ideas for home Home Sweet Home. How much we invest in this concept! And we strive to make it comfortable and cozy. And, of course, beautiful and unique. And perfection, as you know, there is no limit. Therefore, ideas for a house in our head are swarming, like bees in a hive. And we, restless, rush about between furniture and household shops in an effort to realize all these ideas. And meanwhile, our transformative itch can be fully met in less expensive ways than buying new furniture or regular (and such troublesome) repairs. Let's postpone all our revolutionary plans and see what interesting ideas for the house with their own hands can be realized even today. Here is the promised quartet of ideas.

The idea first. Furniture

interesting ideas for the house with your own hands She rightfully can be called the soloist of ourquartet. We look at the furniture with a meticulous look in the hope of seeing the reasons for our design undertakings. But buying new furniture is too simple a solution. And we are not looking for easy ways! We choose a creative approach. Upholstered furniture, for example, can be put on new clothes. And it is not necessary to pull it for this. You can make cloaks and bedspreads. And this can be done from any fabric and even from its remnants. If you are familiar with the technique of the patchwork (if not, then be sure to get acquainted!). Make bedspreads of small patches or larger quilted fragments. Elegant cape for a sofa and an armchair can be made from whole pieces of fabric. For this you need two canvases: one lies down along the sofa, the other across. The first curtain covers the sofa from floor to floor through armrests and a seat. The width of the transverse fabric should be equal to the width of the sofa, length - to cover the sofa from the top of the backrest to the floor. You use a fabric of different color or texture for such a cape - and you will get almost new soft furniture. And you can also tie new clothes for furniture. You can make comfortable cushions and padded stools for her. In general, dress up, add brightness and freshness. A cabinet furniture (all kinds of lockers, shelves, tables) can be perfectly updated with the help of decoupage. Use the secrets of this napkin to transform your furniture. If you master the technique of decoupage is difficult, then both wallpaper and self-adhesive films with which you can also upgrade and decorate furniture will do.

The second idea. Shine

ideas of your house with your own hands More precisely not the light itself, but its frame. And more precisely, the lamp. Agree that exclusive lamps - this is a good idea, which is also easy to implement. You can make new lampshades and plafonds. And you can decorate the old - unfashionable and uninteresting. Materials for decoration of plafonds can be used the most unexpected: fur, feathers, artificial flowers and even cocktail straws and old films. Look for master classes on decorating lamps, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of creative ideas and the simplicity of their execution. But only decorating the old bubbly ideas for the house are not limited! You can make new lamps. First of all, it is worth considering the reanimation of the lampshades that have served their time. And on the basis of their skeletons to build directly masterpieces of design art. For such lampshades, craftsmen use not only traditional fabrics (silk, satin, chintz), but also felt, guipure, knitted lace and even wallpaper. For shades and plafonds without a frame in the course go (just do not be surprised!) Bottoms of plastic bottles, wooden clothespins, disposable plastic spoons and glasses, rings made of polypropylene pipes and much more. And such interesting things are obtained! And here is another non-standard embodiment of the idea for a house in the field of lighting design. Empty bottle or can (preferably beautiful shape), Christmas garland and decorative decoration (flowers, bows, etc.). At the very bottom of the bottle (on the side near the bottom) a hole for the electric wire is drilled, the garland is placed in a bottle, decorated to taste and voila! Your miracle lamp is ready!

The idea is the third. Walls

stylish ideas for home It would seem, well, what can be done with the walls,except how to change wallpaper or plaster. And this is again a repair! Do not despair! Without undertaking major repairs, the walls can also be transformed. Firstly, the rest of the wallpaper can be decorated with a wall using the patchwork method. Unleash your imagination and collect on the wall an unusual pattern or the right geometric ornament and pieces of wallpaper. You can thus cover the entire wall (one!) From floor to ceiling. You can paste fragments of contrasting wallpaper and enclose them in the frame. What else will transform the walls in your house? For example, a wall photo gallery. Choose photos from the family album, make a mat for them and hang on the wall. Do not like the photo gallery? Instead of photos, use printed art reproductions of pictures or photographic landscapes or other images. They can also decorate the walls. The main thing is to choose the right frame and correctly (in terms of design) to place on the wall. If you have children, then, for sure, there are children's drawings. They can also make a wall. And, not only in the nursery, but in any other room. And you can make a Japanese tokonomu (decorative niche with a single decoration). Cut out any large flower or bird from the wallpaper, select a suitable background, and the tokonoma is ready. Everything is as laconic and stylish as possible!

The idea of ​​the fourth. Stylish stuff

original and interesting ideas for the house with their own hands This idea, perhaps, is the most "dimensionless". Because any creative trifle can be called a stylish trick. It's these things that make up the basis of any idea for a house. It's these things that make your home cozy. They emphasize your personality. The most important thing is that these things are unique and, preferably, made with your own hands. What could it be? All kinds of panels made in different techniques of needlework (for example, kwing). Knitted or sewn tablecloths and napkins. Decorated vases, caskets and watches. Or, for example, an ornamental tree. unusual ideas of your house with your own hands This tree is also called the tree of happiness. To make it, you will need a flower pot (or another container), a branch (stick, tube, etc.) for the trunk, newspapers and decorative cover for the crown, glue and thread. From a crumpled newspaper, form a tight ball (15-20 cm in diameter). For strength, wrap it with threads and cover with glue PVA - this is the crown. Make a hole in the ball and insert a branch (previously varnished or painted). The trunk with the crown should be fixed in the pot with gypsum or cement. And now the most important thing is to glue the crown with a decorative coating. For him, you can use coffee beans, dry peas and lentils, paper and silk flowers, shells and beads ... In a word, all you can do is glue the ball to resemble a round crown of a tree. Zadekoriruyte cement in the pot and the pot (if necessary) and place your tree in an honorable and prominent place! These are the ideas of your house with your own hands. And this is only a small part of those ideas that can be adopted. Surely, you yourself can come up with something to make your home cozy and unique. Love him and take care of him, and then life in your home will flow in peace and harmony. We advise you to read: