manicure ideas for short nails For some reason, there is an opinion that hands are beautifulwomen look only with long nails. Yes, it is impeccable and original, you can draw and do a three-dimensional modeling, but after all, short nails can give room for fantasy. The main thing is to choose the right idea for a manicure and perform it carefully, paying attention to each, even the most insignificant part. To begin with, you need to give the nails a regular shape. If you have short full fingers, the shape should be oval and as close as possible to the natural option. But if the fingers are elongated and elegant, then you can make a square shape.

The most ideal option

Manicure for short nails should be donecarefully and with skill, do not treat this as something frivolous. The varnish can be applied in any shade - from dark to light. Just keep in mind that too dark shades visually shorten the fingers, so carefully choose such colors. Masters prefer to use for manicure pastel or completely colorless shades. The most fashionable kind of manicure for short nails is French. How to do it? Yes it is very simple, only it is necessary to buy a special set for the French manicure, which includes special strips, colorless lacquer and white matte. In this case, the kit may include not only white matte, but, alternatively, pink or blue - but it will not be a classic. So, let's start:

  • We prepare nails: Cutting cuticle, to shape and remove the remnants of varnish.
  • We cover nails with base varnish, for example, colorless. Let's dry, if necessary, put the second layer.
  • Now draw a white matte varnish "smiles" along the edge of the nail. To do this carefully, use special stickers.
  • Do not remove the stickers until the varnish has completely dried. If you get rid of them early, the drawing may get smeared, and all your efforts will lead to nothing.
  • After completely drying and removing the labels, apply the last layer of colorless lacquer - fixing.

That's all - perfect look and fashion manicureready, it will last about five days. You can use the ideas of a multi-colored French manicure, but it will look shockingly and creatively, so for everyday decoration is unlikely to fit. But if you are an extravagant person and used to stand out among all, then take a risk - there are many ideas here: black with red, green with blue, yellow with orange. fashion manicure for short nails

Manicure Options

Manicure for short nails can be donemonotonous. There is nothing wise and complex here. Just gently apply the nail polish, you may have to make several layers. The varnish should "sit" without divorce and glade, especially if you use enamel. Here you have to look at the light - if any dashes or stripes are visible, then try to fix the situation. Girls who prefer pearly nacre shades, worry about the divorce is not necessary. Even if there was some kind of miss, and the lacquer lay unevenly, then this will not be reflected in the general form of the manicure. In addition, for short nails pearl lacquer will also be a factor in their increase. On short nails you can and even need to do drawings - they can be very different, ideas of the end and the edge are not visible! For such nails will be appropriate simple drawings in the form of stripes and various curls. This is done very simply - you will need only a varnish of two or three shades and a toothpick (or a needle). beautiful fashion manicure for short nails

Learning to make drawings

We apply a couple of layers of the main tone, then we applyDrops on the dried lacquer of a different color and toothpick begin to draw, following the fashion. You can make simple dashes, as if swings. And you can show your artistic abilities, then your manicure will turn into a real masterpiece: roses, twigs, leaves, sea and boats, faces of little animals ... Fashion is a whimsical lady. It is changeable and contradictory, so it is not surprising on the short nails of a woman to see the funny face of Mickey Mouse or the octopus. A manicure on short nails can withstand all the drawings and colors, we must avoid only one - three-dimensional figures, molding. For nails of this form, it will be an unbearable burden, it looks ridiculous, makes the fingers even shorter and curtier. Decorating with rhinestones, insect figures or flowers is also undesirable. Such a manicure looks beautiful only on long nails, and on short it will look untidy and provocative. That's what is ideal for manicure in the case of short nails, so it's smooth transitions of color - from the dark at the tips, to the light at the cuticle or vice versa. Go to the hairdresser, and let an experienced specialist make you such a manicure. You yourself will see and remember the technique of application, only then you can try to repeat it yourself. And one more rule: whatever manicure was not, the most important thing is to constantly monitor him. Shabby varnish or a little shabby, overgrown or broken marigolds have never delivered beauty to women's hands. It is better to change the varnish more often, once every 2-3 days to do a new manicure, than to "shine" shabby and clumsy nails. In this case, even the most refined image, the most beautiful hairstyle and the most professional makeup will not save the situation. We advise you to read: