how to know the gender of the child Do you know what kind of question arises in futureparents, takes the leading place in popularity? That's right - "Who will be born here?" A boy or a girl? "This is especially true for a woman -" I want to know who will be born and that's it! "And this issue has been bothering people for more than one century, so there are a lot of ways. Of course, most of them are inaccurate - the probability is 50 to 50, so do not take them seriously. Of course, with the exception of modern medical research - their reliability is very high. Although they sometimes make mistakes. But in any case, we will tell you about the most popular ways to find out or at least assume the sex of your future baby.

Official medicine

To date, the most common methoddetermine the sex of the child's future - ultrasound examination of the fetus. The percentage of reliability is high enough - not less than 90. Moreover, the longer the gestation period, the less the probability of error. Such a study to date is mandatory for all pregnant women, since its main goal is to make sure that the baby is healthy, and the pregnancy itself proceeds without any pathologies. During pregnancy, the future mother passes several such ultrasound examinations, at different times. In most cases, the doctor is already on the second ultrasound - at about 16 weeks - can assume the sex of your crumbs. However, do not immediately rush to buy a dowry exclusively pink or exceptionally blue - remember the possible error. It is better to wait for the next ultrasound to know exactly what color to buy a ribbon for an extract from the maternity hospital. In addition to ultrasound, there is another way to know the sex of the unborn child, and absolutely certain. And the way it is - the study of the genetic material of the fetus. The procedure itself is as follows: a special needle is inserted into the uterus cavity, with the help of which amniotic fluid is collected, which are then examined. The whole procedure is performed under ultrasound control. I would like to mention at once - this study is done in exceptional cases, if there is a risk of genetic abnormalities. Of course, in our time, when money solves everything, there are clinics ready to conduct this research and only exclusively for sex determination. But remember, this procedure involves certain risks for pregnancy - it's foolish to risk life for the sake of satisfying your "want", is not it? If this "want" is too strong, wait for the ultrasound study. sex of the child how to find out

Folk signs

So, with the official medicine, is it ever lessclear. But do not forget that there are many folk ways how to know the sex of the future child. But once again I would like to ask you - do not take everything to heart. Remember - these are just assumptions, so take them only as a way of spending time. The truth for the sake of justice should be noted that the signs, though popular, but very, very often they turn out to be prophetic. From the scientific point of view, it is very difficult to explain, but the fact remains that these signs have been confirmed in practice for many years. By the way, therefore, they continue to exist up to the present day, despite the fact that the yard has long been the 21st century. Thanks to this and the eternal "I want" future parents. You expect the birth of a boy. Folk wisdom says that you should expect the appearance of an heir if

  • Changes on the part of the body

First of all you should look at the bellypregnant woman - he is the best evidence. If the boy lives in it, then the tummy has a sharp shape and is raised upwards. In addition to the stomach, it is worth paying attention to the nipples - they usually get very dark, and they increase considerably in size. Many future mothers of boys notice that they often freeze their hands and especially their feet - this fact should not be overlooked either. By the way, do not forget to tell your doctor-gynecologist about it, as freezing hands and feet can testify not only that a son will be born, but also problems with blood vessels.

  • Changes in taste preferences

A lot will take in connection with the tastepredilections of a pregnant woman. If during pregnancy a woman wants meat products, hot and smoked - most likely she will have a boy. However, it is not necessary to abuse meat products too much, as a large amount of protein can become an additional burden for your kidneys, which are already having a hard time. You expect the birth of a girl Well, the birth of a princess is to be expected if:

  • Changes on the part of the body

Appearance of a pregnant woman wearing a heartdaughter, is changing very much, and far from the best. However, it is not worth worrying about this - after birth your beauty will return to you again. The tummy in which the girl lives, most often has a round shape and is located quite low. Therefore, if you understand - "I want to know who will be born to me" - first of all look at your stomach. True, this rule rarely works if you expect the birth of a second child. The nipples practically do not change, and if they change, they lighten up. The breast significantly increases in size, with one breast becoming noticeably larger than the other. And more - in case of pregnancy the girl colostrum starts to be allocated very early - practically from the first months of pregnancy. Although doctors doubt whether it is possible to know the sex of the child in this way, because the production of colostrum is solely responsible for hormones. learn the sex of the child

Folk fortune telling

Another way to know the sex of a child- fortune telling. Of course, only if you believe in them - otherwise the maximum that you achieve is a healthy laugh. That, however, is already good - laughter prolongs life and strengthens health, that during pregnancy will be very useful.

  • Hands of the future mother

This method of divination is suitable for friends andrelatives of the future mother - she herself should know nothing in advance, because the effect of surprise is very important. Ask a pregnant woman to show her hands - if she stretches them up with her hands, wait for the girl. Well, if palms down - the boy, respectively. By the way, this method helped to determine exactly who a woman is pregnant with, a huge number of times.

  • Key

In this guessing, the pregnant woman is also notshould know about anything in advance. You will need a long key, a hundred and, in fact, the very future mother. Ask the woman to give the key and watch - if she takes him for a long part, wait for the son, if for the head - wait for the daughter. But if in the middle - it is quite possible that children will appear in the world - twins. Of course, in the event that you did not make an ultrasound in advance.

  • Ring

To perform this rite, you will needthe engagement ring of the woman herself, who is pregnant, a long string and someone close. Fasten the ring on the thread - its length should be at least 30 centimeters, ask the future mother to lie down and swing the ring over the stomach. In the event that it moves in a circle, the probability of a girl's birth is high, but if from side to side - wait for the birth of a boy. And than at a longer pregnancy you do this, the higher the percentage of probability.

  • Oats

Want, we will tell you how to know the sex of the child beforeconception? More precisely - not we, but people's wisdom. It says - a woman should wrap a few rags of oats in a damp cloth and put under a pillow for the night. After that, move the package to any warm place. If the grains start to germinate on the third or fourth day, we can assume that a girl will be born. And if later - then the boy. True, this is only true for the first pregnancy. Of course, this is far from being all ways of finding out the gender of the child - their huge number, and each people has their own, and we only talked about the main of them. You can believe in them, you can try - the main thing to remember is that it does not matter who will soon announce a loud cry - a son or daughter. The main thing is for the baby to be healthy and desirable!