how fast to lose weight in a week Perhaps, in the life of every woman there was such athe moment - "on the nose" some grandiose event, and you suddenly with horror and desperation discover that you do not fit into your most favorite outfit. What to do? Of course, the simplest and most enjoyable option is just to go shopping and update your wardrobe. However, not everyone likes this decision. First, there may simply not be such an opportunity. And secondly, who is pleased to admit defeat? But the purchase of clothes for one or two sizes is more than usual - this is, quite clearly, a defeat ... This is where the question arises - how quickly to lose weight in a week? And is it possible? Let's understand together. Of course, if you really, really need, then lose weight in seven days by 3 -7 kilograms is quite real. However, before starting to conduct this above yourself - very dangerous! - An experiment, it is worth a good thought. Is that what you need? The fact is that such a rapid loss of weight - this is a great stress for the body. And he - the body - can take revenge on you for this mockery. Do you know the phrase "where subtle, there and is torn"? Exactly. This is the very case. All the old "sores" will begin to raise their heads and can make themselves felt at the most inopportune moment. The kidneys, heart, joints, hair and skin become dry, and the nails are brittle. And instead of the long-awaited celebration - graduation, wedding, corporate, anniversary - for which you were so eager to lose weight, you may well be on a hospital bed. Not only that, dietitians say that a sharp weight loss can lead to emotional breakdown and depression. In general - a whole "bunch" of all kinds of trouble. By the way, the lost kilograms in 98 cases out of 100 return very quickly, and even "friends" lead with them. So once again carefully consider whether you need to take such a risk. And if you still decide to try out for yourself express methods, then be sure to consult a doctor. fastest way to lose weight in a week

Methods of rapid weight loss

So, you are very determined and want to,in spite of everything, get rid of extra pounds as quickly as possible. In fact, there are many ways to achieve the desired result. Of course, they all imply a strict restriction in food. In addition, during this period you should try to move as much as possible. It is also necessary to use a lot of non-carbonated mineral water. With a clear compliance with the presented recipes, you can get rid of 3-7 kilograms per week. Consider the most effective and popular methods.

  • "Hard" Menu remains unchanged onthroughout the week. For breakfast - one egg, hard boiled and a cup of tea without sugar. If desired, the tea can be replaced with cocoa or coffee. For lunch - a salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice. Salad can be replaced with a small piece of boiled lean beef or low-fat fish. Instead of dinner - green or herbal tea. Of course, also without sugar.
  • "Kefir" During the first three days you need todrink 1.5 liters of fat-free yogurt and eat 2-3 tablespoons of boiled rice. In the next three days instead of rice should be eaten boiled chicken breast. The last day - the same kefir, but with green apples.
  • "Czech" This option is, perhaps, the mostsparing. You can choose the products yourself - albeit with some reservations. Naturally, the use of carbohydrates - starch, flour, sugar - should be kept to a minimum. Try to eat foods rich in proteins, vitamins and other beneficial substances. And you can get all this from vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and low-fat sour-milk products. The main drawback of this method is that you will have to scrupulously count the "eaten" kilocalories. And there should be no more than 1300 per day. The whole day diet should be divided into six meals.
  • "Mixed" The essence of the method is very simple - each ofseven days you "dedicate" to a single product. Nothing else is there. However, in the "fish", "meat", "cabbage" and "potato" days you can still treat yourself to a salad of fresh vegetables, dressed with olive oil. So. Day one - one kilogram of boiled potatoes with greens. Day two - one or two pounds of braised or boiled cabbage. Suitable Brussels, colored or white. Day three - any fruit in any quantity. Day four - lean braised or boiled beef. Day five - boiled sea fish. Day six - one liter of low-fat kefir, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese. Day seven - 200-300 grams of rice, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge.
  • "Acting" As the name implies, this dietshared one of the popular actresses. True, which one - no one remembers. The menu is only for four days. The main feature of this method is that you do not need it - moreover, it is forbidden! - To suffer hunger. These products can be eaten in unlimited quantities. Day one - unsalted tomato juice and boiled rice. The second day - cottage cheese and yogurt. The third day is a boiled turkey or chicken and tea. Day four - during the day you need to drink one bottle of dry red wine. For a snack - cheese.
  • "Pineapple" Method is designed for five days. Do not use it if you have any stomach problems! Of the products you will need lemons and fresh pineapples - a lot. Please note that canned pineapples for this method are not suitable. In the morning you need to prepare lemon juice and drink it, diluted with mineral water. For lunch and dinner - fresh pineapple. Lemon juice "tames" the feeling of hunger, and the "magic" substance of bromelin, which is found in large quantities in pineapples, splits fats perfectly.
  • "Kefir +" The menu is designed for seven days. The daily ration can be distributed at your discretion. The first day - five small boiled potatoes, prepared without salt and one and a half liters of "live" kefir. The second day - 100 grams of boiled chicken breast, kefir. Day three - 100 grams of beef, kefir. Day four - 100 grams of boiled sea fish, kefir. Day five - raw vegetables and fruits, kefir. Day six - only kefir. Day 7 - only non-carbonated mineral water. How many want.
  • "Soup" This method of weight loss will perfectly suitin autumn - when there are many different vegetables. However, in the spring it is also very good - among other things, it will help to defeat the traditional avitaminosis during this period. The recipe is very simple. For seven days, you only need to eat vegetable soup cooked on the water. Recipes can be the most diverse - what you can find or come up with. The main thing is not to use meat broth and there is soup without bread.
  • "Model" They say that this is how they get rid offrom extra pounds of "queen of the podium". Duration of the diet is four days. During this time, the menu remains unchanged. For breakfast - boiled egg and a glass of tea. Salt the egg should not be. For lunch and dinner - 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and tea. Supper should be no later than six in the evening.
  • "On water and bread" However, the bread is notgoes ... The idea is very simple - this week's main diet should be a weak green tea without sugar and mineral water. And, if you can drink water in unlimited quantities, then tea - no more than 1.5 liters per day. In addition, you can afford 1-2 crumbs a day and a little green salad (without seasonings, dressing and salt). Once in two days - vegetable broth. It is the broth - without pasta, potatoes or cereals. It's calculated for seven days.
  • "Chicken" This method is designed for only three days. But it will not be easy to sustain them. You need a chicken. Preferably, chicken breast without skin. The daily ration is 600 grams. Boil the chicken and divide it into three equal portions - it's breakfast, lunch and dinner. The most unpleasant thing is that you have it without salt. All other products for this period should be excluded from the menu. You can drink only mineral water.
  • "Cabbage +" The menu is designed for four days. In the morning, prepare yourself an "energy cocktail". To do this, pour mineral water into the glass without gas, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and add a large spoonful of honey. All this carefully mix and immediately drink. After 15 minutes you can afford one cup of tea without sugar. For lunch - boiled lean meat and boiled vegetables. The total weight of the dish should not be more than 500 grams. For dinner, a special cabbage broth. Take white cabbage and pour it with a glass of water. Water should cover the leaves a little. Put on the fire and cook until the cabbage is soft. Drain and drink the resulting broth. Cabbage is not allowed. An hour before sleep you can drink a glass of fat-free yogurt.
  • how you can quickly lose weight in a week

    Unloading fasting

    In principle, this is the thirteenth method of rapidgetting rid of extra pounds. True, this is not even a diet, but the real starvation. And it should only be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. Otherwise, the health consequences can be the most sad. Menu by days:

  • Buy a bottle of mineral water with a volume of 1.5 liters and drink it during the day in six "approaches".
  • During the day, you should drink 800 ml of low-fat milk. At nine o'clock in the evening you need to eat one green apple.
  • Again, only mineral water. One bottle in six receptions.
  • Vegetable salad from cabbage, carrots and greens,seasoned with one tablespoon of olive oil. The volume of the daily portion is one liter. Eat it in three receptions. For a day you should drink two glasses of mineral water or green tea without sugar.
  • Milk. In the evening - a green apple.
  • In the morning - boiled egg and half a glass of tea withoutSahara. Two hours later you can drink a glass of vegetable broth. In the afternoon - 100 grams of boiled lean beef and 100 grams of canned green peas. Three subsequent meals - one green apple.
  • 100 grams of fat-free cottage cheese, a bottle of kefir or two glasses of milk. All this - in several receptions. Before going to bed - a cup of green tea without sugar.
  • Basic rules for those who want to lose weight

    Well, you have not changed your mind yet? As you can see, all these methods are quite tough, absolutely not useful and even dangerous. Is it worth that much risk? After all, there is a very simple way to lose weight and, most importantly, never gain weight. Maybe, of course, this will take a little more than seven days ... But the result is guaranteed. You just need to constantly follow the simple rules - to make them a way of life.

    • Eliminate or at least severely restricteating fatty foods. Vegetables, meat and fish should be cooked or steamed, not fried. Forget about mayonnaise. Instead, it is possible to use sour cream of low fat content.
    • Potatoes, cereals and flour products are allowed to eat only in the morning. Take for the rule of eating low-fat dairy or seafood for dinner.
    • Eat meat with fresh vegetables as a garnish - so it is faster and better absorbed.
    • Replace "sweet" with fruits or berries.
    • If you want to pamper yourself - it is quite acceptable from time to time to eat a bit of bitter chocolate or drink a glass of red dry wine.
    • Try to drink as much as possible mineral water - this speeds up the metabolism.
    • Do not eat before going to bed.
    • Try to move as much as possible. Forget about the escalator and elevator. Try to walk more.

    If you observe all these - very simple! - rules, extra pounds will leave you very quickly and will not return back. And you will never have to torment your body with various risky experiments in the hope of dumping all that accumulated for months in a week. You will not only be slim, but also healthy. Believe me, all these small limitations are worth it! You will succeed. Required. You'll see. We advise you to read: