how to marry successfully Our life is strange. One lady looks over the fans, wondering which one of them should be married once again. The other, it would seem, no less attractive, the pillow does not dry out from the tears shed by the cold solitary nights. And she swears this world, and loses the last hope for happiness, convinced that the men have been transferred. Why is this happening? Why sometimes, not even a very beautiful woman attracts a whole host of admirers, while some spectacular lady suffers from their absence for years? Free, attractive, seemingly confident representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can not get married! Is this not nonsense? Perhaps, normal, courageous and strong men indeed were transferred? And a woman worthy of them is lost in conjecture, where to find a good husband and how to finally get married? No. Not extinct. Enough in our society of real men. And the essence of the problem is not in them, but in us, self-sufficient, but such single women.

Why are women lonely?

"There are no real men" - a phrase that has become quitepopular in our time. Many young successful beauties unanimously repeat: "It is impossible to marry successfully! There are no peasants! "At the same time, there are a lot of attractive, respectable and promising representatives of the stronger sex unconnected with family ties around them both in business and in their spare time. And our ladies for some reason persistently refuse to notice them. Is he blind? Probably yes. This is nothing but a psychological blindness, the appearance of which is due to the denial of the existence of such men. Namely, it is the reason for the subconscious refusal to act. Psychology of a single woman initially rejects reunion with someone. And, be it even the most beautiful prince, persistently prancing on a white horse, she will not see him. A worthy young man in her eyes will turn into an avid Alfonso or an experienced ladies' man, spoiled by a huge number of victories over the fairer sex. There is an opinion that in this world there are at least five people with whom each of us can build a successful family relationship. And in the event that the heart is fully open to love, such people become much more. If there is a huge barn castle on it and the shutters are tightly closed, happiness, most likely, will go looking for a more hospitable house. And we will continue to cherish our loneliness, tormented by the question of how to get married successfully. The same one that was destined for us by fate itself will go to a neighbor who does not differ in anything. In addition to one - the willingness to love. And this is already a lot, you will agree. No, of course, there are women whom this prospect does not frighten at all. But there are not so many of them. In most cases, we all want to have a cozy house, children and our soul mate, who is happy to meet us after a hard working day. And we get, at best, only exhausted by the long expectation of a cat screaming furiously in an empty apartment. As you can see, the answer to the question of why beautiful women are left without men is simple - they themselves cultivate their loneliness. But only. How can we eradicate this inner emptiness, alienation and disbelief in our own happiness? how to marry successfully

The first step to happiness. Why do we want to get married?

First, remember the immutable truth: real men were, are and will be. And even if today their attributes are not a white horse, or even a white Mercedes, they exist. If such a sample you have not yet come across, it is likely that it is not the time yet. Or maybe that very ideal man was already getting in your way, but you missed him or something scared him away. Than? Yes, at least too obvious a desire to get married. After all, it's a sin to hide, many of us are trying to create a family, based on the considerations that "a single woman is indecent." And they are not looking for a specific person, but just a representative of the stronger sex who agrees to go to the registry office. This fact is usually too obvious, therefore it repels from the woman even the man dreaming of his family. After all, he wants to become the only one, and not just a handy tool for the realization of goals! Therefore, first of all, let's ask ourselves what we want to marry. To give birth to children? Or to get the status of a wife? And, perhaps, in order to feel loved? It would seem that all these goals are fully justified. And none of them is a sufficiently significant reason for marriage. Because you can create a happy family only with someone who is really interesting to you. Another big mistake of a significant part of women is the desire to get married only in order to get rid of the inner emptiness and sensation of loneliness. Why are representatives of the beautiful half of humanity often lonely? Because emptiness and loneliness is a state of mind. It can not be changed by some external factors. In order to build a family happiness, you must first work on yourself and fill your soul with the expectation of joy. Radiant happiness woman attracts all. And marriage for her is not a problem. But forever dreary, dissatisfied with the whole world, even a very beautiful sufferer can be interesting except for sex-hungry red tape. Therefore, learn to rejoice in every little thing, and you will attract great luck to yourself. Start with the revision of your past and try to accept it without condemnation. Each of you has something that you do not want to remember. But after all, life needs any experience, both positive and negative! Only under such conditions a person develops. Therefore, let go of your past, forgive yourself, and with bold soul boldly move towards the future.

Factors interfering with a successful marriage

The successful beginning of a married life makes a feeling. Therefore, it is necessary to get married only by mutual love. Simple sympathy and passionate sex is not enough to create a strong foundation for a happy marriage - it is necessary to experience something much deeper in relation to the chosen one and be sure of his reciprocal feelings. After all, very often women who dream of quickly getting the coveted status of married ladies make very common mistakes, which do not promise a successful marriage. So, what factors prevent you from finding true family happiness?

  • Fear of being an "old maid" In this case, speechIt is about women who have crossed the twenty-five-year age limit without the desired stamp in the passport. They are most often very sensitive to the comments of relatives and friends that it is high time to marry, and try to arrange a life with the first man caught. This path is obviously hopeless, because the disappointment that comes afterwards turns into a divorce and a feeling of inferiority. So do not be shy about the foolish questions about when you finally part with the status of an unmarried woman, give very streamlined answers, for example: "As soon as you meet a man worthy to pair me with!".
  • The desire to quickly play a magnificent wedding with whitedress and veil Girlfriends jumped up, and you are desperately jealous of the holiday, from which their family life began? But is it a matter of triumph with its indispensable attributes? It is important to meet exactly that single man who can make you happy. Therefore, do not rush every member of the stronger sex who has shown interest in you, write down to the grooms and think about what wedding suit will be most suitable for him. Try to assess how comfortable you are in the society of this person, whether he attracts you as a man and a person, would you like from him children and so on. It is positive answers to such important questions that will form a clear picture, through which you will understand whether your relationship has prospects or it is worth waiting for someone else.
  • Constant talk of parents about grandchildren Stop-stop! That's certainly not the reason to get married as soon as possible. Even if you have a stable relationship with a loved one, but for a number of reasons he does not offer you to legalize them, the parents' desire to become a grandparent should not push you to force things. It is very important that the man takes the decision to marry himself, without pressure and pressure from the woman. Ladies, never forget that you need to conquer this, and not vice versa. And even in our time, when the boundaries between the sexes are leveled, and the roles are reversed, in the matter of offering hands and hearts, it is better for a woman to take a passive position. After all, excessive insistence on her part can embarrass and even alienate the chosen one. Why does he need something that goes into the hands, and even gets imposed?
  • Pregnancy as an excuse for marriage If a couple alreadyfor a long time there is a semblance of conjugal relations, the news of an early paternity usually becomes an occasion to go to the registry office. But it also happens that a guy and a girl meet for a while, their relationship goes into the field of sex and as a result of the test, two strips, indicating an unplanned pregnancy. Well, if a young man is conscious and offers you to get married. But the opposite happens more often, and the couple breaks up. A girl who tries to get married at any cost, tries to reason with her future father, often turns to her parents for help, but even if the marriage is still registered, it becomes very successful and very rare. Most often the newlyweds diver shortly after the birth of a baby. Therefore, an unplanned pregnancy can not be called a pledge of a successful marriage.
  • Searching for a tight wallet If your understandingsuccessful marriage is reduced solely to finding a wealthy candidate for husbands, it's no wonder why you still have not met your only man. After all, a woman who is ready to marry money, representatives of the stronger sex see from afar and try to avoid. Who would want to be considered only as a purse with crisp banknotes or a walking credit card?
  • And is it possible to call a successful marriage, in whichsensual side of the relationship is replaced by financial? Even if you marry a rich man, such an alliance can be that very "golden cage". Are you ready to depend on your husband all your life? And if he meets someone younger and prettier? So do not be guided by mercantile considerations alone, but rather listen to your heart. This is exactly what will be discussed in the next section. how to get married successfully

    Happiness loves independence

    Many lonely babes are convinced that a man -it is an object existing in the world to satisfy all their needs. Each of these ladies thinks of one thing - how to successfully marry a rich man who will take care of her. And, of course, before any suitable contender for the bridegrooms, she immediately raises the question: "What can you do for me?" It is understandable that the "suitable bidder" is immediately retired. Because he is a person who wants to be treated as a person, and not as a way of fulfilling desires. After all, modern men and so constantly exposed to stress. And in the family they want to shoot them, and not add to themselves more problems. No, of course, a candidate for husbands can provide some help. But he does not have to do this at all. However, we, ladies and gentlemen, do not owe our men anything either. There is among us such a category of female mothers, bustling over their chosen ones just like a hen on chickens. They envelop the man with care, trying to facilitate each step. The same, if he - a strong personality, not withstanding such obsessive attention and constant violation of the boundaries of the personal zone, in the end, escapes. Remain with "mummies" only inert and infantile loafers, shamelessly enjoying their love without any return. A real man in the depths of his soul is always a hunter, who from time to time needs a drive for pursuit. And then with a woman for whom there is no need to chase at least periodically, he becomes bored. But an independent self-sufficient person for a male hunter is a desirable prey, because she makes to experience true excitement. He can not think about how to create a good family with her, but also does not imagine his life without such a woman. And this, in the presence of mutual interest, is a very good basis for a lasting marriage. Of course, to choose a husband, you need to have the opportunity. Therefore, you should first learn to be friends with men, or to fight with them. And you can do both together, because such interaction will allow you to better know the strong sex and relieve the inner tension when communicating with its representatives. But any war in any case should not acquire the scale of an intergalactic battle - so shortly become a man-hater. It is better to give it a form of wrestling, in which the rivals not only respect each other, but are even willing to surrender with pleasure to the mercy of the winner. With the condition of probability of revenge. Without a doubt, these tips can not guarantee complete success in your personal life. Psychology of a single woman can not be determined unambiguously, since she is not subject to schematism. However, there are some tricks, which, as our grandmothers claimed, work almost smoothly. Men, they said, should learn to listen carefully, with a smile, in no way interrupting. Over the jokes of the chosen one you must laugh, even if this joke has long grown beard. Does not work? Let's call to the aid all your artistry. After all, we so want to look in his eyes witty! Experienced ladies who have successfully married, do not recommend telling the potential candidate for husbands about themselves everything, meaningfully avoiding the silence of some pages of his own biography. Moderate mystery and understatement - the best decoration of a woman. Sometimes, from the field of view of the chosen one, it is necessary to disappear for a couple of days, letting know that the light has not yet coincided with a wedge on it. It will pour oil into the only fire of his soul. To increase the effect, you can sometimes casually mention the compliments that you make at work or on the street. After all, for any representative of the stronger sex there is no greater pleasure than the opportunity to enjoy what everyone likes. Good men live side by side with us, and not in some fantasy country invented. In order to notice them, you need to change your view of the surrounding world and understand that life is diverse. And then it will become colorful and filled with music of joy. And this melody will be heard by the one whom we are looking for. And he will certainly come, because he is also looking for happiness next to his beloved. The main thing is to learn it and not to pass it by. We advise you to read: