sauce with shrimps To date, professional chefs,who work in the kitchens of the world's most expensive restaurants, came up with an incredible number of the most varied variations of the Caesar salad. It is cooked with chicken, shrimps, croutons, ham, expensive elite cheeses. And this list can be continued indefinitely. Depending on what ingredients are included in the dish, a sauce is selected. It can be made on honey basis, from olive oil, with lemon juice, mustard and even with raw eggs. Today we will consider several interesting recipes that will help prepare a fragrant dressing for Caesar salad with shrimps.

Classic sauce

Professionals believe that the most savory salad"Caesar" is in the properly selected dressing. The fact is that her classic recipe includes a hard-to-reach Worcester sauce, which is rather problematic to buy. Therefore, many mistresses go to all sorts of tricks, at their own peril and risk combining a variety of products. Naturally, the taste of the food does not get worse, but it is not so unusual and original. So, let's start by looking at one of the simplest salad dressing recipes prepared with prawns. We will consider that the main component - Worcester sauce - you all the same managed to get. Ingredients:

  • one raw chicken egg
  • olive oil (use a cold-pressed product) - one tablespoon
  • table salt - to taste
  • half a lemon or lime
  • Worcestersky sauce - ¼ tablespoon

Cooking method: You might be surprised to find that filling up for an appetizing "Caesar" with shrimp in its classical performance is too boring and fresh, since no special spices are included in this recipe. In fact, the whole point is that the Worcester sauce itself is a mix of a huge amount of seasonings and various ingredients. It consists of tamarind and anchovies, fragrant pepper and ginger, cardamom, curry and cinnamon. And this is not all. In addition, Worcester dressing is very concentrated, so it is added to the dish in very small portions - one to two drops. So with such an ingredient, "Caesar" does not need extra spices. So, if you still managed to buy this rare component, get down to business. After the preparation of the base, that is, of the shrimp salad, will be finished, make a dressing. To do this, boil the water, and when it starts bubbling, put a raw egg in the bowl with liquid, reducing the fire to a minimum. In a minute you can get it. Then break the egg into a separate deep plate, here also enter olive oil, fragrant Worcester sauce, a pinch of salt, and do not forget to squeeze out the lemon juice. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and immediately before serving the salad on the table, pour it into the dressing. If you do this before, the dish will "flow" and will not look as appetizing. Caesar salad with shrimps

Recipe for Worcester sauce

In the composition of the classic refueling for Caesar, the recipewhich was given a little higher, you need Worcestershire (as it is also called) sauce. Since it is of English origin, it has an original taste and a specific flavor, but, unfortunately, it is not sold in every store. Without this component, the salad can no longer be considered a true "Caesar". However, there is no thin without good: Worcester sauce can be made at home. Just keep in mind that this procedure takes quite a long time - the refueling should last at least two weeks. If you are ready to make such "sacrifices", let's start preparing the sauce. Ingredients:

  • one and a half glasses of soy sauce
  • medium bulb - one piece
  • two garlic cloves
  • one root of ginger
  • small spoon of carnation
  • three tablespoons of mustard seeds
  • a teaspoon of black pepper (take in the form of peas)
  • three grams of cardamom
  • 200 milliliters of water
  • three tablespoons (large) table salt
  • ½ small spoonful of curry
  • the same amount of red pepper (ground)
  • one stick of cinnamon
  • 70 grams of granulated sugar
  • two glasses of balsamic vinegar
  • 50 grams of tamarind
  • anchovies - two pieces

Cooking method: Before you enthusiastically run to the store for the above products, keep in mind that it will not be very easy to get a tamarind - Indian spice. If you meet it in the form of a paste, buy it without even thinking. So, start to prepare the sauce: cut into small cubes garlic cloves, peeled onion and ginger root. Then wrap them in gauze along with mustard, cinnamon, cardamom, as well as cloves and black pepper. Tie the tissue in a bag and put it in a saucepan. Enter the flesh of the tamarind (or pasta), the specified amount of granulated sugar, the ground red pepper, after filling in with all the vinegar mixed with soy sauce. Turn on the medium heat and bring the mixture to a boil, then, having lowered the burner, cook the dish for about 40 minutes. Now you need to tackle the anchovies: cut them as small as possible, then pour the salt and curry over them, stir several times and add water. Give the food a little bit of it, and then send them to the pan to the rest of the ingredients. Boil the next sauce under the closed lid for no longer than five minutes. Now turn off the heat and pour the resulting mixture into a jar or glass bottle. Worcester refueling is stored in a cold place for at least fourteen days - only after that it is considered completely ready. After the specified time, take out the bag of spices, and spread the sauce over small containers and keep in the refrigerator. When you decide to make a "Caesar" - for example, with shrimp or chicken, - cut all the necessary products and choose a recipe filling, which includes Worcestershire sauce. Do not forget to shake well before use.

