manicure at home Every woman desires to look well-groomed. And everyone is struggling to maintain the beauty given to her by nature. We follow the fashion, do sports, buy cosmetic novelties that promise a magical transformation. And, of course, do not forget about the nails. After all, a fashionable manicure is an important part of the female image. Well-groomed hands speak about many things, they are a kind of visiting card. A girl with a neat manicure looks and is always excellent, and others are perceived properly. Of course, all the secrets and ideas of nail design are very difficult to study. And why do you need it? It's enough just to know what a classic manicure at home is and how to make some of the most relevant drawings on nails. To the popular and never out of fashion design is a simple French manicure. And if you think that it is monotonous, you are deeply mistaken. Today, there are so many varieties of jacket that you can easily refer it to the everyday decoration of nails, and to the festive, and even to the creative. But let's get everything in order. To begin with, it is necessary to figure out what stages consists of creating a manicure at home and step by step to consider all its nuances. simple manicure at home

Necessary tools for home manicure

So, in order to be able to bring your nails in order and do a manicure at home, you must have some tools and tools in your arsenal.

  • A set of nail files;
  • Sharp scissors for the skin;
  • Scissors or scissors for nails;
  • A set of orange sticks;
  • Nail polish remover;
  • Wadded disks;
  • Means for a nail tray: sea salt, softening and aromatic oils;
  • Oil to soften the cuticle;
  • A set of high-quality varnishes;
  • Set for the French manicure;
  • Lacquer fixer;
  • Moisturizing and nourishing hand cream.

How to choose the nail file About thisthe tool should be discussed separately. Its quality will depend on the health of your nails in the future. If the marigolds are weakened and frayed, choose a round, fine-grained nail file made of glass. With its help, you give the nail the desired shape, and carefully polish its surface. If you do not complain about the health of your nails, you can safely choose a sapphire nail file. Desirably combined, having different surfaces. When buying a tool, pay attention to its rubbing plane. Swipe on it with your fingertip - a high-quality saw does not scratch the skin, has no protruding sections, "grains of sand" are practically not felt. Remember that coarse and coarse-grained nail files are designed for accrued nails, natural ones will not withstand such treatment. Do not use a metal tool, give preference to a nail file on a rubber or cardboard base. Before you make a purchase, check with the seller. He will certainly give you good advice and will tell you how to make the right choice, based on the condition of your nails. manicure ideas at home

Stages of home manicure

In the execution of a manicure, the accuracy and sequence of actions is particularly important. Otherwise, this process is much easier than it might initially seem. So, let's begin.

  • Removing old varnish For this we usespecial liquid. It is advisable to purchase a product that does not contain acetone, in order to avoid drying out the nail plate, its brittleness and fragility. To remove the varnish it is necessary with the help of a cotton disc, on which a small amount of liquid is applied;
  • Memorize one important rule: grinding and sawing can only dry nails. The blade must move strictly in a certain direction - from sides to the center. Choose a shape based on your preferences, but do not forget that much depends on the shape of the fingers themselves. For example, the square shape is the most resistant to external influences. But it is perfect only for long fingers. For puffy and short fingers, it is best to choose an oval or pointed shape - they visually extend the arm and the nail itself;
  • Giving shine Glitter is attached with a special polishing nail file. It has four different surfaces, which are numbered according to the order of their use;
  • Cuticle Treatment This procedure starts withApply special softening oil to the cuticle. After 2-3 minutes, when the product is completely absorbed into the skin, you can make a bath for nails, pre-adding sea salt or oils. After a five-minute "bath" you can proceed to remove the cuticle. It is not recommended to trim it, as this will lead to the opposite effect: the cuticle will grow even faster. Just take an orange stick and gently push the skin to the base of the nail. Cuticle oil can be used daily;
  • Removing burrs To remove this troubleit is best to use special sharp scissors or nippers. Do not pull the skin! So you contribute to the formation of painful wounds. Just gently cut the burr with one precise movement;
  • Pads and corners of fingers If you havecorns on the inner side of the finger, they can be processed with a special ceramic nail file or with the usual pumice stone. The same is true for coarse pads of fingers;
  • Completion of the manicure. At the end of the process, lubricatehands cream, let it soak well, then degrease the marigold. If desired, cover them with varnish. Everything - a classic manicure at home is ready!

As you can see, nothing is impossible. After giving 30-40 minutes to your pens and using the above tips, you and your home can make a professional manicure that will become a matter of your pride.

French manicure at home

And now let's go directly todesign of nails. The French manicure has enough advantages: it is original, always topical, fashionable, suitable for any outfit, for any length of nails. Today on sale there are special sets that facilitate the process of creating a jacket. The set includes: a white pencil, stencils for drawing edging, white matte varnish and base lacquer. The latter can have a creamy or gentle pink color. So, what is a fast jacket?

  • First you need to paste stencils. We do this so that the tip of the nail remains free (maximum 5 millimeters);
  • Now take the white lacquer and draw the edging - paint the tip of the nail to the stencil line. If necessary, apply two layers;
  • We wait until the varnish completely dries, and remove the stencil;
  • We take a white pencil and paint over the inner free part of the nail;
  • Now we apply the base coat. Its better to choose from the shade of your skin. Pale girls will match pink. Tanned - beige;
  • Cover the manicure with a fixer - everything is ready;
  • If you stain the skin around the nail, take the cotton swab, moisten it in the nail polish remover and remove any blemishes.

Varieties of French manicure Of course,white jacket remains at the peak of popularity always. But if you want to get a more original and fashionable picture, you can move away from the classics and consider some interesting ideas.

  • For the fringing, you can use any colors, up to black. Just make sure that the manicure is combined with the general image and does not look vulgar;
  • You can decorate the tip of the nail with rhinestones and even small dry flowers;
  • Also as a design is often used and sequins. They pour in the tip of the nail, and then everything is covered with a fixer;
  • There are also non-standard forms of edging. It can be triangular, beveled or diamond-shaped.

Strictly speaking, the jacket is suitable for any occasion. The main thing is to correctly place the accents and choose the kind that will be appropriate for a particular case. tips for home manicure

Original nail design at home

And finally, let's look at interesting ideasnail design, which will certainly find their place in your life. You will need a chess board: white lacquer, pink acrylic paint, thin brush, black paint.

  • We paint nails with white matte varnish. Make sure that there are no spaces; if necessary, make two layers;
  • Take the pink paint and a thin brush, divide the nails into 6 parts. We draw two horizontal lines and one vertical line;
  • Now paint the resulting parts in a checkerboard pattern. We use pink paint. As a result, you should get three white squares and three pink ones;
  • We take black paint and with the help of a brush we make edging of each part;
  • Black paint also draws thin lines. On white color - vertical, on pink - horizontal;
  • We cover all the fixer.

Here's an original design turned out. Believe me, no one will even understand if a manicure is made in the home or in the salon. Butterfly You will need: a matte varnish of a bright shade, for example red or coral, black paint and a thin brush.

  • We cover nails with varnish, if necessary in two layers;
  • Let's dry completely, take the black paint and use a fine brush to draw a butterfly on the ring fingers;
  • Butterfly should get pretty big - for the whole nail;
  • Well draw the body and the tips of the wings, so that they seem to be voluminous. The remaining parts are left transparent;
  • If desired, you can paste the rhinestones on the tip of each wing, so the manicure will look more elegant;
  • Do not forget to cover everything with a fixer.

Whatever design of nails you choose, remember -it must correspond to a particular case. On weekdays, there is no need to overreact, it is enough to make a classic French jacket or simply cover your nails with a one-color, soft varnish. But going to a party, you can give vent to fantasy and come up with something original and even exotic. In everything there should be a sense of proportion - this is the main rule, which applies not only to the manicure, but also the entire female image. We advise you to read: