home cosiness Home Sweet Home.... How do you want it to be cozy to come back from work, feel warm and calm, so that even the walls are waiting for you, understand and cheer up. Unfortunately, not everyone can say such words about their home. Often it happens that we belong to the place in which we live, as a temporary shelter and to bring home comfort does not raise your hands at all. This happens for various reasons, mainly because of dissatisfaction with their own home. For example, you dream of a spacious private house, and you have to live in a small one-room apartment. What here can be a cosiness? Hurry up to save money and realize your dream! But money does not want to accumulate, time passes, and there is neither a spacious house, nor a cozy, even a small apartment. You begin to feel annoyed, annoyed, and returning home becomes for you a commitment, not a desire. And one day you understand, you can not go on like this, you need to do something, change principles, forget about time for a dream and try to live in the present. And then the question arises - how to create a home cosiness? How to make it so that the house was not just a place for spending the night, but something more, something necessary ...


The opinion that the cosiness depends on the squaremeters of housing, from luxurious repairs and expensive furniture - wrong. Acting according to the following tips, you will make your home cozy, even if it's just a room in a communal apartment. The first step on the road to transformation will be the choice of textiles. Undoubtedly, this is an important part of the home environment. Pay attention to the windows - it's not at all good if you have not changed the curtains on them for several years. Do not rush to buy blinds, they will not help you achieve the desired result. From which side do not look, and the blinds - it's still the office style. Even the most simple and inexpensive, but tastefully selected curtains, are able to unrecognizably change the appearance of the room. In addition, they reliably protect us from extraneous sight and the outside world. Get a nice tablecloth for a dining table, a cover for a sleeping bed or a soft blanket - a very useful multifunctional thing on the farm. After all, it not only heats on cold winter evenings, but also is able to hide from uninviting places unsightly, simultaneously pleasing the eyes of others, with its attractive coloring. Try to choose the right color for textiles. Do not need your house to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. An exception here can only be a children's room. Think carefully about this issue. Make sure that there are bright things in the room. But they do not have to destroy the general atmosphere. pleasant homeliness


A few words need to be said about lighting. In addition to the top light, it is also necessary to acquire several sources of local illumination. For example, a nice table lamp or floor lamp will suit both for working at a computer and for convenient evening reading. Moreover, such elegant things are simply indispensable in creating a cozy home environment.


Houseplants. Their role in the home environment is very important. Violets on the windowsill, curly plants in pots on the walls or ficus in the floor pot - all this can bring freshness and vitality into the room. If you do not have a special love for flowers, or you have no time to look after them, you can buy beautiful artificial plants, the good of them today is sold a great variety, and some of them are quite difficult to distinguish from the real ones.


Change old furniture! You do not have to chase the fashion and create an "operating" style in the room with shiny and metallic surfaces. Well, think for yourself, what could be better than a soft comfortable chair next to the bookshelf. Here you can relax, read your favorite book, drink a cup of fragrant coffee and, forgetting about the diet, eat a delicious chocolate! how to create a home cosiness


The kitchen is the place where we are most often: family breakfasts and dinners, chatter with a friend over a glass of wine, a romantic evening with her husband. Therefore, to pay attention to the situation of the kitchen you need not less than a living room. Get rid of the old dishes, even among them there is a favorite cup in a flower, from which you have been drinking for five years, and do not think without it morning coffee. Buy a new one, it will very soon become a favorite! And at the same time get pretty dishes for the rest of the family. Hang bright curtains, put a couple of pots of flowers on the windowsill, and never allow old kitchen towels to accumulate in the kitchen! They spoil the general view the most. Bright, sunny kitchen potholders, napkins in tone to the curtains, sugar bowl in peas, the same salt cellar ... Everything - your kitchen has become unrecognizable! It is very important that the interior of the apartment is exactly yours. In every room there should be some little things that are peculiar to the owners of the house. Pictures depicting people close to you and dear to you, or dear places that remind you of important events in your life, will not only decorate the interior of the room, but also give the impression that the houses really help and walls. Children's drawings in a makeshift framework, a herbarium donated by a child on March 8 or a ship mock-up, collected by the son, of course, not without the help of the pope ... All these tips will help to transform the apartment beyond recognition. You will be happy to return to it in the evenings, and all friends and acquaintances, when they come to visit, will necessarily note the changes and exclaim - how cozy you are! We advise you to read: