Beautiful hairstyles with gathered hair If you ask men, long or shorthair they prefer, most of them will tell you that they are long. You can consider yourself one of the most successful girls, if you have beautiful and healthy long hair. After all, you are not among those representatives of the fair sex who have to go broke for the purchase of chignons and dream that the curls fall from their shoulders. Be thankful to nature for the natural beauty granted to you. But what is the use of long hair, if they are worn all the time, without using the opportunities that they open? different hairstyles for long hair

Long hair: for or against?

Most women want to have longsilky strands, because with them you can make almost any hairstyle that is known to mankind: from simple waves to complex beams. But not every girl can make a beautiful hairstyle on her own, even if she has a luxurious head of hair. Hairdressing is an art that not everyone is able to master. But the basics to comprehend all the forces. So get acquainted with interesting and simple tips, with which you can transform yourself into the best in a short time. If you think that hairstyles with gathered hair are too simple for a certain case, there is always an option to decorate them with various hairpins or elastic bands, and they will shine in a new way. Dare! Fashionable hairstyles with gathered hair

The best ideas for hairstyles with gathered hair

  • Long tail on one side This hairstylelooks simple, but romantic. First, make soft and airy curls with curling irons. Fix the resulting curls with hairspray. Collect the strands on one side and secure with elastic or decorative rubber band.
  • Tidy bun This is a chic and exquisite hairstylecan seem complicated at first glance, but it is actually very simply done. Collect the hair in a low ponytail, and then start turning it to form a bun. Secure it with an elastic band. Complete the process by adding an elegant, beautiful barrette, and you're done.
  • Fish tail spit are an excellent option forhairstyles. French braids are a classic example of this, however we will take another step forward with the oblique "fish tail". This beautiful pigtail may seem a little difficult to perform, but after practicing a few times, you can easily do it. First, divide the hair in half. Then grab a small string from the outer edge and move it to the center. Now also grab the strand, only from the second side. Continue to alternately separate the strands from each side until you braid the braid. Decorate it with decorative clips.
  • Semi-bundle "Semi-bundle" is really easyis done. First, you should collect the front part of your hair. Tilt them forward, on the forehead, and then fasten with an elastic band. Then collect the middle part of your strands in such a way that the tail turns out. Twist it into a bundle and create a bunch. Secure with a simple elastic or decorative gum. Now wrap the hair that we left on the forehead, around the bundle and fasten them. Use the lacquer to fix the hairstyle in place. you can either leave some of the strands straight, or use curling irons to create beautiful soft curls.
  • A ballerina's beam To do it, you need a littlepractice. The bundle can be constantly improved by adding various accessories to it. First, we collect hair in a high tail, fastened with an elastic band or hairpin. Scrub them slightly in the tail to make the beam appear more bulky. Then twist the hair into a tourniquet and wrap it around the base, creating a bun shape. Insert the studs along the base of the beam to secure it to the head. If desired, you can sprinkle with varnish.
  • A tall wicker crest With the help of a tail and a scytheyou can create a complex beautiful chignon. Try to make this tall braided beam out of the hair. First gather the hair in a high tail and fasten with an elastic band. Divide the tail into 4 equal parts and each part into a braid, fixing them separately with elastic bands. Begin to wrap the braids around the base on top of each other. And, finally, fasten the hairpiece around the base with hairpins or hairpins.
  • As you now see, you can make many hairstyles with your curls, leaving aside the usual and boring tails. Try these options, and you will see how your life is filled with colors.