I'll go to the hairdressers, let them teach me Many young girls and young people want to becomehairdressers. Someone attracts constant high earnings and prospects for professional growth, others are attracted by the very opportunity to learn how to create beauty, make others and themselves a little prettier. Others seek to realize their talents and creativity in this surprisingly diverse and interesting field of activity. And of course, each of them asks about where you can get the desired profession and become a hairdresser. What to choose: college or courses? Everyone who wants to fill the already wide range of hairdressers can go in two ways: to pass short-term or go to a specialized school orcollege. Today, the fastest way of obtaining this profession - the courses of hairdressers - enjoys the greatest demand. The duration of study here is from 1 to 9 months. During this period, students receive all the necessary basic knowledge regarding the composition of paints, varieties of haircuts, laying techniques. In addition, they get acquainted with the main features and types of chemical wave. Classes in the courses are as full of information as possible. They can be held either every evening, or once a week (lasting 5 hours). In the first case, such hairdo courses will need to be visited for 1-3.5 months, and in the second -5-9 months. After mastering theoretical knowledge, students get the opportunity to practice and consolidate them in practice. And here everything depends on the level of the educational institution, the availability of an experimental site and its equipping with modern equipment. Therefore, when choosing courses, it is necessary to ask about where and how the practical classes will take place. In addition, it is important to ask in advance about the teaching staff and opportunities for further employment. Much depends on the listeners themselves. After all, someone does not represent his life without visiting exhibitions and master classes, while others - are satisfied only salon practice and private clients. And although each of them has good earnings, yet the desire to improve their skills, to obtain new multifaceted knowledge can give much more and allow them to occupy their own niche - to become a world celebrity, to open a private salon, etc. Therefore, having studied all the wisdoms, nuances and secrets of one specialization (for example, a hairdresser-universal), students can learn other varieties of hairdressing activities (in particular, when visiting ). And do it at any time. A specialized college or college is another opportunity to get a prestigious and sought after profession of a hairdresser. This can be done after the 9th grade of the general education school. However, the training here takes a little longer and is more than 2 years. At the end of this school, students receive a diploma of primary vocational education, and by the time their peers finish grade 11, they can already work by profession. After the end of specialized educational institutions, in which only basic knowledge is given, many of the young specialists increase their professional level, receiving specialization in training courses for hairdressers, for example, in color courses or hairdressers-make-up artists. After all, they are well aware that there are a lot of specialists of a wide profile today, but professionals of the highest category who have knowledge in the field of innovative technologies for processing hair and haircuts are sorely lacking. But they are the professionals who own the secrets of building incredible hairstyles and actual knowledge of modern technologies, creative, young and creative - so are necessary for modern employers. We advise you to read: