how to decorate a balcony or loggia with flowers Fashion for floral decoration of balconies and loggiascame to us from Europe and, it seems, decided to settle here for a long time. Modern floristry annually pleases us with new and new ideas that can brighten our life, make it especially pleasant and joyful. Flowers are given for holidays, solemn events, for and without, they decorate various interiors, creating the necessary atmosphere in this or that room. Any house or apartment is literally transformed before our eyes and becomes much more cozy when flowers appear in them. Flower compositions are placed in halls and living rooms, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom. Of course, the choice of plants for different rooms should be based not only on aesthetic perception, but also on their characteristics, since flowers can have a specific effect on our health. Both positive and not so. For example, in a bedroom it is not necessary to place plants with a strong aroma, as this can cause a headache. It is worth noting that this year it was especially fashionable to decorate with various flowering plants balconies and loggias. This trend is understandable, because the flowers on the balcony can create a real flowery paradise, which you want to plunge into. Of course, in our central strip this is possible only in the warm season, but this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure. Rather, our short summer on the contrary spurs the inhabitants of megacities to actively acquire ready-made floral compositions that can immediately create the right atmosphere. Turning to professional florists, anyone who wants to decorate their balcony or loggia according to fashion trends and their own preferences, can do it quickly and efficiently. Of course, in the event that they are really professionals in their field. How to choose a floristic salon that you can trust? Look through the old people of the Internet, study the suggestions and read what customers write about the company that you are interested in. Pay attention, for example, to the site . In the online catalog of this salon you can choosedifferent ready-made floral arrangements for balcony decoration. If you want, you can make a personal order. Which plants for balcony design are best? Of course those who are not too capricious, but highly decorative. Effectively looks, for example, Tradescantia, which grows well even under not very favorable conditions. It is thanks to high decorative and resistance to various unfavorable factors, florists actively use this juicy greens in their compositions for balcony gardening. It is worth noting that it blends well with different colors, delicately emphasizing their beauty and colors. For example, with bush roses or petunias. Actually, I would especially like to note Petunia. The fact is that these magnificent flowers are the main favorites of the majority of our compatriots. Why? Perhaps the whole point is that they continuously bloom for a very long period, from the first warm days to the fall, when frosts appear, and the temperature outside the window is getting lower and lower. But this, of course, is not their only dignity. The color palette, the size and shape of petunia flowers are very diverse, so they are able to satisfy any demanding taste. In addition, the composition with petunias can be placed on the balcony regardless of the sides of the world, as they can successfully blossom both in the sun and in the shade. Fashion, of course, fleeting, but most likely, the tendency to decorate balconies and loggias with flowers will remain in our country for a long time. Why are we so sure? The thing is that the balcony, decorated with flowers, is an amazing opportunity to fully enjoy the wonderful time of the year, even if there is no way to get out of the stuffy city to the bosom of nature.