what is the secret of happiness What is happiness and what is its secret? There is no single answer to this question, and it is unlikely that it will ever be found. Speaking the language of philosophy, happiness can be called an inner state of a person, in which he is completely satisfied with his life, fulfilled all desires and achieved the main goals. "But it's almost impossible!" - Many will exclaim. Very much the opposite. After all, happiness is a subjective concept, for each person it is different. The main thing in this feeling is harmony, contentment with oneself and the surrounding world. Someone to achieve happiness needs, as they say, to roll mountains and conquer the whole world. Someone is content with relatively few - a favorite job, a strong family, a certain wealth. And many people in general see it in freedom from money and conventions, without which it is impossible to exist in a modern developed society, and therefore create their own separate worlds. In them they remain alone with nature and live only at the expense of the gifts of the forest, the river, and the land that they themselves cultivate. And each representative of the categories described above reveals his own secret of his happiness. It is he who gives the very harmony and peace that are so necessary for all of us. Some people say that happiness is not in money, and others say that it is, exactly, and is calculated by the amount of finance. And all are right - it's just that each person determines for himself the measure of personal happiness and what it is. However, people who are striving for spiritual development, of course, it is difficult to be satisfied only with material well-being. They can achieve harmony by adhering to certain moral values ​​and realizing their desire to be happy, for example, in science or creativity. In ancient times, some nations portrayed happiness in the form of a woman with a long braid. She flew, picked up by the wind, and seemed both close and far away. After all, it could only be caught once in a lifetime. Hence, happiness can be called with certainty and luck, a chance or a brilliant coincidence of circumstances. After all, thanks to them, a person achieves his main goals and carries out his wildest dreams. The blue bird, invented by Maurice Maeterlinck, incomprehensible and elusive, is also an allegory to happiness. Remember how long it was looking for the little heroes, and when they found it in their home, they broke up without regret for the sake of the neighbor's health. Hence, happiness is the ability to sacrifice something for others, perhaps, with one's own life. There are a lot of such allegories. And each of them will turn out to be correct and meaningful in its own way. This is not surprising, because happiness is a concept so multifaceted that it is almost impossible to find a clear definition for it. However, let us nevertheless try to understand what basic truths need to be understood by the modern person in order to answer the question about what is the secret of happiness. secret of happiness

Scientific point of view

California psychologists say thatThe state of happiness is controlled, and it can be supported by observing the five basic rules. These conclusions were drawn from the data obtained during the experiments. The rules of control are quite simple and quite suitable for any person. Therefore, if you are not yet quite happy, then use them.

  • The first is to be grateful for every little thing. This gratitude makes you feel happy even for a few months.
  • The second rule is optimism and belief in a good future. And the future should be represented as often as possible, as the execution of the desired.
  • The third rule is the ability to rejoice at one's own luck and always remember your strong qualities and apply them as often as possible.
  • The fourth rule is the frequent reference to the experience of successful people and due attention to their own achievements. Your success can be recorded and re-read several times a day.
  • And, finally, the fifth rule is the regular commissiongood deeds. According to researchers, the statement that good returns is true. A charity and unselfish help to other people significantly raise the mood, as they bring a sense of moral satisfaction and give a real reason for self-esteem.

German psychologists give their definition towhat is the secret of happiness. They argue that this feeling a person experiences at the moment of joyful anticipation of a deserved award. But such happiness for a short time and with time loses its novelty, turning into a routine, because people tend to quickly get used to material goods and financial well-being. Therefore, wealth, according to scientists, can not be considered true happiness. Although the quality of life can not be ignored. After all, citizens of developed countries most often call themselves happy people. The first place in the rating of the population, most satisfied with the conditions of its life, is occupied by Denmark. But in Bulgaria, according to a survey conducted in Europe, the most unfortunate people live. The subject of the discussion of scientists are also factors that prevent a person from becoming successful and prosperous in order to feel satisfied with life. The main one was idleness, and regardless of what provokes it - poverty or, conversely, great prosperity. With this it is difficult not to agree, because laziness has not made anyone really happy. The conclusions drawn by European scholars are not sensational. After all, according to them, the secret of happiness should be sought in relationships with friends, relatives and loved ones, because they give us warmth, without demanding financial advances in return. Therefore, happiness always begins with friendship and love - it is these concepts that are the basis of success and prosperity. Scientists of the university, located in the US state of Indiana, argue that the temperament of a person is often the determining factor of what exactly he needs for happiness. For example, extroverts are more in need of fun, parties and noisy companies than introverts, who pay much attention to relationships with loved ones and relatives, and this is how they satisfy their communication needs. Such a psychotype is characterized by positive thinking and optimism. But the happiest people, according to research data, are students, since most of them have clear goals of their implementation in society. People focused on achieving something useful for themselves are prone to spiritual reflection. They rarely go to nightclubs or sit around aimlessly in front of the television, and make their leisure more useful and informative. Secrets of Happiness

Secrets of true happiness

The history of our world is very ancient, we all live inthanks to the wisdom that was continuously collected bit by bit by philosophers and scientists of the past to turn into the most valuable experience of generations. It is in it that we should seek answers to all the questions that interest us. Therefore, combining the philosophies of the great minds of antiquity and modern views of psychology scholars, and ordinary realities of life, you can give some advice to those who want to catch The blue bird of happiness. These tips are simple and complex at the same time, and not all people are ready to use them on a daily basis. After all, breaking the habitual line of behavior and worldview is often very difficult. But those of us who have made similar devices with the style of their lives, rightly enjoy the results achieved. Do you want to join the lucky ones? Then go ahead, in search of the Bluebird! The first secret. Correct attitude to life

  • Happiness is inseparable from exactly how each person relates to his life, how he disposes of it and what he receives as a result.
  • The human mind determines the share of happiness for each individual. Therefore, develop, and do not exist, aimlessly spending the best years of life.
  • All events, both positive and negative, entirely depend on the person. So do not be afraid of responsibility.
  • Happiness lies in the everyday and ubiquitous choice and depends on its correctness and timeliness.
  • Negative experience is also an experience, from which lessons should be learned, which in the future will bring positive. Therefore, any grief or trouble should be met with a question not "for what?", But "for what?".
  • You need to be able to be grateful and do not get tired mentally saying "thank you" for every sunrise given from above.
  • Right thoughts are the mechanism for achieving happiness.
  • The second secret: a healthy body is a pledge of fortitude

  • Any movement has a beneficial effect on feelings.
  • With the help of regular physical exertion, you can improve not only the body condition, but also cure depression or get rid of stress.
  • A person with a high head and a correct posture is easier to succeed
  • Eating properly, you can save your bodyfrom excess weight and normalize the metabolism. This will have a positive effect on feelings, will bring satisfaction and pride in oneself. Your diet should consist mostly of vegetables, fruits and cereals from coarse grits.
  • It is necessary to go out of the room to fresh air, getting rid of the feeling of depression, which occurs under the influence of artificial lighting and enclosed space.
  • The third secret. Every moment is valuable

  • Often a person can live a long, relativelyhealthy and prosperous life, but never find happiness because of fears and insecurities. Therefore it is worth to appreciate every moment, hour or day that we spent on earth.
  • A full life is possible only if happiness is a person to see in every moment, receiving joy and extracting all the best.
  • Special moments become the basis of happy memories, so they need to fill their memory as tightly as possible.
  • A person who lives by the principle of "today and now", more easily tolerates anxiety, avoids stress and regrets less. So do not try to foresee the future.
  • The fourth secret: underestimating ourselves, we are not rewarded and happiness. We must learn to love ourselves, to perceive correctly and positively our own "I". After all, we are, in fact, the ones we see ourselves. A person who is constantly unhappy with himself, will not be satisfied with his life, no matter how good it may be. That's why all psychologists advise you to look for yourself not negative character traits and external shortcomings, but pay attention to dignity and good qualities. You need to believe in your own uniqueness. To confirm it, you only need to know that the very possibility of your birth was one chance out of three hundred thousand billions. Do not take criticism in your address from other people as the truth in the last resort. To overcome their own complexes and create a personal positive image, you need:

  • determine the period and the cause ofnegative perception of oneself and how fair it is (if all such feelings did not arise from scratch, then one must reconsider their life positions and change for the better);
  • every day, do not be lazy to tell yourself what qualities you would like to have;
  • behave as if they had already become just such a person as this, in your opinion, is necessary;
  • to find in oneself qualities worthy of self-respect.
  • The fifth secret. Goals - a prerequisite for a happy life

  • The meaning of the life of any person lies in the goals that he wants to achieve.
  • Goals help overcome hardships and crisis moments - it is they that give the person the strength to start a new day.
  • To understand exactly which goals are for youthe most priority, you need to write them down and reread them in the morning, several times during the day and always before bed. This exercise should be repeated at least a couple of times a year to determine which of the goals are still relevant.
  • The sixth secret. Laughter does not happen much

  • A person with a good sense of humor is less likely to experience stress and more often feels a sense of happiness.
  • Laughter relaxes, but also leads to increased concentration of attention, which makes it easy to cope with the solution of complex problems.
  • In almost any situation, you can find something to laugh at. So do not ask yourself what is wrong with this or that event. Put the question differently: "What's funny in it?".
  • Worry less about the little things and remember that the main part of life consists precisely of these small things.
  • If you feel that you are not ready to correctly assess the unpleasant situation for yourself, then use the advice of the heroine Margaret Mitchell and tell yourself: "I'll think about this later, for example, tomorrow."
  • Seventh secret. Know how to forgive

  • Forgiveness is one of the key ingredients on the road to happiness.
  • Hatred, resentment and anger are feelings that can not be allowed to become part of your life. They are like a boomerang and bring only grief to the person who experiences them.
  • You need to learn to forgive not only others, but yourself. After all, mistakes are inevitable, they need to be accepted, experienced and released, drawing life lessons and valuable experience.
  • The eighth secret. Gaining the Giving Man, who seeks to acquire wealth only for himself, is rarely truly happy. And the one who shares what is called the last piece of bread, receives in return harmony within himself and satisfaction from the right action. Remember that the more we give positive, help and happiness to the people around us, the more we are enriched with their reciprocal gratitude. The happiness of each day lies in the joy that a person is able to give to others around this time. The ninth secret. Happiness is impossible without strong human relations

  • The quality of our life depends on what kind of connections we have managed to build in society.
  • No man can live without communication with his own kind.
  • Close and native people help to survive hard times and, together with us, enjoy achievements and successes.
  • Remember that the joy shared with someonebecome twice as large, and after telling a friend about the problem, you will make it half as small. And all that you do to other people, you need to do so as if this is the last time and the chance to fix the perfect will no longer be. So try to help someone, and do not do anything "for a tick". The tenth secret. You can not achieve happiness without faith

  • Faith is the foundation of true happiness. This is not necessarily a religious concept. After all, it is impossible to live without faith in people, in their own ideals and human values.
  • Long-term happiness is possible only with faith in it.
  • Faith is able to grant peace to reason - it drives away doubts and gives hope that tomorrow the sun will rise again.
  • All these secrets are the right philosophylife, which any modern person must adhere to. And then the personal happiness of everyone will become the basis for an ideal society, where honesty, mercy and love for one's neighbor will become the main and determining components of existence. And if we all become beautiful from the inside, spiritually, then such a beauty can really save the world, and the personal secret of the happiness of each particular person will become clear to all. But the level of our moral development does not yet allow us to achieve universal harmony. And whether it is possible at all, no one will predict. But this does not mean that the above secrets of happiness are useless, since their application on a universal scale is impossible. No, they are necessary and important, since they can help any needy person to solve personal problems related to family or career. All these secrets are directed, first of all, to correct socialization and social adaptation. Each sphere of our life is a relationship between people. And the fate of this or that person depends on what they will be in each particular case. Do not forget that the basis of everything is love, and happiness is the life process itself. It is necessary in time to realize that the Bluebird at least for a brief moment was in your hands. We advise you to read: