how to choose wallpaper There comes a time when the interior of your ownthe apartment no longer pleases the eye: I want something new, original and not killed. What is easiest? Of course, change the wallpaper. They are relatively cheap, do not require special construction skills from us, and most importantly, are easily replaceable in case of mechanical or moral wear. But how to choose the wall wallpaper? After all, their diversity in the modern market is so great that it's time to get lost. This is a simple paper wallpaper, and vinyl, and silk with embossed. Liquid, fabric, glass wallpaper, wallpaper for painting. Yes there to say, it can even be an exclusive wallpaper that will be produced personally for you, focusing on the shade of varnish on your hands or on the color of the eyes of your favorite dog. In general, any desire for your money. A stunning assortment can confound even the most experienced designer, let alone simple lay people. The main thing is not to get lost in this sea of ​​splendor and clearly know which wallpaper to choose for this or that room.

How to determine the color?

And the first priority is to talk about howChoose wallpaper color. After all, it reflects our inner world, our way of life, our spiritual comfort. Color can not only change the mood, but also make a small room visually more (light wallpaper with a small pattern), low ceilings above (wallpaper in a vertical strip). Of course, what color of wallpaper to choose, each solves individually. But here it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the room, and its size is very important. Experienced designers do not advise buying cool wallpaper for the rooms in which you are most often. This color does not add to the mood, and especially in the winter season. You just want to get out of the room as soon as it's uncomfortable and cold. How to choose the color of wallpaper for rooms facing the sunny side? Bright and juicy shades of walls are quite acceptable here. Just try to choose a quality material, otherwise after a few months the paint will burn out. But for dark rooms, an excellent solution will be a wallpaper with a diamond pattern.

Wall-papers for painting

There are three types of wallpaper for painting: paper, nonwoven and glass wallpaper. Paper wallpaper has a different relief, but their size is significantly different from standard rolls. A distinctive feature of paper wallpaper for painting is that they can be used not only for walls, but also for the ceiling. Flizeline wallpaper has several advantages: it is much easier to glue than paper, they perfectly hide the unevenness of the walls and do not sit down. It is these wallpapers experts recommend to glue in new buildings, since the new house will shrink for several years. Glass-wallpaper is rarely used for walls of living quarters. In general, they are used in the repair of offices, hotels, shops. what kind of wallpaper

Kitchen Wallpapers

Which wallpaper to choose for the kitchen? From the color of the walls in this room depends the appetite of a man - that's what psychologists say. Therefore, the choice of wallpaper should be approached carefully. Colors such as orange, yellow, all shades of green contribute to the excitement of appetite. But red and cherry are bad for the nervous system and vision. Of course, yellow or green tones may seem too banal to you, but this is only at first glance. In a few minutes, spent in such a situation, you will feel that all problems have lost relevance and are not worth your nerves. You will feel comfortable, and there will be no trace of a bad mood. Let's take a closer look at how to choose wallpaper for the kitchen. And if we have already sorted out the shade, now let's talk about the texture. Here the best solution will be exactly vinyl wallpaper. They are the most durable and durable, and weak contaminants are removed from them with a usual moist sponge. Modern manufacturers offer vinyl wallpaper with microspores, which do not allow moisture to escape while washing, but at the same time allow condensation to evaporate. There is an opinion that thick vinyl wallpaper is constantly peeling off the walls, but this does not depend on the thickness of the wallpaper and their texture, but solely on the quality of the glue.

Desktop Wallpapers

The question of how to choose wallpaper for the living room,always remains relevant. After all, this is the main room in the house. Here they receive guests, spend family evenings at the TV and just relax from everyday worries. For the living room, the best tapestry wallpaper or fabric. It is important to consider the overall style of the interior, the size of the room, the height of the ceilings. Asking which wallpaper to choose for the living room, it is important to remember that brown furniture perfectly matches with light orange, light brown, beige, green tones. White will look exceptionally beautiful against the background of pink, blue, gray wallpaper. To understand which wallpaper to choose, it is important to consider the condition of the walls in the room. And if flaws are present, then it is better to hide them using textured, dense or fine-grained wallpaper. A monophonic wallpaper is suitable only for ideal walls, as well as for walls on which it is supposed to hang pictures or photographs within the framework.

Bedroom Wallpapers

How to choose a wallpaper for a bedroom? This is a matter of concern to many. It is not so much beauty that is important here, but comfort and convenience. If the bedroom is small, choose wallpaper light tones, they will visually increase the room. Suitable cream, golden, yellowish, pale pink shades. People suffering from insomnia are recommended dark blue tones. Wallpaper for the bedroom is better to choose quiet, muted tones. Bright colors are suitable in case you need to break the room into zones. If the bedroom windows go north, then recommend wallpaper with shades of yellow, orange, green. If the bedroom is small in size, then the wallpaper will fit in a rare and fine drawing, and for a spacious room - large and frequent images. Thinking about how to choose the right wallpaper for the bedroom, we always try to focus on textiles and natural materials. And this is the right decision. They are environmentally safe and have an important property for the bedroom - soundproofing. But dense vinyl wallpaper in this room to glue is not recommended.

Wallpaper for the corridor

When visitors come to the house, first of all theyfall into the corridor. They say it's impossible to create a first impression a second time. Therefore, it is important that the corridor is not boring, gray and ordinary. And the point here is absolutely not in aesthetics, but in practice. Thinking about what kind of wallpaper to choose for the walls of the hallway, you should stop your choice on washable materials. It is clear that too light tones here are out of place for purely aesthetic reasons. But too dark shades also do not fit, as the corridor is not the brightest place in the apartment. So, let's figure out how to choose wallpaper for the hallway. There are washable paper wallpapers, laminated with plastic wrap. They are much cheaper than vinyl. Corridors are also advised to glue cork wallpaper - this is a thin layer of cork, put on a paper cloth. These wallpapers are environmentally friendly, because they are made of natural material, they can be washed even with the use of chemicals. For the hallway and so-called liquid wallpaper. They have a lot of advantages: they have no seams, perfectly fill all the irregularities, they are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. And if you cover these wallpapers with varnish, then you can do wet cleaning. It is worth remembering that the color of the wallpaper should be in harmony with the furniture, the floor and the entrance door. what kind of wallpaper to choose

Wallpapers for children

Which wallpaper is best to choose for a nursery? The first thing that needs to be paid attention is ecological compatibility, not toxicity and heat resistance of the material. Experts have proved that paper and vinyl wallpaper are completely harmless. There are a few subtleties in choosing wallpaper for the nursery, so you need to know clearly how to choose wallpaper for the room in which the kid spends a good half of the day. If your baby is still very small, then pay attention to the price, because in a year and a half a small "Picasso" will turn the children's walls into an easel and will draw a marker for the flowers of your beloved mother. Choose the color of the wallpaper, guided by the psychophysical characteristics of the child. Yes, it's not an easy task to pick up wallpaper so that they have a beneficial effect and stimulate the play and mental activity of your child. So do not be surprised if the child starts to get nervous in a room with bright red or orange wallpaper. If the baby is a little passive, calm, can sit for a long time in thought (sluggish phlegmatic), then the wallpaper with bright and colorful pictures will suit him. But emotional children who puff with energy and can not sit still, it is better to choose cold shades (especially blue). For restless children fit wallpaper pale pink, blue, apricot and green tone. All shades of yellow are also good. For children, a combination of several types of wallpaper is possible-the visual designation of the playing area and the sleeping area.

Wall-papers for bathroom

Wallpaper in the bathroom glue is not recommended, butif the soul asks, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. Find out what kind of material is not afraid of the effects of water and steam, because in most cases the wallpaper has a paper base and have high hygroscopicity. That is, easily absorb water, and then swell. Wallpaper for the bathroom is made on the basis of a polymer. The disadvantage of these wallpapers is that the material is sharply compressed from a temperature change, there can be detachment from the substrate. And the price for them is considerable. Therefore, for the bathroom is widely used method of applying liquid wallpaper (a special kind of decorative plaster based on dry mixes). Plus such wallpaper is that if some part goes away, you can quickly and easily "cover up" the missing element (well, that, of course, if you are a thrifty owner and did not throw out the remnants of the mixture). After the application of liquid wallpaper, they are stained with a colorless waterproof varnish. From all of the above it follows that the choice of new wallpaper for your house must be carefully. As they say, "with feeling, with sense, with arrangement". It is not necessary to be guided only by emotions and own desires. Be sure to listen to the opinion of experts, and then you will not want to change anything in the interior for a while. We advise you to read: