lace wedding 13 years of family life is a significant date. Hand in hand these years passed the couple, spent them in sorrow and joy, learned to understand and appreciate each other like no other. Symbols of 13 years of wedding - lace and lily of the valley, so this anniversary is called lace or lily of the valley.

Lace or lily of the valley wedding

Creating relationships for 13 years of living togethercan be compared with the hard work of lace makers, who require a lot of patience, who, for months and even years, weave their lace products. Their work turns out delicate, thin, fragile. And the relations of the spouses for 13 years acquire lightness and refinement. Now the husband and wife should be especially careful about each other: how, by breaking one thread, you can ruin the entire lacy pattern, and one careless act easily disrupts family harmony. The second symbol of the 13th anniversary of family life is lily of the valley. This incredibly charming and delicate flower with a delicate aroma embodies all the sensuality of the relationship that the couple carried through many years of living together until this day. In addition, the lily of the valley is a symbol of loyalty and love. All these feelings have been preserved by the couple, despite life's problems and failures, and will continue to be present in the relationship. lace wedding traditions

Do I believe in superstitions?

Lace or lily-of-the-valley wedding - the mosta mysterious anniversary. In the representation of people, the number 13 is usually shrouded in mysticism and mystery. However, one does not need to consider that everything related to this number is frightening, and to connect the 13th anniversary with the time of the family disorder. For thirteen years of married life, the feelings of the spouses have already been tested for strength and strength, and the power of love for each other only increases. According to the traditions of this day, the wife tied a lace handkerchief or ribbon over her head, and covered her neck, husband and children with a lace collar, since the most vulnerable places of the human body were head and neck. Thus, the family defended themselves against the influence of demons, who could confuse all plans on this day. A certain selection of patterns on clothes strengthened the protection, for example, drawing with birds brought happiness to the house, flowers kept home, the sun filled with warmth of attitude. As a talisman, women also used a wreath of nettles, and men made aspen brooms, which swept out of the house all the quarrels and woes. Follow or not to the old customs, to decide the couple. But still the number 13 has a magical meaning, so celebrate the anniversary of the wedding should be based on some traditions.

Traditions of celebration

In accordance with the old tradition of this day, withclothes of the husband and wife it is necessary to take the threads that should be tied to them on the fingers. Thus, the couple "contacted" to live together in love and harmony for many more years. The custom of celebrating 13 years of living together obliges you to pay attention to the householder on this day. In a warm place in the house, for example, near the battery, you need to put a lace handkerchief, and put a bowl of milk on it. It is believed that this helps to appease the brownie who protects the family from evil. The 13th anniversary of joint life is celebrated in a quiet family circle. Of the invited - only close relatives and friends, necessarily children. This is the most peaceful and "home" anniversary, so it is not worthwhile to attract special attention and call many guests. On the festive table you need to lay a lace tablecloth or napkins. The more lace and lacy will be, the better the atmosphere of this day will be conveyed. You can serve the table with various woven vases, baskets, dishes with openwork ornaments. Even the dishes can be decorated symbolically: on the salads mayonnaise draw a lace pattern, decorate desserts with aerated whipped cream, bake openwork pancakes. Vase with a bouquet of white flowers is required. Let your table on this day be gentle and light, like the mood of all gathered. symbolic gifts from guests

Gifts for women and men

Given the symbolism of the 13th anniversary of the wedding, giveyou can have different lace items, as well as flowers. If the anniversary is celebrated in the spring, give a bouquet of lilies of the valley, if you can not get them, any white flowers will suit it: chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, carnations. A woman on this day can be presented with a set of lace underwear, stockings or pantyhose. If you think this gift is too intimate, give a lace scarf. He will make fashionable and unique any woman. Perfume with the aroma of lily of the valley is perfect as a gift. They will add tenderness, romanticism and fragility to the culprit of the celebration. You can make a gift that will be useful and necessary for the whole family. Lace tablecloth, napkins, hand-made tulle, boxes with lace trim, lily-of-the-valley statuettes, for example from crystal, a picture with the image of these flowers - all this can be given to the spouses for the 13th anniversary of their wedding. If funds permit, you can buy wicker furniture, it fits well with the interior of almost any style. When thinking through the gift, you can use the number 13 and present, for example, a service for 13 people. Of course, you will need to create this service yourself. If you have an anniversary, you probably have thought about what to give to her husband. At first glance it seems that it is difficult to choose a gift with a "lacy" or "lily-of-the-valley" theme for a man. However, even here there are many options for gifts for this day. Weave lace and knit - similar activities for the needlewoman. Therefore, if you know how, you can tie your man a sweater, mittens or a scarf. If you embroider a lily-of-the-valley flower on the product, then such a gift will be doubly symbolic. You can give a pillow, blanket or towel, again with an embroidered lily of the valley. An excellent gift for your husband will be your joint picture, enclosed in an openwork frame, which also decorates your interior. But remember, no matter what gift you present on this day, the main thing is that it should be made with love, tenderness and care!