how quickly to get rid of a bruise under the eye It is no secret that in the life of each of usa serious enough trouble happens - a black eye. The reasons for the appearance of such a "beauty" can be a huge number: a child with a machine in his face drove into the handle of the cabinet flew, a pulley from a child's pistol hit, the door jamb turned up inappropriately, finally ... But the most unpleasant thing is that no matter how much you explain this a very obvious reason for others, behind your back will be heard one thing: the husband (guy) put a bruise. Agree, it is unpleasant? So let's figure out how quickly to reduce the bruise under the eye and to stop all the rumors in the bud. So, the terrible thing happened: you just hit and your skin turns red under the eye, going to be painted in a nasty purple color. The first thing you need to do after a stroke is to apply cold to the injured area of ​​the skin. It can be ice, a bottle of milk from the refrigerator or a cold metal object - it does not matter, the main thing is to narrow the blood vessels and prevent the hemorrhage from spreading further. The only request - do not overdo it, otherwise, and before hypothermia is near. If the blow was small, then on this procedure you can also stop, the bruise may well come down. If not, then it is worthwhile to find other methods of how to get rid of unpleasant traces on the skin. So, we present to your attention the best ways to quickly and effectively reduce the bruise under the eye:

How to get rid of a bruise

Badyaga. What it is? The plant, or rather - freshwater sponge, growing in fresh water, which was ground and got a wonderful powder of green or brown. This powder is unusual, because it contains silica needles, which help quickly get rid of bruises and bruises. Throughout the centuries throughout Russia, this remedy was a real panacea for various bruises and abrasions, it healed bruises and abrasions after a stroke. In order to reduce the bruise, mix a couple of tablespoons of spaghetti with one tablespoon of water. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the bruised area with soft circular motions. In its composition, the banyam, mixed with water, looks more like a rough scrub, and rubbing this mixture into thin skin (which also hurts!) Is not entirely pleasant. One single procedure to manage, alas, will not work, to suffer pain and to put a badyag will have several times - until the bruise disappears. But believe me, it's worth it: the result will surpass all expectations. The fact is that the very silica needles that are in the composition of the powder of badyaga, mechanically irritate the skin, which contributes to the resolution of stagnant spots - that is, bruises that appear on the skin after a stroke. In addition, the banyag removes local seals on the skin and any hematomas. Using the remarkable properties of this plant, you can easily and quickly get rid of any bruise on any part of the body. Rubbing the mixture, be very careful and do not get it into the eye, otherwise you will be able to seriously injure the mucous membrane and even earn an inflammation of the membrane. By the way, the badyage is sold in any pharmacy and not only in the form of a powder, but also in the form of an ointment (for lazy people that they do not like to dilute themselves with water). This product has a tremendous exfoliating effect and is widely used for cosmetic purposes. bruise under the eye from a stroke how to get rid

How to get rid of bruises with potato and honey

There is something, and potatoes are in any house. Once you have a bruise, immediately remember about it and its healing properties. Potatoes are full of vitamins and useful organic acids that will quickly bring your skin in order. It is important not to forget that only ripe potatoes are useful - if you try to get rid of bruise with the help of tubers of greenish color, then nothing but harm to health will not get. No less useful for such injuries honey, because it prevents the spread of bruising. And only a mixture of potatoes and honey is just a great help against a black eye. In order to get rid of unpleasant traces on the skin, you need to grate the medium-sized potato, squeeze it, add a pinch of soda and a teaspoon of honey. After this, the resulting mixture is wrapped in a gauze pouch and superimposed on the bruise. Do this procedure better lying down, try to hold the lotion as long as possible. In case you can not afford the luxury of lying around on the couch for half a day, then put a potato-honey lotion every couple of hours - the more often, the faster you will get rid of the bruise.

How to get rid of a bruise with vodka

Another simple way to quickly get rid ofbruise - vodka, diluted with ordinary water. It's no secret that for most citizens of our country there is no better medicine than vodka in principle, and they treat almost all known medical illnesses (perhaps except alcoholism). Well, we do not have to take alcohol inside with you, just build a small compress of vodka, diluted with water in a ratio of one to one. In general, it would be ideal if at the time of getting a bruise in your house there was a tincture on herbs. It is known that alcohol perfectly warms up and "absorbs" all the most valuable properties of medicinal plants, it serves as an excellent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-edema. The only warning - be careful and do not accidentally get on the mucous eyes. No matter what method you choose to get rid of bruises - in any case, start with the cold. If the injury is insignificant, then there is a high probability of avoiding a bruise at all. If not, do not despair, the above methods will help you to "save" your face and avoid unpleasant conversations behind your back. At least, just in case, in your medicine chest, keep a fresh-water spaghetti and alcoholic tincture on herbs: who knows, they will suddenly need you soon? Be beautiful and healthy! We advise you to read: