interior design of an apartment with your own hands When it comes to interior design apartments,each of us represents his home in different ways. For someone in the first place is the sophistication and richness of the situation, but in fact, so it is already important? Is it not better to create conditions in the apartment that would be cozy and warm for you and your relatives? And that this place could really be called a house - a house with a capital letter. Undoubtedly, both comfort and comfort directly depend on how competently planned and arranged your apartment, especially if its dimensions are not large. And the psychological aspect plays here not the last role. Colors, the texture of materials, shapes - all this greatly affects a person, can give him both positive and negative emotions. Therefore, intending to create an interior design of an apartment with their own hands, it is necessary to approach this issue with all seriousness and thoroughness.

Coloring in the interior

Do not pursue fashionable shades and populardesign solutions. Try to maintain each room in certain tones. Whether it is the color of a sea wave, saturated red or soft beige, everything should be in moderation. The bedroom, as you know, should be decorated in soft colors, but for the living room you can choose a color brighter and more saturated. But here too there are nuances. Choosing colors and furniture for the design of a particular room, you need to build not only on your desire, but also on the size of the room. If the dimensions of the rooms allow, you can choose almost any shades, if only they liked you. But how to be, when the size of the room leaves much to be desired? There are certain points that need to be considered. interior design by own hands

If the living room is small ...

Despite all doubts, even a small roomyou can make the most convenient, as well as achieve a visual expansion of the boundaries of the room. And it is not so difficult to do it, as many believe. You need to start with a color solution. No bright contrasts, only calm tones. Cream, blue, light green, pink, white are your colors. Light furniture is not so practical, but with it your living room will look spacious and filled with air. All unnecessary items and bulky accessories need to be removed. After all, if you think carefully, they do not decorate the room at all, but create some inconvenience. To achieve a visual increase in area, it is best to use furniture of small dimensions. Small armchairs, a small sofa and a coffee table, placed along the walls of the room, will create the impression of a three-dimensional space. And to achieve an even stronger effect, you can use wall mirrors or mirror furniture decor. Ceilings and floors in the same color scheme as the walls. So the room will seem more spacious. It is not advisable to use heavy curtains or drapes. The path in your home will be more light, for this Roman curtains are good.

We equip the office

What thoughts come to mind when you speakcabinet? For sure, everyone imagines a large room with a massive table and with a lot of bookshelves. Now many people prefer to work at home for one reason or another, and for a child who is in school, the workplace is simply necessary. So, to create a home office on three square meters is quite feasible, and it will be no less functional than an office space. Interior design with their own hands involves not only beauty, but also convenience. For a home cabinet this fact plays a special role. You can arrange such a corner anywhere, depending on its purpose. If you only need a computer, then quite a small table is enough. Choose a free angle in the room where you will not be disturbed by the TV and where the children practically do not look. Here the main thing is to take care of the correct lighting and choose a comfortable chair. You should be comfortable at any time of the day. If your corner is needed for your child to do homework, and places are sorely lacking, do not despair - the problem can be solved with the window sill. Expanding it, you form a full table, and a niche under it is perfect for storing books and stationery. On the sides of the window you can mount open racks - here you and more additional space for books, documents and other things you need in work.

The hallway ... It's not small, just compact

Many residents of the city's old apartmentsthe familiarity of the problem is the narrow hallway. And here the main thing is not even lack of space, but lack of natural lighting, which can make this room visually more. Therefore, choosing the backlight for the hallway, stop at the fluorescent lamp. The color range of the walls and ceiling should be the bed tone. As in the case of the living room, this will help to make the room bigger and bigger. When we are going to create the interior design of the house with your hands, or rather the interior of the hallway, in advance plan the arrangement of furniture. What do we need in this room? Of course, a wardrobe for clothes, a bedside table for shoes, a mirror and a small chest of drawers for gloves, umbrellas and other trifles, which is needed almost every day. So where do you put it all, while keeping a place for movement? For a small hallway is best to choose a narrow, but a deep cabinet. And if there is a possibility - better built-in. It takes up less space, and contains much more things. But space almost does not steal. By the way, having a built-in wardrobe, you can refuse from the shelf for shoes, and from the chest, because there is enough room for all things. Order a cabinet with a mirror on the front side. It is able to visually increase the space, in addition, the problem of placing this necessary in the hallway of the subject will have been solved. By the way, many solve this issue by placing a mirror on the front door. Very good option for a very miniature hallway. As you can see, even small rooms of city apartments can be made comfortable. The main thing to think about is not how to put more things and ruthlessly clutter up the space of already tight housing, but about how it is better and more correct to use this space. We advise you to read: