cream for depilation of intimate places Women strive for perfection. So they were arranged by the nature. And since, as is known, there is no limit to perfection and can not be, then with this and that nature we have to engage in an irreconcilable struggle. That extra "wrinkles" at the waist are formed, then the color of the hair or eyes does not fit the new dress at all, then the lush vegetation grows where there is absolutely no need ... Here we are forced to look for various means that help to correct the shortcomings of nature. And, certainly, one of such means is a cream for depilation. It is interesting that the problem of hair removal - the removal of unwanted hair - worries not only our contemporaries. Smooth and tender skin has always been considered one of the most important ornaments of a woman. And to remove excess vegetation the beautiful half of humanity began very, very long time ago. And the methods used for this were very different.

A bit of history

As historians assure, the first cream for epilationintimate places was coined by the wife of one of the Egyptian pharaohs - the beautiful Nefertiti. At least, archaeologists have found some documents showing that for this purpose she made a special composition based on the juice of various plants, honey and wax. However, maybe the depilation cream also existed before Nefertiti - just earlier evidence has not reached us yet. Now this is hardly likely to be known for certain ... In the 17th century, under Louis the Fourteenth, the first tweezers was invented and created. It was used both to remove various splinters, and for intimate epilation. True, these manipulations were so painful that only a few could endure them regularly. Therefore, for some time, the presence of hair in intimate places was considered even fashionable, but this fashion did not last long. All the time women tried to find some way to get rid of unwanted vegetation. What just did not come up with - the hair was not only cut off, but even tried to sing! It is clear that nothing good could come to an end. Finally, the XX century has come. It was he who brought relief from most of the problems - a depilation cream was invented. True, first for the delicate skin of intimate places it was impossible to use it - too aggressive ingredients were included in its composition. The first gentle and soft cream, suitable for epilation of this delicate zone, was invented only in the 80s of the last century. cream for epilation of intimate places

"Three Leaders"

To date, there is a very largethe number of different means for depilation - "Vit", "Eveline", "Velvet", "Sally Hansen", "Cliven" - these are only the most famous! How not to get confused and make the right choice? Perhaps, the first thing that can be done is to listen to the opinion of those who have already tried different means. Not so long ago, a marketing study was conducted, on the basis of which the "three leaders" were defined. It included:

  • Cream "Vit" from the company "Gillette"

"Vit" won first place in popularity - he did notrequires the application of a thick layer, and the time of the procedure is significantly reduced in comparison with other means. In addition, most women are inclined to the fact that it is "Vit" is best suited for depilation of sensitive skin of intimate places. "Vit" does not have an unpleasant sharp smell. The kit "Vit" includes one tube of depilatory cream in the bikini area, one tube of soothing post-depilation cream and a special spatula for applying the product.

  • Cream Hair Remover

In second place - "Cream Hair Remover" from the company Surgi. It attracts a relatively low price and a convenient method of application - the kit includes a spatula and even a soothing cream.

  • Sally Hansen

In third place - "Extra strength crem bikinihair remover "from the company" Sally Hansen ". Despite the high cost, this epilation cream attracts many women in that even those with very sensitive skin usually do not experience dryness and irritation after applying it. The kit includes a very convenient brush-applicator. Of course, there are many other means, but, as this survey showed, these are the most tested ones. cream vit for intimate depilation

Principle of action of creams

How do these miraculous tools work? Very simple! The composition of any depilation cream includes special active ingredients that literally dissolve the hairs. However, cheap products only affect the part of the hair that is above the surface of the skin. But in better quality - for example, "Vit" or "Extra strength crem bikini hair remover" - these substances penetrate the skin to a depth of about one millimeter. That is why the new vegetation appears already having considerably changed - the hair becomes lighter, thin and soft. Such cream is specially designed for depilation of tender and sensitive skin of intimate places. As a rule, it does not cause irritation and itching, after its application there is no redness. There are also other advantages for depilation cream:

  • speed and absolute painlessness of the procedure;
  • ease of use;
  • Possibility to independently carry out the procedure as required;
  • relative cheapness;
  • simultaneous care - nourishment and hydration of the skin.

What else you need to know about the depilation cream? In order for the procedure to bring the desired effect and pass without any negative consequences, it is necessary to observe some precautions.

  • Before you buy a cream, make sure thatit is intended for intimate places. On the package there should be a special inscription, for example, on the cream "Vit" - "for depilation in the bikini area". This is very important - improperly selected means can cause the strongest irritation. Also, you should know that many dermatologists generally do not recommend using epilation cream in the delicate zone of a deep bikini - too high a chance to "burn" the mucous membrane.
  • Read the instructions carefully. Each cream has its own strictly defined period of exposure. For example, "Vit" can be kept for five minutes, but "Avon" - ten. Never leave the epilation cream on the skin longer than the manufacturers recommend.
  • Be sure to check the effect of the cream on a smallskin area. After all, even drugs specifically designed for sensitive skin - for example, cream "Vit" - are transferred by all in different ways. Simply apply the compound and, after the due time, rinse with warm water. Wait a few hours and make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction. Only after this, you can proceed to the procedure itself.
  • Always thoroughly wash off the depilating agent with warm water - especially from such gentle places as the bikini area. Then pat the skin dry with a towel and apply a soothing cream.
  • As you can see, choose the right cream fordepilation even a tender and delicate zone, like a bikini, today is not difficult. So, you can always remain beautiful and well-groomed, even without attending expensive salons every day - there would be a desire. And we have it! In the end, than we are worse than Nefertiti? We advise you to read: