brilliant hair extensions. But in vain. Practice shows that these samples are preliminarily ground and covered with silicone to give a commercial luster. However, after the second washing of the head, such hair begins to fall out. The silicone is washed off, the capsules become weaker, and the hair is not as luxurious as a week ago. Therefore, before you start building, do not succumb to artificial brilliance, but choose only matte strands. Usually, after applying balm or mask on them, these hair start to sparkle in the sun. And most importantly - they will look absolutely natural.

  • Correction first

Do the correction in time. This will make the buildup less noticeable and more comfortable. Because walking with escaped strands and trying to hide the capsules in the hair - it's quite a troublesome occupation.

  • The right master

Perhaps, it is this rule that can be summed uparticle. After all, a good hairdresser is a beautiful hairstyle, and good material for building up, and no risk of losing natural hair after three months of wearing artificial. A competent hairdresser will tell you how to properly care for hair extensions and what hair styles to choose. Therefore, before deciding on the procedure for hair extensions, find a good master. And most importantly: think very carefully. Do you need this? Are hair extensions really what is missing for happiness? Or is the reason for the bad mood that the loved one does not call the third day? Then what does the hair have to do with it? It seems to us that it's much easier to call yourself than to record for hours of hair extension. We advise you to read: