how to make your face look smooth There are a lot of sayings about the fact thatthere are no ugly women. What kind of persuasion does not resort to cosmetologists to assure women of their attractiveness! But whatever they say, and even face skin is 80% of the success of any girl. Judge for yourself: defects of the figure can be hidden under clothes, not enough thick hair - hairdos and hairpieces. But uneven skin can not hide anything. Is that a kilogram of foundation. But we do not want to be like clowns, right? So let's learn to make the skin of the face even.

A few commandments of beautiful skin

Perhaps the surest way to becomethe owner of a smooth skin is to lead a correct way of life. A nice bonus to this rule will be a slender figure. No coffee or strong tea. Do you want to drink? Drink juice, pure water or herbal decoction. Fried, smoked and favorite chocolate sweets will have to be excluded. But with what it would be useful to get acquainted, so it's with a steam cooker. As you can see, nothing complicated. Add to all the above positive emotions, a daily 8-hour sleep, and can be sure to make your skin clean and smooth, like a baby. Regular cleaning of the skin at home is also important. Of course, it is difficult for modern women to adhere to the norms of a healthy lifestyle. They have a busy schedule, daily care for the family and a huge amount of coffee drunk a day. How can you lead a correct way of life if you fall asleep long after midnight, and the villain alarm clock rattles the ear every day at 6 am? In such a situation, regular facial skin care will help. Now many women will begin to object and say that they simply can not allocate hours a week to go to a beauty salon. But there is no need to go anywhere! Make your face smooth and at home. The main thing is to choose the right means and not be lazy to use them. So, you will need:

  • Gel for washing The most important assistant of ourskin, since it is the gel (or milk, if recommended to you by a cosmetologist), clears the face of the accumulated mud for the whole day. And this is by no means another way for cosmetics manufacturers to cash in on naive women. This is a necessity. You do not consider buying soap a waste of money? So why did you not like the gel? Especially since it is he who will most effectively remove makeup from your face.
  • By the way, about make-up Many are too frivolousrelate to this process, believing that mascara is completely washed away by ordinary soap. Of course, you can wash off the cosmetics with soap. Only in what state will your skin be after that? Stretched, over-dried and just screaming: "Moisten me!". Moreover, after several weeks of such torture, your face will resemble an apple, forgotten on the shelf of the refrigerator - yellow and wrinkled. Therefore, flushing once again makeup, do not get out of the habit of reaching for soap. Replace it with a gel for washing, suitable for your skin type, or special milk.
  • Tonic Another miracle of the cosmetic industry,which will help to smooth the structure of the skin of the face. Wipe the face with a tonic every time after washing, and it will carefully restore the acid-base balance of the skin. In other words, fragrant water will not only refresh your skin, but also remove the remnants of the gel for washing, which, as is known, contains soap. And why do we need foam on the face? It seems that there is no need. By the way, when you buy a tonic, do not forget to look at the composition of the remedy. Because for a dry skin one type of tonic approaches, for fat one - another. If your face is covered with acne, choose a tonic on an alcohol basis. He will dry the rashes and return your skin a healthy appearance.
  • Next in our list are night and day creamsfor the face Here the main thing is not to mix up. Some young ladies smear day cream at night, and in the morning they grab off the shelf, which they should use in the evening. Do not do this, because the composition of creams is different, and each of the means performs a strictly defined function. Well, do not forget that any cream should suit your skin type, and "appoint" it should not wear a saleswoman in a kiosk by the metro, but a professional beautician. By the way, about kiosks. Buying a cream for the skin in dubious places will lead to no less questionable results. Therefore, it will be better if you buy them in a pharmacy, because they probably check the certificates of products. But to ask the pharmacist which cream to buy, it is better still not worth it. Leave this right to the beautician.
  • Scrub And here it is the present or true panacea at a problemuneven skin of the face. True, you can use it no more than once a day, and then very carefully. Scrub removes dead skin particles, aligning its structure. That's why after cleaning the skin with a scrub it becomes tender and silky, and the woman herself feels incredible relief. However, do not forget to moisturize your face after using it, otherwise the recent lightness will turn into dryness and irritation.
  • Masks for the face Skin, like its owner,you need to pamper, and for this alone, creams are not enough. It is desirable that every girl takes for herself the habit of applying every week to the skin of the face all sorts of masks, not only purchased, but also home-made preparations, because there are a great many recipes. If there is no time to search, we will suggest one variant of the mask, which will help to quickly and surely make the skin smooth and smooth: whisk 1 egg white; add lemon juice there; Apply the mixture on your face with a thin layer. As soon as the mask dries, rinse it with warm water.
  • Let's say you regularly did everythingthe above manipulations, and the state of the skin leaves much to be desired? Then it's time to get an appointment with a cosmetologist. From the procedures we advise you to choose a face cleaning or hardware pilling. And even better - ask the advice of the beautician. Just be prepared to visit the salon more than once a year before the big holidays, but regularly. After that, the problem of uneven skin will disappear by itself. But all this will only be provided that the beautician turns out to be literate, and all his actions are thought-out. You do not need to "fall for" the bait of "reasonable" savings and choose the cheapest specialist. Some go even further in trying to save personal funds, and begin to call a cosmetologist at home. And this is fundamentally wrong, because in the clinic you will be provided with the most up-to-date equipment and a guarantee of the work performed. So do not skimp and go to the beauty salon.
  • smooth skin of the face

    Equalize skin tone with cosmetics

    There are times when you do not have a good night's sleeptime, at the cosmetician of the workaholic, and it is necessary to look well right now. What to do? To get a cosmetic bag. Well-chosen means in a duet with skilled hands can not only make the face smooth and gentle, but also visually discard a couple of years. So, let's begin.

    • First, wipe the skin with an ice cubefrom black tea (you can replace it with any herbal broth to taste). This will give the person a pleasant swarthiness and hide the small spots and pimples. After this, just let the skin dry.
    • After that, apply moisturizer to the face. First, so you align the possible divorces left from the ice cube. Secondly, a moisturizer will prepare the skin for further procedures. If you feel that you have applied too much, remove the excess with a paper towel.
    • Next, pick up a jar of foundation. Check that its tone matches the shade of your skin. For this, rub a little tonalnika on the outside of the palm. If the sharp transition of the tones is not visible, then the cream is selected correctly. Start to direct make-up: gently apply a thin layer of tonal means to the skin of the face, moving from the middle to the edges. Do not forget to treat the neck so that it does not look lighter or darker than the main face.
    • Small pimples, wrinkles and other skin imperfections are covered with a corrector (take a cosmetic remedy for a tone lighter than your tonal one).
    • Now the whole picture (I mean your face) needs to be powdered. Use a puff for this and do not strongly zealous, or instead of the effect of lightness get a gypsum mask instead of face.

    This concludes all the mandatory items. Do you want to make up the shadows? You are welcome. Do you think that the general picture lacks lipstick? Color. Just do not forget that the more cosmetics you have, the older you will look. So do not get carried away. After all, natural beauty is not only the gift of nature, but also the laborious daily work of the woman herself.