calico wedding The wedding took place not so long ago, onlya year earlier, and depressed family psychologists are already vying to predict the future first crisis of relations in a young family. At the end of the first year together, according to experts in the field of family relationships, even those couples who are destined to live together for a long time can wait for a sharp decline of 2 years, and a small improvement in relations expects them only between the 3rd and 5th year marriage. Even then, it makes sense to arrange a celebration, celebrate your family's first birthday, present small gifts to each other. After all, nothing improves the mood like a beautiful celebration! After all, this is the small anniversary of your wedding - a year.

A bit of history. Why is it chintz?

1 year of cohabitation is called "calico"wedding. " It happened because of the ancient custom to give this day to young spouses a "cotton cloth on diapers": after all, on the 1st anniversary of a young family, it was almost always expected the birth of a baby. At the moment this, by the way, again becomes urgent: after all, almost all couples live in a civil marriage for a long time and decide to put a "stamp in the passport" only with the appearance of a new member of the family. So it turns out that the first year is marked by the appearance of a baby. On the anniversary of such a family, you can safely give diapers and ryazhonki for a small one. bed linen as a gift for a cotton wedding

What gift to choose for the first anniversary

As for the presentation itself, the chintz itselftime is not worth giving for the first anniversary of the wedding. Goods from this fabric after the first wash will lose their original look and will not be celebratory at all. Therefore, on the anniversary of the concept of "chintz" can be slightly expanded to the concept of "textiles". In other words, you can give your spouses fabric curtains that will decorate the look of the apartment, or a warm blanket, under which you can hide together on cool winter evenings and again feel like the happiest couple in the world. Here are some more ideas for 1 year of the wedding. If the spouses are very fond of reading, you can amuse them with a funny plaid with sleeves: you can get under it completely and at the same time continue reading the book. To give something more serious for the anniversary - pajamas, underwear - it's not worth it. This is considered too intimate a gift. Another practical and precisely desired gift for the anniversary of the wedding can be a new and beautiful tablecloth or napkins made by own hands. To give such things is doubly pleasant. If you decide to give on the anniversary of the couple such a rather popular gift, as a set for bed, try to find out in advance the size of their bed. Agree, it will be very unpleasant if your friends will not be able to see beautiful dreams for linen with a picture of the beach only because instead of "euro-kit" you bought for them on the anniversary of the familiar "kopeck piece". When selecting the fabric, it is best to choose the coarse calico. This fabric does not lose its initial color, like a chintz, does not "freeze" like silk, and will not cost as much as satin or satin. Because you can just buy and present for the anniversary of the wedding several different sets that the couple will be able to change depending on the desire. Such a gift for the first year of the wedding will definitely please the spouses. horse walk in gift for anniversary

A few more ideas of an original interesting gift

On the "calico" anniversary, you can actually giveany wardrobe items. With all this, if the anniversary is celebrated in the summer, then the thing can be purchased from the current now lightweight fabric. In this case, the main aspects in selecting a thing will be the density of the fabric and its coloring. The best option - to stop on the "opaque" monochrome things of summer models: a T-shirt, a shirt with a small sleeve, short shorts, a light tunic. Or just simply present on the anniversary of the newlyweds a certificate of purchase in a popular clothing store. In addition to the present, which have practical application, you can give on the anniversary and "aesthetics". Try to buy a set of embroidery in the needlework shop, and to it - a special fabric, suitable threads and, perhaps, practical recommendations for work. Spending a little more time on this gift, you will be convinced that from you the couple will get something really original and unique. By the way, you can include a little bit of fantasy and just draw with watercolor painting directly on the fabric. In any case, it is important then to sign your own masterpiece and place it in a beautiful frame: let the "newlyweds" feel pride in the new part of the interior. Also often give a beautifully processed photo, take it to note. It is not excluded and the option that you did not learn to draw beautifully. It's absolutely fearless! Here is the idea of ​​the gift itself and a joyful joint holiday: you get a lot of cloth, one-color t-shirts for the spouse, the spouse and all the guests present and even more bright colors for the fabric. The thing remains for small: to organize an art party and to show imagination together. be sure to get something interesting, you can leave it on a long memory, you can with the help of creative efforts to completely change the interior of young spouses, or you can sometimes just remember that day and laugh every time. Give such joyful moments, not only things, but also pleasant memories that are so important. If you know exactly what your spouse and your spouse wish for the first anniversary, buy this particular, desirable gift. Wedding anniversaries, of course, are not accidentally named, but almost all the signs can be bypassed. For this holiday, buy something that will become an attribute of the present day, and prepare appropriate symbols for the gift and solemn words. You can give almost anything you want, it will be enough to use a sensitive cotton that day as a packing material. And if you embroider beautifully or you have someone to whom you can instruct, try adding a carefully embroidered flower or a small poem to the wrapper. photo shoot as a gift to the couple

To think of another way to remember this for a long time

At the groom and the bride, probably, for this jointThe first year has accumulated a lot of beautiful photos. Some of them, of course, preserved in electronic form, but the most attractive and especially fond of hunting have at hand. For such cases the casket for storing photos perfectly fits. You can buy it in the store, but it's pretty easy to do it on your own. To do this, you only need to draw a simple cardboard or tin box, using a special technique "decoupage", you can simply cover it with a primer and then paint it to your own taste. Also, young spouses can apply this gift for 1 anniversary of the wedding and as a casket for storing ornaments, cute knickknacks and even something tasty. The first birthday of the family is a very important stage. If a young family could live so long after the wedding, it means that the lapping at the household level is over and a completely different stage of living together begins. A year has passed, and this is very important. 1 year after the wedding, the young wife comprehended the elements of culinary skill. The book for recording recipes will be a completely appropriate gift for a calico anniversary, because she probably already had her favorite recipes, and now you do not have to look for them on numerous sheets or web bookmarks. A wonderful culinary notebook will take its rightful place in the kitchen. This gift can be freely given to any girl. She certainly will find that there to write down even before the wedding. A good "paper" gift will be tickets to the theater or a concert of your favorite band. And you can give a certificate for a fascinating master class (for example, sewing) or a seminar. You can give a horse ride or bike trip for two. An excellent gift option for 1 year of the wedding will be a magical family photo session.

The conclusion. A little bit about family life

Calico wedding is the so-called firstthe border that the newlyweds managed to overcome in some way. 1 year behind, and ahead of them now even more joyful days of living together. 1 year is really a very significant experience of living together. Present this holiday to your spouses your own smiles - and they will surely smile at you! But whatever you give them, it's important to remember that now your goal is not only to amuse loved ones, but also to be happy with them on this beautiful day. We hope that your family will celebrate more than one year of living together.