Japanese face massage Slavic girls are undoubtedly the most beautiful,but over the years their smilingness leads to the appearance of mimic (and not only) wrinkles. Whether it's Japanese. Porcelain leather of the representatives of this nationality for many years remains smooth and silky as if by magic. And if a woman in addition to everything and slim, then determine her age after 30 is quite problematic. Of course, the lack of wrinkles can be justified by the fact that Japanese women are very reserved in expressing emotions, but the secret of the youth of Oriental women is not covered in this, believe me. Smooth skin is achieved by long-term facial massage. Probably, now many readers are doomed to sigh and will complain that daily procedures are an inadmissible luxury and that they simply do not have a massage, because they have a lot of work, children need attention, and the husband should not be forgotten. Of course, you are right. But think: are all Japanese women childless? Or housewives? Or not married? But they have as many problems as you have. But for a Japanese massage a woman's face for some reason finds time. Recall that in Japan in the day the same 24 hours as in Russia, so do not try to hide behind the lack of time. Understand, the purpose of this article is not to shame the readers for their inability to care for themselves. We want to teach you that every Japanese woman can almost from birth. Or you do not want to become the owner of porcelain leather? That's the same. So put all your things aside. We will learn how to do Japanese shiatsu face massage.

The advantages of Japanese massage

In the best traditions of modern marketing, let's startour article with promises. What will the daily habit of doing a Japanese massage bring with it? Provided that the whole procedure will be carried out according to the rules, and not "through the sleeves", in a few months you will expect such results:

  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Puffiness will disappear;
  • The metabolism is normalized;
  • Smoothes wrinkles (in addition, massage prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, which is more valuable for aging women);
  • Restores skin elasticity;
  • The complexion will improve.

face massage shiatsu

Facial massage Shiatsu: contraindications

Let's add a fly in the ointment. Namely - tell about contraindications, so as not to harm our readers. After all, many of them will begin to do facial massage, not yet having read the article to the end. So, shiatsu can not be used:

  • With neoplasm;
  • At a hemophilia (infringement of coagulability of a blood);
  • With fractures;
  • For any infectious diseases;
  • With serious diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver, lungs;
  • If you feel pain of unknown origin.

Japanese massage: the essence of the procedure

To begin with, that facial massage in Japanesecardinally differs from the classical, where the masseur with force knocks the back or shoulders of the patient. There will be a minimum of physical impact here. But the calculation takes knowledge of certain points, clicking on which you improve the circulation in the body of vital energy. Acupressure does not treat the disease and does not relieve wrinkles with the help of external influences. He mobilizes the body's internal reserves (immunity) to fight the disease. As for rejuvenation, here the Japanese offer a very eloquent comparison. In youth, the skin seems to be stretched over the frame. Over the years, its elasticity decreases and it sags. The task of Shiatsu massage is to restore the lost tonus and prevent the skin from sagging on a symbolic frame. If you find 15 free minutes a day and regularly do acupressure, you can regain youth without pricks and braces. Shiatsu face massage

Let's start the massage

  • Rub your face with your hands so that the skin under your hands burns.
  • Waving your head, say the sound of "a-aa-aaa". The cheeks should shake.
  • Fold your lips with a tube as if you were going to kiss. Open your mouth wide. Repeat the procedure several times.
  • Massage your forehead with your fingertips. Movement should be spiral, pressing. Do not shift the skin!
  • Find the most prominent point of the cheekbones (in the centercheeks), go down a centimeter below (under it), find the bone fossa. Press down. If you feel a painful feeling, then you hit the right spot. Several times stimulate it from two sides (on the right and left cheeks).
  • Feel with your thumbs the lower jaw andStart gently pressing the pads along the edge. Do not stretch the skin. Movements should be indenting, not rubbing. Pay special attention to the areas of the base of the chin (where the root of the tongue is located).
  • We train the muscles of the neck. To do this, lift the chin, tilt the head back and strain the muscles. Hold it a little in this position. Relax. Lower your head, pressing your chin to your neck. Repeat the motion 10 times.
  • Slice the ears in the palms of your hands, press them for 30 seconds to the head.
  • Gently massage the pads of the three fingers of the upper edges of the eye socket, starting from the inner edge. Slightly increase the pressure of the fingers to the sensation of dull pain at hand.
  • Find the point strictly between the eyebrows. Push it with your thumb.
  • Feel the bony fossa on the sides of the nose (above the nostrils). Gently press them several times.
  • Say the sound "a-aa" with the tongue sticking out as far as possible.
  • There is a great variety of Japanesefacial massage. But the main principle is not in the number of covered points. And not even in the duration of the procedure, but in the regularity of the massage. Will you do it daily? For a long time, keep your health and beauty. Spend the fifteen minutes on something else? Save time. But it will work against you. We advise you to read: