can of facial massage Have you ever put banks? No? Then be sure to ask your parents: for sure, at least once, yes, you had to experience this miracle cure for colds. Round glass bubbles leaving rows of round bruises on the back are the main memories of older people about treatment by medical banks. It would seem that such a method of treatment has long ago outlived itself, and nowadays you can not find in cans of cans with fire. And here not! Glass jars of different colors and sizes march victoriously across the counters of the country, ensuring the beauty and health of the skin of the face to all comers. Of course, these are not the same banks that were clinging to the back with the help of a burning wadding rod. A can of facial massage is performed with the help of special glass jars connected to silicone pear-suckers - it is under their action that a negative pressure on the skin is created, which provides a healing effect. Such massage (it is also called vacuum massage) helps to strengthen lympho- and blood circulation, as well as to strengthen the interstitial fluid circulation. The can of massage has become very popular because of its quick positive effect - the face becomes younger and acquires a fresh, blooming look just before our eyes.

A can of massage for the face skin

How does can the massage help?to fight with signs of skin aging? Everything is very simple. That negative pressure that is created when squeezing the nozzle-sucker, stimulates blood circulation and venous outflow. It is possible that after a vacuum massage, hemorrhages may form in some areas of the skin: do not worry, this is normal (do not confuse with usual bruises due to inept handling of banks). Not all capillaries in our body are in an ideal state, some of them eventually become inelastic and brittle. Those capillaries that have broken under the influence of cans, will be replaced by new ones - healthy and actively functioning. And this means that the oxygen starvation of your skin will finally end, but the restructuring of the quality composition of muscle tissue will begin. As a consequence - the restoration of collagen and a noticeable reduction in wrinkles, fresh and elastic skin, which simply breathes health. Here are the main features of a face massage:

  • Restoration of facial skin tone;
  • Suspension of sagging muscles of the face;
  • Restoration of capillaries;
  • Reduction of wrinkles;
  • Increase in metabolic processes;
  • Beneficial effect on the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • Restoration of skin color.

Especially effective is a can massage for women withthe second chin. Regular procedures of such a massage quickly solve this unpleasant problem and help to find a clear contour and a fresh complexion. massage of the face by banks

How to choose the right can for facial massage

To make a face massagethe most effective, you need to choose the right banks. To begin with, these cans are of different sizes - the larger the diameter, the stronger the skin stretches and the deeper the facial muscles are treated. Most often, facial massage banks are sold in a package of four pieces: with a diameter of fifty millimeters, thirty-three, twenty-two and eleven millimeters. The skin on the face is tender and sensitive, and the subcutaneous tissue is much thinner than in other parts of the body, so it is very cautious to approach the issue of the intensity of the effect of cans on different parts of the face. With inept handling of banks, you can get yourself bruises - so the first time such a procedure is best conducted under the supervision of a specialist. For example, using cans of large diameter it is very convenient to do a massage in the forehead and cheeks - creating a strong vacuum effect, you will pull up the sagging muscles and smooth out shallow wrinkles. Banks with a smaller diameter need to massage those parts of the face where the skin is particularly thin and vulnerable - the area of ​​the eyelids and the nasolabial triangle. Do not forget to make sure that the edges of the cans are flat, without cracks and shrapnel - otherwise you seriously injure the skin. Banks need to buy only in pharmacies, requiring the seller to have a quality certificate for the products.

Technique for holding a can of massage

In order to conduct a can of facial massage, in addition to cans you will need:

  • Oil (any vegetable);
  • Disinfectant;
  • Napkins;
  • Warm water for washing.

So, first of all we will notice that banks for massageshould be perfectly clean, so with the help of napkins we put on them a disinfectant. Massage can not be done on dry skin, the face and neck must be lubricated with oil. You can choose any vegetable oil you like, for the benefit of selling them a huge amount. Someone ideally suits linseed oil - it perfectly protects and nourishes the skin of the face. And someone prefers pumpkin or corn, which has a pleasant smell and dense texture. The choice is yours, the main thing is to ensure easy sliding of the cans over the skin. To begin massage it is necessary from a neck, spending a jar from a clavicle to a chin. Then, through the massage lines, we process the face of the face, slowly go to the zone of the cheeks and nose. Do not forget to change the diameter of the cans depending on the sensitivity of the skin, adjust the strength of the vacuum suckers. The smallest banks make massage in the area of ​​nasolabial folds and eyes. We finish the massage in the forehead area. Beginning the massage of the eyelids, we use the technique of autohemotherapy, which consists in the fact that the jars do not move in the skin, but are applied pointwise, in accordance with the massage lines. Thus, you avoid possible bruises on the delicate, thin skin around the eyes. During the whole massage procedure, we do not forget to support the skin of the face with the other hand, not letting it be strongly delayed. The duration of one session - no more than five to ten minutes, do not need to massage more than once or twice a week. The positive effect will be noticeable after the first procedure: if you make a can of massage at night, then in the morning your skin will be more elastic and fresh. Many sources advise you to perform the procedure of can massage in a bath or sauna, when your skin is steamed and the pores are open. This recommendation is suitable for those women who have some experience in facial massage. If you are a beginner, then you know: the chance to put a bruise on the steamed skin is several times higher than the usual one. And, of course, it is not necessary for beginners to do such a massage before an important meeting or a date: the need to go out with a hematoma on your face will not add to your mood. a pleasant can of facial massage

Contra-indications for canned face massage

It's no secret that facial massage with cans hasa lot of contraindications. Therefore, before you start rejuvenating your skin, make sure that you are not at risk. After all, vacuum massage is strictly forbidden to those who:

  • Pustular inflammations on the face;
  • Acne rash with inflammatory processes;
  • Warts;
  • Herpes;
  • The facial nerve is inflamed;
  • Cuts or abrasions on the face;
  • Increased hair growth;
  • Surface location of capillaries;
  • Pulmonary haemorrhage;
  • Tuberculosis of the lungs in the active stage;
  • Benign and malignant tumors;
  • Cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • Heat;
  • Mental disorders.

In addition, it is worth remembering that on the bodythere are points on which banks can not be put in any way! This is the area of ​​the neck - where the thyroid gland is located, the whole spine, heart, kidneys, area of ​​the mammary glands. If you are in doubt about your illness and the possibility of holding a can of massage - contact your doctor for advice. We advise you to read: