how to make a bunch of long hair Long hair is always in fashion, especially if they areradiant and shimmering, radiating energy and vitality. Healthy well-groomed hair has always been, is and will be a natural adornment of any woman. And their skilful and fashionable styling can make you irresistible at any party and in any environment.

All ingenious is simple!

Happy owners of long hair lucky- for any reason and under any circumstances, they will be able to build themselves a hairstyle in just five minutes, twisting long strands in a bundle. Bunches of thick long hair - the most versatile hairdo, for the creation of which will require a minimum of improvised tools and professional skills. It will withstand the test and banquet celebration, and a club party, and an eight-hour working day, and a sea walk on a yacht on a hot summer day. Indispensable bundle during dance or sports. A bunch of beautiful long hair is a favorite hobby of stylists specializing in wedding hairstyles. He emphasizes the femininity of the bride and serves as a reliable basis for fastening the veil. A neat elegant beam is relevant at any time of the day and in any weather. His grace is able to decorate the head and the young prelestnitsy, and women of Balzac's age, and the gray-haired ladies. bunch of long hair

Variety of beams - we make a choice

The options for creating bundles of long hair are many,it would seem, to invent something new is simply unreal. Nevertheless, every girl who has at least a small fraction of the imagination, is able to add a twist from herself, turning an ordinary ponytail into a work of art. A little trick for bunches of long hair of any type: the hair should be perfectly combed, without creases and loops. For a thorough combing, the massage brush of natural materials, for example wood, is the best choice. Consider some of the most popular hairstyles with beams on long hair.

  • A bunch of straight hair

First you need to make a straight partingin the middle of the head or on the side. Depending on the location of the beam, pull the hair in the tail at the back of the head or on the crown. Once again, make sure the flawlessness of the tail is perfect. Carefully twist it with a taut harness, trying not to deform the hair, and wrap it around the gum at the base. Tape the ends inside, fixing the studs. If desired, the hair can be sprinkled with varnish. If you are trying to achieve an exceptionally smooth appearance - use gel. Such an image will emphasize the coldness and officiality of the business style peculiar to the business lady.

  • A bunch of wavy hair

Very impressive and sensual is the beam fromwavy long hair. Collect the curls in the tail and tighten with an elastic band. At the last turn, leave a loop of hair in a free fall in the elastic band. Make a fixation with the help of studs. On the temples you can leave thin strands of curls. This hairstyle is suitable for a romantic date and will look great in combination with satin ribbons and lacquer shoes

  • The volume beam

If the hair by nature is not too thick, do notit is worth despairing. You can make a gorgeous bundle with a foam rubber ring, wrapping strands on it. An alternative to the ring can serve as an ordinary hair, with the help of which the volume will increase significantly. The final stage is fixation with studs and varnish. For especially solemn occasions, you can use a varnish with sparkles, it is also able to visually increase the amount of hair. Look at this, you'll be stunning, showing the people around the stunning retro style in the style of the 60's.

  • A bundle with festive accessories

Everyday boredom of the everyday bundle can beTo disperse with the help of unusual ornaments or original accessories. With a light movement of the hand, a simple tail turns into a luxurious evening hairstyle. There is only one rule - moderation. Do not overdo it with a heap of metal objects on your head, since in this case their excess will look too vulgar. In addition, the abundance of metal can cause a headache. Exquisitely looks on the beam mesh - simple or golden-silver, with sparkles or rhinestones. It gives the image of charm and mystery, envelops with a mysterious haze and charm.

  • Lateral smooth beam

Such a bundle is best done on the occipitalparts of the head. Twist the tail into a tourniquet to the very tips and twist it clockwise into a bundle. Leave the ends free to hang or hide, securing the studs. The tip of the hair, directed upwards, will look out of the box. For stiffening, drench your hair with plenty of varnish.

  • Japanese beam

Japanese beam - deliberately careless and chaoticruffled strands, carefully processed by means for fixing. Such a bundle is barely scarred with stilettos or invisible. One of the options may be a "nest", swathed on the very top, with prisms sticking out in all directions - "twigs". You can stab such a structure with crossed bamboo sticks. It seems that such a hairstyle dissipates from the slightest blow of the breeze or from a light touch, but this is not so. Correctly fixed long hair is able to keep the shape for a long period of time.

  • Italian beam

Everything related to Italy is associated withsexuality and emotionality. The Italian bundle is no exception. Highly withdrawn tail divide into strands and braid into a tight pigtail. Wrap it around the base of the tail, zakolite hairpins. Ideally, this hair looks with a hat-tablet and veil. To make the image sophisticated will help long gloves and boots on a high thin heel. These simple and at the same time original hairstyles can be created with long and thick hair. You can fantasize a little and come up with your own idea for styling. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your own irresistibility. Then the people around you will take you accordingly. We advise you to read: