crystal wedding Only recently did the final phrase sound"Now you are husband and wife," screams "bitterly" to the newlyweds, and now 15 years have passed since the wedding. This number tells us about the teenage age of the family, when the border of childhood has already crossed, but the adults have not yet become. Ahead still waiting for the unexplored and undisclosed pages of the family code. Having graduated from an elementary school of family relations and remembering the duties of the wife and husband, it's time to move on to serious practice. In the people, the fifteenth anniversary of a joint life is a Glass or Crystal wedding. And all this thanks to the same transparency, beauty, and, unfortunately, the same fragility inherent in love and mutual understanding. Family happiness, like a glass goblet, can easily break. However, this anniversary embodies the clarity and purity of family relations. Crystal - brilliant, call, clean and transparent. It is stronger than glass, and breaking it is not so simple, so spouses who were able to save a marriage for such a period, can be proud of strong feelings and their family. But we must not forget that crystal can still be broken, that's why relations in the family should be, as before, gentle and gentle.

Celebration organization

Fifteen years is an anniversary, worthy ofThe guests gathered at the table. Invite witnesses to marry, best friends, relatives. On the anniversary let the children come, they as symbols of the continuation of life, family success and joy. By tradition, the table is made of glass and crystal glassware. "Washing" the legs of the "bride" family needs from crystal. The room can be decorated with congratulatory comic posters, balloons and various tips for the perpetrators of the celebration. gifts for the anniversary

Gifts for the beloved

What gift for the anniversary to choose your favorite? Before you go to the store, you need to think a little. Since the anniversary is "crystal-glass", it means that you can donate something from these materials. Apply your creativity, the best gift for the anniversary - the one that is made by yourself. Remember Salvador Dali, he in his paintings painted his wife in different angles. Make a picture of you, fill in a multicolored glass and lay out any composition on the top (you can kitchen) and the important words "I LOVE YOU". Do not be afraid that it can go bad - if you do it with love, everything will turn out, create and dare, and success awaits you! Women also like it when they are given bouquets. But we have a glass anniversary, so you can make a bouquet from smells. Buy a few perfume bottles with fragrances that your wife likes. Or give a casket, and in it a ring with a pebble. You can also pay attention to ornaments from Murano and Venetian glass, they were worn by royal and aristocratic families of Europe. These ornaments have been known for more than half a century. And be sure, when you give a gift, confess your love.

Gifts for loved one

What to give a loved one for an anniversary? A perfect gift is the composition "subject in the subject". Suppose a bottle, and inside it - a car or ship. The ship is a symbol of "family swimming in the vastness of life". And the husband is the captain standing at the helm! If your husband likes cars, then the crystal picture with the image of the sign of the famous automobile brand will perfectly suit it, it will symbolize the fulfillment of desire in the future. As a sign of love, you can give a crystal heart filled with a pleasant balm. Or make a gift with your own hands, paint an ordinary bottle with stained-glass paints or decorate it with pebbles, shells, etc. Show creativity and your gift will turn out to be a unique, energy-filled love. example of a gift from crystal from guests

Helping guests choose a gift

Invitations guests received, and they, toothink over gifts. A gift for such an anniversary is better to choose with meaning. Products from crystal hints that the relations in the family retain purity and transparency. It is possible that a gift reflects your wish to the spouses. For example, a plate with a picture of the landscape of a country can symbolize the desire for joint rest, the journey strengthens the love bonds. Chandelier - symbolizes the wish that there is always light in the house. Candlesticks in the form of pigeons will symbolize romantic evenings, candle fire brings to our life a special mystery and charm. A crystal vase for fruit can also be attributed to romantic gifts. A crystal wedding is a grand jubilee, which must be celebrated in such a way that you can then happily remember those happy moments. Let in memory of each visitor there will be a fun, laughter, smiles and readiness of your family to share the happy experience with friends and relatives.