Sauce with cheese, eggs and anchovies

It is believed that for Caesar salad,which includes meat components - say, smoked meat or chicken - the ideal dressing is Worcestershire sauce in combination with refined olive oil, egg and lemon juice. Some housewives, who did not manage to acquire such a rare and unusual component, add the usual mustard instead. However, if you decide to make a dish with shrimp, then we recommend using this recipe. Mayonnaise will give your dish a softer and delicate taste. Ingredients:

  • 60 grams of cheese (ideally it should be Parmesan)
  • 40 grams of anchovies
  • two chicken yolks
  • 20 grams of spicy mustard (you can use granular)
  • seasoning, as well as salt - according to your taste
  • 100 grams of olive oil

Cooking method: To make this sauce, you need a blender or a mixer, with which you will achieve a more lush and uniform consistency. Start with dice and cheese cubes. Then transfer these products to the blender bowl, add olive oil, spices, a little salt, chicken yolks and mustard. Turn on the appliance and mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Give the sauce to brew for at least fifteen minutes, and after boldly run them "Caesar". Decorate the dish with freshly greens and invite everyone to the table. tasty Caesar salad with shrimps

Salad dressing with honey

This recipe can be used for almostany version of Caesar salad. Particularly well, this dressing is suitable for a dish with shrimps and other seafood: squid, scallops, with fish fillets. Ingredients:

  • two eggs
  • half a small lemon
  • a small spoonful of honey (if you take a thick enough product, pre-melt it)
  • salt - to taste
  • 50 milliliters of olive oil (preferably cold pressed)
  • half a tablespoon of sweet mustard
  • two cloves of garlic
  • condiments - if desired

Cooking method: First bring the water to a boil, then dip the raw egg into it. However, you do not need to keep it for too long - just one minute. Now cool the product and finely chop it with a knife, you can use a blender for these purposes. Connect eggs with the rest of the ingredients - vegetable oil, peeled garlic, lemon juice, honey and mustard - and beat well with a whisk or a mixer. Spice the food with spices and salt at your discretion. In a salad dressing with shrimps, you can put a little fresh basil, rosemary or turmeric. Let's give a little advice: that eggs when immersed in hot water do not burst, pre-fill them with warm slightly salted liquid and hold for about half an hour. In addition, if you use thick honey, pre-melt it on a steam bath - then mix the sauce will be much easier. We hope, "Caesar" will surpass all your expectations! Bon Appetit!

Sauce based on raw eggs and French mustard

We offer to your court another recipe for refuelingfor salad, which always remains in the trend. Mistresses love "Caesar" for its versatility and simplicity of cooking. The dish looks great on the festive table, and it can also be made for an ordinary family dinner. It does not take much time, besides all products are completely accessible. With whatever you prepare a salad - with shrimps, chicken, scallops, anchovies - it will in any case turn out very tasty and beautiful and not a single person will not remain indifferent. Ingredients:

  • eggs - two pieces
  • French mustard - a teaspoon
  • 10 milliliters of lemon juice
  • salt
  • 15 milliliters of olive oil
  • Dried garlic in granules - to taste
  • two tablespoons of red wine vinegar
  • fresh basil
  • Provencal herbs - optional

Cooking method: This is really a very easy recipe - you will only need to mix all the necessary products. So if you are ready to begin, break into the deep bowl of chicken eggs and work well with a whisk to form a lush, homogeneous mass. Then spice it with salt and spices, for example, black or red ground peppers. Enter the mustard, the granulated garlic, the vinegar and the sour lemon juice. Now, with a thin stream, pour in the olive oil, and at the very end, put some olive oil and chopped basil. If you have a blender, whip with it, all of the above ingredients. The filling density is affected by vegetable oil. Therefore, add it depending on how much dense sauce you would like to get: the smaller the amount of this product, the more transparent and liquid will be dressing for salad. She can water not only "Caesar", but also other dishes. delicious sauce for Caesar

Refueling with tofu and anchovies

Have decided to please close to the appetizing "Caesar" with seafood? If you do not know which sauce is best for him, try this recipe. The dish turns out simply incomparable! Ingredients:

  • small lemon
  • eight cloves of garlic
  • 90 milliliters of olive oil
  • two anchovy fillets
  • four olives (pitted)
  • two tablespoons of whole-grain mustard (preferably use a sweet one)
  • 450 grams of soft tofu

Cooking method: Grind the garlic with a special press or cut into very small pieces, then send it to a saucepan with preheated olive oil and fry until it becomes a light golden hue. Anchovies, pitted olives, as well as mustard and ruddy garlic, put in a blender and whisk until mashed. Then, enter soft tofu, pour olive oil in a thin stream and squeeze out the juice from the lemon. As usual, seasonings - for example, fresh basil, rosemary, Provencal herbs, caraway seeds, black or red peppers - and lay salt only at your own discretion. Now a couple of times turn on the device to mix all the products. Ready-made sauce to water the salad is needed immediately before serving it, not earlier. To date, the recipes of the appetizing Caesar, as well as the gravy to it, there are many. If you like to cook, "play" with a dish, adding to it one, then another sauce. Thus, you in practice make sure that the taste of the same food can change beyond recognition, and thanks to the fragrant dressing alone. We advise you to read: