how to return the love of her husband It seems, it was just recently: you were so in love with each other and happy together, making plans for the future, dreaming of a lavish wedding and a happy family life. So the merry wedding was left behind, and with it several years of a happy marriage. It seemed that this will always be so. However, nothing lasts forever in this world. Unconsciously gone love, as if it did not happen at all. Now, when everything seems to be lost, you often think: how to return love to a relationship, and most importantly, how to return a husband's love? Before making plans, how to regain the feelings of a loved one, first think carefully about whether it should be done? And do you really need this? Maybe, after all, is it worth starting a new life if the relationship has run out? Almost every woman who decided to fight for her man doubts: can I return love? Or maybe you should not torment yourself and torment your friend in vain, because you can not regain your old feelings? You have strong arguments: "We have the same children, so at least for their sake I should try to return the love of my husband." Psychologists believe that children, no matter how small they are, are perfectly aware of the relationship between their parents. Believe me, it is much more comfortable for children to be in a quiet quiet environment with one of their parents than in a family where constant scandals are taking place and where mom and dad have not been in love for a long time. All this does not have the best effect on the child's psyche that has not yet matured.

Overcome difficulties together

You have been living separately for some time and nowjust do not know how to get love back from a distance? If as a result of long meditations you still came to a decision how to return the love of a man, then you have to analyze and answer to yourself why it happened that you lost this very love and respect. It can be two options: either a middle-aged crisis, or he had a mistress, for which he left you. Most often there is a first option, that is, a crisis in family relations. In this case it is much easier to return the love of a man, rather than when he had a new love on the side. Usually the crisis in the family comes when the children grow up and fly out of the parent's nest. Or the spouse retires, and he has nothing to occupy himself. He is bored, but he does not know what to do. Do not let things slide, help him to find himself and start living a new life. Take a vacation and go somewhere to rest, where you can forget about how old you really are, feel again young and in love. Overcome all difficulties together. Imagine that you are again young, beautiful, and life has just begun for you! Moving, repairing, illness of a loved one or other difficulties will also help you to unite. The main thing is to be together. And then your half will notice and appreciate your efforts. If he got a mistress, then it's much more difficult. It's only in the fairy tale there is a happy ending - "they lived happily ever after and died in one day." As practice shows, in life it does not happen. Your beloved man is gone. Time of bitter tears and disappointments is over, it's time to act. Think carefully about how to return her husband without losing her dignity. return the love of her husband

A few topical tips: how to return your beloved man

  • First think carefully, are you reallywant to return it at any cost. What motivates you - the desire, at all costs, to return the one who dared to reject you and take revenge on him, or just your blind love? Of course, every woman understands that revenge is petty and disgusting, but here you can not escape, this, alas, is inherent in female nature. Therefore, do not stand for the desire to get even with a former lover to spend on it your precious time.
  • Even if a man is willing to take a step toward reconciliation,do not expect that he will immediately return to you. So do not be intrusive and do not call him every half hour in the hope of hearing when he finally comes back. By such actions you can only cause his dislike, but not the desire to be together again. Humble yourself with the fact that a man needs to retire to think things over and make the right decision, to stay with you or not. Do not put pressure on him and incline to commit an act in your interests.
  • As is known, the representatives of the stronger sexattracts something that is not available to them. Therefore, be independent and in no case do not push the man with his emotional actions. Hardly you can cause him respect, running after him on his heels, praying for forgiveness. As you know, all men are hunters by nature, so be a worthy prey. Be patient and try not to show how much you are waiting for his return. Do yourself better: pamper yourself with your favorite massage, visit beauty salon, new hairdo, fashion new clothes. Choose with friends on nature, go to the theater or cinema. Prepare to meet your beloved prettier and younger. Disheveled and all in tears a woman can cause only pity, but not love and respect. Seeing that you are not too homesick in his absence, he will first experience some disappointment, which will gradually develop into curiosity. Only on you and your tactics depends on whether you can inflate the flame from the reborn spark.
  • how to return love to her husband

    Some more useful tips

    How correctly to behave, if the husband nevertheless returned to you?

    • Try not to get stuck, do not constantly return to negative thoughts. Think about the pleasant, try to appreciate every moment spent together.
    • Do not avoid intimate relationships. The new family life should be full, after all the husband as a result has chosen nevertheless you!
    • Strive to do everything together: share responsibilities and pleasant activities equally.
    • It is not necessary to see in every woman an opponent. Your girlfriends had nothing to do with the betrayal of your husband, so do not avoid contacting them.

    Of course, after you still managedreturn the husband to the family, you will have to re-learn each other, try to avoid mistakes and build new relationships. It is especially important to strive to regain the love of the husband and his respect for you. Try to increase your self-esteem. Do not exalt the returned spouse. Personality has always been valued more than blind adoration. A strong and self-confident woman is much more attractive, and a man is unlikely to want to seek a substitute for her. We advise you to read: