how to get rid of fat Did you notice that the older you becomeman, the more extra pounds it accumulates on his body? And if earlier to get rid of the consequences of the New Year holidays it was possible with the help of one unloading day, then over the years, weight was added even from almost a glass of drunk water. No, we do not read to you the scarecrow from the brochure about the benefits of fitness. All this - the harsh truth of life, which can confirm many desperate women. Those women whose age to voice is already considered indecent. Those who are typing in the search engine is not the address of nightclubs, and the cry for help - "how to get rid of fat." And it was for them that we prepared our publication, because every woman wants to be beautiful, despite the year of birth in the passport and the collection of wrinkles on her face. So, the secret of getting rid of excess body fat is not the address of the garden where the apple tree grows with juvenile apples. And not even the co-ordinates of the stream with "living" water. Here you will find a list of recommendations for proper nutrition and a series of non-traditional exercises that will help lose weight. Yes, yes, everything is banal and prosaic. And, unlike a bottle with "live" water, it is much more real. how to get rid of fat correctly

We are adjusting to the struggle

So, you eat the same way as ten years ago, butweigh much more? It seems to you that the higher powers have conspired to add on your waist superfluous centimeters? If so, we have two news for you. Bad and good (here everything is also traditional). Good - no conspiracy exists. The higher powers do not care about you. And even more so - to your waist. The bad news is that your metabolism is not as perfect as before. And you are certainly moving much less. Here is the result. But we will reject all good and bad news aside. Let's see what happens in your body when you approach the notorious menopause. Once you conduct a detailed analysis, you can consider that you have received a powerful tool in the fight against excess fat accumulated on the body. The main reason for excess weight Cause number one, according to which it is so difficult to get rid of excess fat, is hormones. With the onset of menopause, the level of estrogen drops sharply. And this, in turn, leads to an additional accumulation of fat in the abdomen. In addition, hormonal imbalance leads to the fact that a woman begins to constantly feel hungry. Even after eating. Forever chewing people - a vivid confirmation of this. In addition, patients have a sleep disorder. And what do our women do to fall asleep? That's right, looking for sleeping pills in the fridge. Meanwhile, insomnia is caused not by a feeling of hunger, but by a decrease in the level of leptin and an elevated level of ghrelin. Do you think that this is all the enemies of your slender figure? No matter how it is! Finally, we left the most common and ruthless enemy. This is stress. Naughty children, a headache for contract training, mortgage payments, instability in the state - all factors lead to an increase in the level of cortisol, the so-called "stress hormone", which also causes your body to accumulate fat. And it does not matter whether you "seize" problems or suffer at a safe distance from the refrigerator. Stress often leads to the appearance of fat on the sides and abdomen. Maybe it's worth solving the problems, instead of sitting on endless diets? Try it! Why it is necessary to struggle with excess weight Speech now will go not about favorite jeans in which it is impossible to climb. Everything is much more serious. Excess weight affects your health. Doctors say that excess fat causes type 2 diabetes and a number of heart diseases. In addition, a new study showed that overweight is a risk factor for bone loss. Fat enters not only the hips and waist, but also the bone marrow, thereby reducing the mineral density of bone tissue. Scared? It's good. And now put the tight jeans aside, and we will learn to get rid of those kilograms that prevent you from feeling beautiful.

Breathing exercises

If a series of intensive exercises does not bringresults, then it's time to change tactics. You will be surprised, but it is sometimes not the exercise bike that helps, but yoga. Do respiratory gymnastics. For those who have never encountered such exercises before, we will describe the simplest way to restore life forces. Imagine yourself a very young light-hearted cat. Stand on all fours. Bend your back (at this time the deep abdominal muscles work), take a breath and pull the stomach as tightly as possible to the spine. Deeply inhale and exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat the exercise in the morning and evening. If the excess fat does not go away, then you are guaranteed to be less nervous. And this is also good. how to get rid of fat for a long time


Avoid semi-finished products. Even if you do not have enough time to prepare dinner, use raw fruits and vegetables instead of carcasses filled with ready-made food from local cookery or a fast-food restaurant. Eat more monounsaturated fats (MUFAS), which are found in nuts, olive oil and seeds. Other fat burners can be found in avocados, green tea and whole grains. Include them in your shopping list, and your body will earn on these sources of healthy energy, like a clock. Try to eat at the same time. So you will become accustomed to discipline and stop snacking in between the main meals. Also weigh yourself daily to control body weight, and with it your menu. Drink plenty of water. Studies show that regular consumption of drinking water during the day can lead to more active metabolism, regardless of the diet chosen. In addition, water helps the body to get rid of toxins and toxins, improves overall health. And this is also very important in our difficult century. Drink at least 2 liters of water, carry a bottle with you to drink every time you feel thirsty. There is one simple way to determine if your body has received the necessary amount of moisture during the day. Look at the color of your urine. If it is almost transparent and odorless - it means everything is in order. Yellow color and a sharp smell indicate an insufficient amount of moisture in the body or for some diseases. Which ones? This is determined by the doctor with the help of a clinical analysis of the very urine.

If nothing helps

You have exhausted yourself with diets, physicalexercises and numerous breathing exercises, and weight is still there? Maybe the nature decided that this is the best for you? It is possible that it is this weight that the body needs for normal functioning? And your skladochki on the sides - this is not an annoying misunderstanding, but what will complement you in full? So stop torturing yourself with hunger and quietly hate the floor scales. Better start the most important training in the life of every woman. The lesson is called "Learning to love yourself". Only vareniki with potatoes are better to postpone. Agree that excess weight - the concept of extensible, and to test fate to infinity is not worth it. We advise you to read: