haircuts for a round face Nature has created us completely different andunique. But, as a rule, this is not enough for us, and we are burning with the desire to correct something in ourselves, finding imaginary shortcomings. A round face causes a feeling of inferiority in some women and causes a painful selection of a hairstyle. However, millions of women with this type of face do not experience complexes about their appearance, they do not look full, and at the same time remain bright. For the most part, this is helped by the correct selection of haircuts for a round face - an ideal way out of the situation. Professional hairdressers have developed fashionable hairstyles for a round face, thanks to which you can feel confident. Today we will tell you how to choose and arrange a haircut and what hair styles go to the round face. We begin our briefing ...

Determining the type of round face

To begin with, we suggest that you make sure thatYour face has a really round shape and you need to know what kind of haircuts go round the face. There are several ways to do this. Choose from the forehead hair, look at yourself in the mirror and circle the reflection on the contour. Another option is to outline the outline of the face over the photo. Measure the distance from ear to ear and from the crown to the chin. In the event that the face is almost the same in size and width, and height at the same time, then women's hairstyles for a round face are just what you need. The width and length should not be absolutely equal. The characteristic features of a round face are: cheeks of the same width with cheekbones, a rounded soft chin, a wide line of hair on the forehead. We recommend that you carefully review the haircut for the round face video option. In most people, a person can not be 100% attributed to a certain form. Nevertheless, if your face corresponds to most of the signs, then you prefer to choose hairstyle models for a round face. Your goal in choosing a hairstyle for a round full face is to lengthen and narrow the shapes of the face, bringing them from the visual point of view to the oval.

The best hairstyles for a round face

Every woman has a unique appearance. Nevertheless, we found a kind of starting point for creating a creative image and picked up the best hairstyles for the round face 2011. Even if your face is very round, the attention of the observer will easily be distracted by soft waves. In this case, the hair cuts for the round face reach the chin in length or slightly lower. It is necessary to exclude very steep locks and absolutely straight hair without volume. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite result. Photos of haircuts for the round face will help you not to make a mistake in your choice. For the lover of short hair, the next haircut for a round face is suitable: airy, non-monolithic, multi-layered versions. Haircuts for a round face with a bang, photos of which you can find below in the article, it is recommended to comb it on its side, or it should not be too thick. Another version of the hairstyle for round face type - long, slightly combed back, curly hair. The bangs are laid sideways, or completely absent. Beautiful hairstyles for a round face should have a volume behind, in no case at the level of the cheeks. Innovation in the foreshortening of our conversation - cutting the square for a round face with elongated corners. The volume of hair can cover the wide cheekbones and open the formed chin. Do not make such a haircut for women with a small, shortened chin. Examples of haircuts for a round face can be continued with a classic option - a multi-level haircut. The different length of the strands visually changes the female appearance and makes the face more elongated. Stylish haircuts for the round face will perfectly complement coloring or highlighting. Every woman has an individual appearance. However, it is this hair styling for a round face that can serve as a starting point for your individual image solutions.

How to choose a hairstyle for a round face

Pick a hairstyle for a round face will helpsimple recommendations. Elongated haircuts are a winning option, but not for delicate hair, which experts recommend short, voluminous fashion haircuts for the round face 2011. The main volume in such haircuts is created at the top, whiskey cuts short, sometimes leaving elongated strands that restrict the face on the sides . hairstyles for a round face Some women will get short haircuts forround face with an asymmetrical shape. The main principle remains unchanged: we increase the volume of the hairdo in the right places, if possible, cover the cheeks with asymmetrical strands and open the forehead. Asymmetric haircuts for a round face - a real find to update your image. stylish hairstyles for a round face Thick and thick hair allows very successfuluse long haircuts for a round face, including a variant with curly hair. Their saturation and volume make it possible to do without additional tweaks, following the principles stated above. haircut for a round face photo We listed the principles of choosing a hairstyle forround face. The pictures will allow you to visualize how you can change and improve your appearance by following these principles. And now consider the creative haircuts for a round face.

Short Hairstyles for a Round Face

It's easier to take care of short hair and it's easierto stack. There are a variety of short hairstyles for the round face, which are ideal for this type. A short haircut is designed to create a milestone, visually extending the face. Cutting the cascade for a round face with its multi-layering will create the same effect. haircut for round face type Many hairstyles for a round face include strands that fall on the cheeks and hide extra centimeters on the sides of the face. Admission using elements of asymmetry removes accents from rounded facial features. selection of haircuts for a round face Air hairstyles for the round shape of the face, which create the effect of slightly disheveled hair, perfectly distract the attention of the observers from the face oval.

Long haircuts for a round full face

A round face naturally narrows with long hair. It is necessary to remember the basic rule of a hairstyle for the round full face - to avoid excess volume in the area of ​​cheeks. hairstyles for a round face photo Add clarity to the lines you can, using smoothStreaming strands gradually tapering to the ends. Very impressive look stylish hairdos for a round face on the hair length below the shoulder level, in which at the level of the chin or lips begin cascading strands. Another effective way to narrow the face, using long strands - is an oblong oblong bang. Hair color for a round face is also of no small importance. Colored strands framing the face, destroy its rounded forms and create the desired elongated appearance.

Hairstyle Bob for Round Face

wedding hairstyles for a round face Such a hairstyle is included in the model haircuts forround face. Haircut bean for a round face has many variations - both stylish classic and the most bizarre. We offer you haircuts for the round face of the photos which will help you make a quick choice of the variety that is right for you.

What can not tolerate women's haircuts for a round face

When choosing a haircut for a round face oval, the following points should be avoided:

  • Straight forward and straight lines
  • Owners of magnificent hair should be tamed by all possible means, for example, gels and varnishes
  • The best haircuts for a round face never contain horizontal lines
  • Smoothly combed back hair without a bang open the face entirely and additionally emphasize its roundness. Refuse this version of hairstyle for a round face
  • Women's haircuts for a round face do not suffer a wave - it makes the face much wider
  • Avoid middle parting, straight edges, spherical haircuts and any round shapes
  • Models of haircuts for the round face should not be low and cover the ears. Direct spans and semiproids also do not fit
  • You should never comb your hair back andemphasize the roundness of the face. Although you can find exceptions to any rule. Some wedding hairstyles for the round face with the combed hair very successfully look at the round face. In this case, as a rule, the person on the sides is hidden by a falling veil
  • For you will be a catastrophe of rounded models of haircuts for women - a round face will, as it were, be repeated with hairstyle forms

Choosing a haircut for a round face type in a largerdepends on your lifestyle, style of clothing and hair structure. However, the best style will be the one that causes a smile on your beautiful face, regardless of its shape. We advise you to read: