Ready-made spaghetti The menu of absolutely any housewife includes spaghetti, andit does not matter, the first time she is at the stove or has been feeding the whole family for many years. Spaghetti is a versatile and indispensable menu item, they can be served with meat, with a garnish of vegetables, with a variety of sauces or even without everything, as a separate dish. They, like other pasta, cook quite easily, but just as easily spoil them. If you know all the nuances that can get in your way while cooking, then your spaghetti will be exceptionally tasty from time to time. So, how to cook spaghetti correctly? Let's deal with this issue together. ingredients for cooking spaghetti with sauce

What is spaghetti and how to cook it?

Spaghetti is a kind of long pasta withround section. Undoubtedly, the birthplace of spaghetti - Italy, in Italian cuisine they are used very widely and are the basis of numerous dishes, they are even considered to be a symbol of Italy. Fans of this dish, if possible, should definitely visit the Spaghetti Museum, it is located in the town of Pontedassio, near Genoa. In this museum are collected hundreds of different recipes of seasonings and sauces. It is worth noting that the most common method of serving is spaghetti with tomato sauce, although there are more than ten thousand possible recipes for preparing the sauce. In Italy, the manufacture of seasonings for pasta is considered one of the most revered sciences, and masters of this are highly valued in society. Another interesting fact about spaghetti: in all 20 regions of Italy this dish is served in different ways. Most areas border the sea, so spaghetti is usually served with seafood, while in other parts of the country, seasonings made from the fruits of farming and farming prevail. Very popular is pasta with minced meat. So, we found out that the most popular and win-win versions of the spaghetti sauce are sauce from all kinds of seafood, sauce with minced meat and vegetable sauce. But this does not limit you at all, and you can choose any other recipe or even come up with something special, absolutely new, which will make your lunch or dinner really special. boiling of spaghetti

What to choose on the shelves of the store?

Spaghetti should be long enough, beforetheir usual length was 50 cm, in time they were truncated twice to save space for storage. When choosing a product in the store, in addition to external distinctive features, it is important to pay attention to the composition. Quality pasta is prepared solely from durum wheat, although producers can still cheat and add low-grade flour there, so it's worth to choose the famous manufacturers, they are not likely to spoil your name. Spaghetti with sauce and parmesan cheese

The actual cooking process itself

So, choosing the right pasta, you can proceedto cooking. First, let's define the quantity. If you are going to serve them with sauce as a first dish, then it will be enough to weld 50 g of dry product per person. If they are the main dish, then take 100 g for each. Now put the pot of water on the fire. There should be a lot of water, for every 100 g of pasta there should be about 1 liter of liquid. Many people ask themselves: is it worth adding olive oil to cooking water? Here the same rule works, as with a porridge, which you can not spoil with oil. Worse from this definitely will not. Bring water to a boil, salt and immerse spaghetti there, do not need to break them, just put them in a pan, and after a while they soften and completely immersed in water. They must often be stirred, so that they do not stick together. And now the most important question: how much to cook them on time? Here everything depends on the macaroni itself, usually time is indicated on the package, but it is desirable to try them on after all. Spaghetti is usually left a little undercooked. It is believed that they must reach their temperature after draining the water. Pasta was cooked, now we drain the water and leave them for a minute, so that the remains of the glass are removed. There is a myth that if you rinse pasta with cold water, they will not stick together. Remember once and for all: you do not need to do this. While our spaghetti has not cooled down, we grease them with vegetable or butter. If you did everything right, they will not stick together, and you need to serve them hot, not cold. And the last tip for serving. If you cooked them to serve as a paste, it is best to mix the pasta with the sauce in the dishes in which the sauce was prepared. To mix everything in a plate, of course, is much easier, but it will turn out more delicious. Follow our advice and believe: all the guests will be satisfied. Cook with pleasure for yourself and your loved ones.