homemade mayonnaise in a blender No salad can do without refueling. Some housewives use olive or other vegetable oil for this purpose, there are also recipes, which include mayonnaise. This product is sold in any supermarket, so purchase it is not a problem. But why poison yourself and your family with an unknown quality sauce, if you can cook it yourself? At the same time, you will spend a minimum of time and energy, but get a good home-made mayonnaise without preservatives and any stabilizers. Let's eat healthy and healthy food!

Mayonnaise "A la Provencal" based on chicken eggs

We offer to make an appetizing homemade mayonnaise inblender using this simple recipe. Naturally, if you do not have a food processor, you can whip the food with a traditional whisk or mixer. Ingredients:

  • one chicken egg
  • half a teaspoon of mustard
  • 180 milliliters of vegetable (refined) oil
  • table salt - to taste
  • a tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 0.5 small spoonfuls of granulated sugar

Cooking method: This recipe includes lemon juice, but it should be clarified that, in the absence of this ingredient, you can always use ordinary table vinegar. In addition, we note that the consistency of the future dish depends on the amount of vegetable oil, so you can add it more or, conversely, less than indicated in the recipe. So, start cooking from the simplest: in a glass for a blender break a chicken egg, lay out the mustard, salt at your discretion, and also the sugar. Now, using the scraping nozzle, whisk all ingredients into a homogeneous, dense mixture. Then, without stopping, gradually pour a small stream of vegetable oil and lemon juice and again several times turn on the blender. In the end, you should get a fluffy dense mass without a lump. Home-made mayonnaise, unlike its store counterpart, is stored not too long - no more than four to five days. Therefore, try to use it as quickly as possible, so that neither the products nor your strengths are wasted. We offered you a very simple recipe, if you wish, you can change it a little. Add your favorite spices, spices or other ingredients to your taste, for example: turmeric, red or black ground peppers, garlic, spicy or light "soft" mustard, some even granular. Prepare mayonnaise at home is very easy, so do not be lazy, because you get a healthy and healthy product. mayonnaise in a blender

Mayonnaise home-style with quail eggs

This recipe is very similar to the previous one, howeverThe main difference is that instead of chicken you will need quail eggs. Mayonnaise can be made by whipping the products with a whisk, but we recommend using a blender. First, so you will spend a lot less time, and secondly, get a perfectly homogeneous mass without a lump. So, try it! Ingredients:

  • eight pieces of quail eggs
  • 230 milliliters of vegetable oil (better take refined, as it does not bitter and does not give the dish a specific flavor and aroma)
  • salt - at your discretion
  • two teaspoons of plain mustard
  • ½ lemon
  • the same amount of sugar (you can put a little less)

Cooking method: Many recipes of mayonnaise are similar to each other, their difference can consist only in one or two ingredients. But even this is enough for the dish to turn out to be original and unusual. Do you want to make light and savory sauce? Then start with the simplest: put the quail eggs in the blender (naturally, after getting rid of the shell), then enter the mustard, lightly salt, if desired, add freshly ground black pepper. Thoroughly beat all the ingredients, and then pour out the specified amount of vegetable oil and lemon juice. Again, turn on the blender and stir until you get a fluffy white mass. Now you can enjoy the taste of homemade appetizing mayonnaise, in which there is not a single preservative and stabilizer. If you want to be healthy, you should eat the right food. Therefore, this recipe you will definitely come in handy, because with its help, vegetable, meat salads and other dishes will become even more useful. Forever forget about ketchup, shop refills, and your body will thank you. Over time, you will certainly notice how the extra pounds go, and instead of them, strength and cheerfulness appear!

Homemade mayonnaise with yolks

Now you know the recipe for mayonnaise both on the basis ofchicken, and quail eggs. To prepare this dish you will need exclusively yolks, and proteins can be used for other dishes. Ingredients:

  • chicken yolk - two pieces
  • ½ teaspoon of granulated sugar
  • 130 milliliters of sunflower oil (choose a product without a pungent smell)
  • half a small lemon (only juice is needed)
  • salt
  • five grams of mustard

Cooking method: Begin to master the recipe by separating the proteins from the yolks. Then put the latter in a blender, here enter the rest of the ingredients: salt, as well as granulated sugar and mustard. Thoroughly mix all the products to get rid of the lumps and achieve homogeneity. You go to the next stage: slowly pour out the oil, without turning off the food processor. In the last turn, squeeze out half of the lemon juice. To get a lush and airy mass of a uniform color, whisk it, starting with the slowest speed and gradually gaining momentum. Ready mayonnaise should be thick and light. When finished, put it in a clean container, cover it and store it in the refrigerator for no longer than five days. Adding different seasonings to home-made sauce, you will get a completely original taste. You can make mayonnaise with hard grated cheese, fresh herbs, olives or, for example, with lemon rind.

Garlic mayonnaise with herbs

We offer one more recipe for piquant deliciousgarlic mayonnaise with juicy fresh herbs. This refueling can be served to a hot appetizing steak or baked chicken in the oven. Ingredients:

  • salt - to taste
  • chicken egg - one piece
  • lemon juice
  • refined vegetable oil - 200 milliliters
  • fresh basil and parsley - just one small bundle
  • two garlic cloves

Cooking method: This recipe for garlic mayonnaise includes two types of herbs: parsley and basil. But you can limit yourself to one ingredient - orient yourself to your taste. The first thing to begin with: break one egg in a bowl and stir it with a special whisk. Then transfer the resulting mass into a blender glass, sprinkle a little, pour out the vegetable oil and lemon juice with a thin stream. Turn on the food processor and prepare a uniform airy mayonnaise. Now peel the garlic, crush it with a press and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Fresh basil and parsley finely chop and send to the above products, mixing them thoroughly. If you plan to invite guests to your house and do not know what to cook, we recommend baking in a pike perch oven or, for example, trout. Then spread the fish over serving plates, pour home mayonnaise with garlic, the recipe of which you just learned, and sprinkle with fresh herbs. You are guaranteed to receive a lot of compliments about your culinary talents, and none of the guests will go hungry. Good luck! a recipe for mayonnaise in a blender

Mayonnaise on chicken eggs with tomato paste

Each housewife has her favorite sauce variant: some put in mayonnaise horseradish or grated cheese, others prefer spicy mustard or walnuts, others are completely alien to experiments, so they use only classic recipes. This time, we suggest you try a sauce with tomato paste and chicken eggs - it turns out to be incredibly tender and yellowish red in color. Well, are you ready to proceed? Ingredients:

  • eggs - five pieces
  • 500 milliliters of sunflower (refined) oil
  • two small spoons of mustard mustard
  • granulated sugar - to taste
  • seven grams of table vinegar (if you do not have this product, use lemon juice)
  • salt
  • one package (about 150 grams) of sweet tomato paste

Cooking method: Such constituent dishes like salt, sugar, and also table vinegar, add to your taste, simply taking note of what is indicated in the recipe. Preparation of mayonnaise, start with the fact that lay out on different plates of proteins and yolks. Now whisk the latter thoroughly and pour into a blender. Add salt, sugar, tomato paste and mustard. Turn on the combine and mix all ingredients, then, without stopping the blender, enter sunflower oil, pouring it with a very thin stream. You are almost at the end, there are very few. So, add the vinegar, as well as the chicken proteins and again whisk everything to a dense homogeneous mass. Try it on the palate, is it enough all the ingredients, do you have enough salt and sugar? If you think that the dish is missing something, add this element. If desired, pepper mayonnaise lightly or add a special seasoning. This appetizing sauce with a light taste of tomatoes will be an ideal addition to salads and meat dishes. If you want to make mayonnaise at home, always try to use a blender for this, which will save a lot of precious time.

Olive mayonnaise without olives

Mayonnaise recipes are so diverse that according toyou can experiment with them even though daily, if, of course, you like to cook. Each sauce is good in its own way and is suitable for a particular dish. The taste of this mayonnaise will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of southern cuisine. If there are any in your family, then why not surprise your loved ones? Ingredients:

  • 50 milliliters of olive oil
  • egg - one piece
  • 150 milliliters of plain vegetable oil
  • 10 grams of prepared mustard
  • green olives (preferably pitted) - optional
  • salt put only to your taste
  • three tablespoons (table) of apple cider vinegar (it can be replaced with lemon juice)

Cooking method: This mayonnaise is prepared according to the same technology as the rest of the dishes, the recipes of which were mentioned a little higher. To make the sauce, mix both types of oil - vegetable and olive - by combining them in one deep dish or cup. Then break into an egg blender, add a light mustard, lightly season with salt and mix thoroughly. Then gently and quietly pour the oil mixture, apple cider vinegar and whisk to a homogeneous consistency. In the end, you should get a lush and slightly yellowish mayonnaise, like a store, only much more useful and more tender. As for olives, there are two options. The first - just cut them into small pieces and put them in a ready-made dish. If you want them to be almost not heard in the dish, beat the olives along with the rest of the ingredients. Then, mayonnaise will have a slight aftertaste of this product, which, however, does not become unpleasant to crunch on the teeth. If you do not have olives in your refrigerator, then cook the sauce without them - believe me, it will not make it worse! how to make mayonnaise in a blender

Mayonnaise based on pasteurized milk

To prepare this mayonnaise, you will need only five minutes of free time and a set of simple products that can be purchased at any small store or supermarket. Ingredients:

  • some salt
  • ½ cup pasteurized milk
  • ten grams of mustard
  • small lemon
  • black pepper (ground) - if desired
  • slightly less than a glass of vegetable oil (most importantly, that it was not bitter)

Cooking method: If you decide to make a mayonnaise based on homemade milk, then it must be pre-boiled and cooled beforehand. This will help to protect yourself from intestinal diseases and other gastrointestinal disorders. With an ordinary store product, you should not hold such events: just lightly heat it on a quiet fire, and as soon as the bubbles appear, immediately remove from the plate and cool. Warm the warm milk into a blender, add the vegetable oil, salt and several times mix well, add the sharp mustard and squeeze the sour juice from the lemon. Make sure that the bones do not get into the dish. If desired, you can lightly pepper the food. When finished with all the preparations, let the mayonnaise cool down, and then transfer it to a clean container - a jar, a plate, a glass or a cup - and store in a cool place.

Walnut mayonnaise with cranberry juice

Standard homemade refill recipes will suitfor everyday dishes. But if you are planning to receive guests and make a festive menu, we recommend choosing more original and unusual tips for preparing a mouth-watering and, most importantly, useful mayonnaise at home. This sauce with the addition of cranberry juice and walnuts will diversify the taste of your salads and appetizers, will give them piquancy. Ingredients:

  • 150 grams of chopped and slightly toasted walnuts
  • four large spoons of olive or other vegetable oil
  • lemon juice - 20 milliliters
  • salt, as always, put to your taste
  • two teaspoons cranberry juice

Cooking method: This mayonnaise can be done in two ways. If you decide to use the first recipe, then take fresh nuts, pre-wrapped them in a kitchen towel, and crush with a rolling pin or a special hammer. The second option involves roasting walnuts in a dry frying pan. We recommend preparing mayonnaise in two ways - so you can objectively judge which taste is most suitable for you. So, no matter how you decide to do, the first thing to do is to crush walnuts as small as possible. To do this, wrap them in a clean cloth and beat them with a hammer - so you do not loose anything and namusorite in the kitchen. Then either fry them, or not. Then transfer the product into a blender, fill it with oil, enter cranberry, and also lemon juice. Add some spices and salt to your taste. Thoroughly beat all the ingredients several times - all, now you can fill the prepared sauce with meat, chicken or fish dishes. If you take at least one recipe from the above and put it into practice, then in practice make sure that the mayonnaise in the blender is prepared quickly and very easily. So why not replace the dubious quality with a shop refill that contains a huge amount of harmful to the human body components? Of course, it is worth doing - choose healthy food! We advise you to read: