simple three-dimensional hairstyles on hair Average length of hair is the most optimalfor a woman from the point of view of the stylist. Volumetric hairstyles for medium hair can be divided into three types: first, it's curls, secondly, fleece, thirdly, hairstyles based on a braid or tail. First of all, let's agree: the hair should be healthy, perfectly clean, carefully colored. Yes, the color and method of painting is given great importance: it's no secret that melted or colored strands increase the volume of hair, smooth painting, on the contrary, steals it. simple hair styling

Features hairstyles on medium hair

The classic of the genre is, of course, curls. Moreover, they are always in fashion. Luxury curls are synonymous with femininity and temperament. Here opens a wide field for the imagination of the stylist: you can make glamorous Hollywood waves, or you can, on the contrary, the mane of Latin American curls. And a variety of tools: forceps, assorted curlers, ribbons-hairpins, bobbins for chemical perm. In the end, tightly braided at night pigtails will also give an interesting result. If you are "cool" to the hairspray, you can do without it, if the image does not imply prickly curls. And more important to remember: strong curls will be obtained only on clean hair. It is necessary to choose the right shampoo for each type of hair, at least once a week to use balm and mask. Naches - this is also a proven technology for years to give volume to hair of any length. Naches is the basis of many modern voluminous hairstyles on medium hair. Hairstyles with fleece dominate the world's catwalks, but it's not necessary to go to the salon for naches. It is easy to do it yourself, observing a number of simple recommendations, and you will be feminine and romantic. The most important: naches can not be applied on wet hair. From the handy tools will need: a hair dryer, a special comb for nachetsa with wide teeth, a brush for combing, varnish. The beauty of nachesa is also in the fact that it is easy to get rid of it. beautiful hairstyles for medium hair

The symbol of chastity and Slavic beauty - a scythe

Squinting is a hit of the last three seasons. The most fashionable holiday hairstyles are based on a braid made in an unusual technique. It is difficult to make a complex voluminous hair on the basis of weaving braid, but it is possible. You need to be patient, and you will be rewarded for diligence: the braids are equally acceptable at the celebration and at the office, at a picnic and at the theater. Spikelets and polukoloski, Greek and French pigtails will give every woman a finesse and romance. And, finally, it is necessary to say about the decisive role of haircuts. Volumetric hairstyles on average hair will turn out stylish if will be executed on the basis of professional hairstyle. Cascading haircut is an ideal option. The layered structure of the haircut can be emphasized with the help of texturizing packing tools. Hairstyles for medium length hair are diverse and democratic. Each lady will easily find a unique style, which will meet the upcoming New Year!