jasmine flower Over a thousand years ago, people drew attention to thethis fragrant flower, and he moved from natural conditions to gardens, and later to homes. In those distant times it was believed that jasmine - a royal flower and in the Arab countries it was grown exclusively in the gardens of the rulers of states. In Europe, he appeared in the time of the Crusaders in one of the Italian dukes, who strictly forbade his gardener to give out shoots, but one day the gardener fell in love and gave the beloved a large bouquet of flowering branches. This story served as a reason for jasmine to be considered a flower of love. Experienced growers know that jasmine - a flower room, originally from India. In this country they treat it with sacred trembling and use it for religious ceremonies, as a medicine and as an aromatic additive to food, garlands for decoration are made from it. Of course, the chic aroma of a plant could not be overlooked by perfumers, and they often use it to make toilet water. Of the three hundred varieties growing in natural conditions, only a few are used for indoor cultivation, including jasmine multiflorous (home flower), which differs from others in that it first has buds of pink color, which then turn into fragrant white brushes.

Secrets of cultivation

Room jasmine is an evergreen liana withgraceful shoots that require support. Particularly effective is the plant using a round-shaped support. Shoots with time beautifully it is braided in the form of a dark green arch, and when the flowering begins, it becomes like a beautiful wreath. Anyone who wants to buy or grow this plant, you should know that the flowers of indoor jasmine are unusually fragrant and can even cause unpleasant sensations, so a flowering plant is not recommended to be kept in a bedroom or a children's room. Care for jasmine - a flower is quite demanding, should consist primarily in the proper observance of the temperature regime. To annually appear amazing aroma of flowers, it is necessary to give the plant the opportunity to feel the change of seasons, and for this in winter it should rest at a temperature of + 15-18 ° C in a bright room. The best option for the location of jasmine for the flower growers is the eastern window, since on them the plant can grow without shading. From mid-autumn to early spring, the flower is watered very moderately, no more than twice a week, and do not use top dressing. Only, while maintaining such a regime, you can make jasmine bloom. The pot with the plant should be located in a well-lit place away from the heaters. It is necessary to carefully monitor the humidity and take all measures to ensure that the air in the room is not too dry. The higher the temperature in the room, the more intense the spraying. Watering in the summer is abundant, because the earth's coma should not dry out. For irrigation it is better to use warm water, even in summer. It is good to water the plant with rain or filtered water, and for better effect it can be slightly acidified.

Reproduction and transplantation

To form a beautiful crown, in the springthey cut off the jasmine bush - the flower only gets better, young shoots appear, and it blooms much more actively. Crop cuttings are used for reproduction. The best planting material is one-year-old side shoots. Rooting is carried out traditionally, using a mini-greenhouse. The soil for these purposes is taken from the leaf, it is abundantly moistened, the cuttings are deepened into it and all are covered with a plastic bag. Rooting takes a little more than a month to be accelerated using phytohormones. It is possible to root the cuttings in water at a temperature of about + 20 ° C, when they start up the roots, they are planted in small pots and protected from direct sunlight until the appearance of the first shoots. Like most plants, jasmine is transplanted in the spring. The soil for transplantation is taken acidic: clayey-sod, leafy with the addition of sand. For young plants, a spring transplant is mandatory, more mature plants are transplanted less often, after about 2-3 years.

Benefits of jasmine

All varieties of indoor jasmines with proper caregive a beautiful and very delicate bloom. To have such a fragrant bush is not only a beautiful sight, but an opportunity to arrange aromatherapy sessions without leaving home. It is known that the smell of jasmine relieves stress, stress, strengthens the female energy, and endows the men with endurance. Jasmine is a special plant that not only has an aesthetic value, but it can be used with advantage. One of the ways to use it is to make tea with flowers, which is an excellent drink after a busy day, but tea with leaves on the contrary invigorates and it is better to drink in the morning. Jasmine: a flower room is a real find for a house. We advise you to read: