hen-party before the wedding A lot of Hollywood films tell aboutcheerful adventures and adventures of the daring guys who decided to celebrate the stag party of one of their friends. But in our age of equality of both sexes the girls also strive to glory to glory and celebrate their farewell to the unmarried life in a big way. The most traditional scenario, according to which a bridal shower is held for a wedding, is a round-up of friendly women's team in a restaurant or, for example, a barbecue in the country. And the most popular and pretty bored with all the entertainment on this holiday is a private dance order for the bride. You can even say that this is a kind of tradition, but no private dance, no matter how passionate and erotic it was, will not make the whole evening bright, memorable and equally attractive to all its participants. If you dream of a bright and unusual wedding, then why not give yourself the same hen party? You can use your own imagination or take advantage of one of the already existing, but at the same time very original ideas.

Themed hen parties

If you consider yourself to be a bold enough woman,A banal trip to a bar or restaurant you can diversify with a kind of procession through the city. Together with your girlfriends pick up clothes of the same color or even prepare special thematic suits, in advance prepare posters and banners, every possible entourage. And then, along with all this, good mood and fervent laughter, go through the streets of your city, passing in passing bars and cafes on the way. People on the street will be happy to support your mood and help make this evening unforgettable. If you are a supporter of a more relaxed pastime, then you can arrange a real pajama party. As a rule, on such pre-wedding women's evenings all the action takes place on a soft sofa or among pillows on the floor, and all of its participants must be dressed up in nightclubs or pajamas. In addition to such a hen party, you can arrange an evening of memories: cook together with friends the dishes that you loved in childhood, buy sweets and revise your common children's photos, recall the funniest stories from your childhood. A charge of good mood is assured to you! In recent years, retro-style parties have become popular, and fashion for the gangster Chicago of the thirties did not pass by and hen parties. You can arrange such an evening at home or in a stylized restaurant or club. Inviting your girlfriends for such an evening, do not forget to indicate his theme and dress code. Diversify the evening can be a competition of talents. All rooms should also be styled for the theme of your evening. If you are allowed funds, you can arrange a hen party abroad, or, for example, on the seashore. However, such an event will require a lot of effort to prepare and money. Therefore, if you want to arrange a hen party on the road, it is much easier to go to a recreation center or the nearest sanatorium. A hen party can be held in the spa or beauty salon. Nothing so relaxes as cosmetic procedures in the company of the best girlfriends. On such a holiday you will be able to hang out a lot, because during the marriage you will not have much time for your girlfriends. contests for the hen-party before the wedding

Contests and other fun

Let's say that with the style of your bachelorette and the placeits holding you decided. But there is one more important question: how to take guests on the holiday itself. After all, in between meals, champagne, dancing and heartfelt talk, you need to somehow entertain guests. And the key to the success of any holiday is diversity and constant change of activities. Contests for a hen party before the wedding are the easiest way to entertain and entertain guests. And there are a lot of variants of such competitions.

  • Print a large poster with a picture of yourthe favorite male star, and it is desirable that the photograph you choose should have a minimum of clothes. Then purchase men's thongs and clerical buttons. The essence of the competition is simple, but, meanwhile, it always causes a storm of positive emotions. Simply attach the image of the star to the wall, tie one of the girls eyes and hand her thong pierced with a button. The task of the participant is to fasten the underwear to the star, blindfolded, and just in the place where he should be.
  • Divide the guests into two teams and hand eachof which several rolls of toilet paper. It is better if they are several different colors. Each team should choose their bride (you can become her or be a simple participant), and then for a set period of time to build her wedding dress from this paper.
  • Girls at all times loved and love to guess. Make this tradition part of your bachelorette party. Prepare sandwiches, the ingredients of which will be cheese. Prepare small notes with wishes or pleasant predictions. Fold them in a tube and put them in a sandwich. Each girl can choose a snack and at the same time get a nice wish for the future.
  • To increase the activity of your guests, you canuse active competitions. For example, inflate the balloons, filling them with pre-colored rice. Then divide the guests into two or three teams, and distribute each participant on a regular fork. The essence of the contest is to pass the ball from the first team member to the last, using only a fork. Those participants who have a balloon burst first, respectively, lose. Alternatively, you can use a contest with a water transfusion: select two participants and give them two glasses. In this case, one of them must be filled with water. The goal of each participant is to pour water from one glass into another, using only a tube.
  • You can prepare this eventindependently or ask someone to help you organize a hen party before the wedding: competitions need not only to select and prepare, but also to competently conduct, and the talent of the presenter is, unfortunately, not at all. Pay special attention to the music of the hen party, because loud and cheerful music, as a rule, is one of the main components of a good evening. Many girls doubt whether it is worth presenting presents to the bride at the hen party. Etiquette on this account does not give exact recommendations, but a small gift in any case will only raise the hero of the celebration mood. In this case, usually on the day of farewell to a free life, they are presented with sexy lingerie or other women's accessories.