causes of hair loss Hair loss is quite unpleasanta situation that worries not only women, but also men. There can be such a process for a variety of reasons, so the question of how to prevent hair loss is rather ambiguous. Many believe that enough vitamins alone, but it's not. Treatment for alopecia is a complex complex in which the use of vitamins is necessary, but apart from them, other measures should be taken to rule out the causes of hair loss.

Why do hair fall out?

Hair can become weak and drop out byfor a variety of reasons. To stop this process, you must first understand why the curls became so weakened. Among the reasons that triggered the process of alopecia, that is, alopecia, it is necessary to note the following:

  • Psychological factor. Hair can begin to fall out due to constant stress, insomnia, neurosis, exhaustion of the body. In women, this process is not as strong as in men, it can begin even a few months after the deterioration of the body.
  • Because of the quality of the water that the hair is washing, alsothe process of alopecia can be started. If the water is too hard, then it must be artificially softened, for which additives such as baking soda, glycerin, ammonia are added. It is also best to wash your head with boiled water, not a simple tap.
  • Incorrect work of some metabolic processes, violations of the hormonal state, heredity - these are also frequent causes of hair loss.
  • Wrong care. The constant use of lacquers, hairpins, drying dryers and curling irons, paints - all this greatly weakens the hair, making them rarer and duller. To avoid this, you need to use vitamin masks, make up your diet so that it contains all the necessary curls for your health.
  • The first thing to worry about isvitamins, masks based on them, eating the right foods and, of course, proper care. All this will allow without special problems to return splendor and luxury to your hair. treatment of hair loss

    Vitamins for healthy hair

    To keep the curls healthy, beautiful,dense, it is necessary to include in your diet certain foods and apply the funds with a specific set of vitamins. Using a vitamin complex plus proper care, you can forget about the problem. Specialists-trichologists recommend taking into account the following list of vitamins, which have a health-improving effect on the condition of your curls and allow preserving their density:

    • A: nourishes, improves the vital activity of roots, hair follicles;
    • В1: perfectly protects hair from stresses, which is especially important in severe frosts, heat, with personal stressful situations;
    • B2: when the roots of hair are damaged, they can quickly and effectively restore their health;
    • B3: normalizes metabolic processes in the body;
    • B5: allows to strengthen hair follicles;
    • B6: is mandatory for all exchange processes;
    • B7: has a curative effect on curls;
    • B8: allows other groups of vitamins to actively penetrate into the roots, scalp;
    • B9: cell renewal;
    • B12: oxygen supply to hair roots;
    • C: strengthens the immune system;
    • E: for rejuvenation, restoration of natural shine;
    • F: Strengthen the hair.

    How to apply vitamins from baldness correctly? At the first signs of baldness, some ladies flee to pharmacies in search of special drugs and complexes that could help to cope with the situation. No one argues with the need for such a step, but there are other ways to maintain the normal condition of the hair bulbs. Among such simple and very effective measures it is necessary to note the following:

    • As for vitamins, you can buy them inany pharmacy in the form of powders, tablets or ampoules, but it should be done very carefully. The fact is that an overabundance or improper application of vitamins can lead not to the consequences that you expect. So, vitamin C can cause allergic reactions in the form of rashes, but in fact it turns out that the hair lacks vitamin E. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a specialist before buying, which will clearly tell you, the lack of what causes hair loss;
    • you can use special multivitamincomplexes that will safely fill the shortage in the body of substances responsible for the condition of the hair. Today, there are special anti-alopecia complexes on the market that can have a health-improving effect;
    • do not forget about nutrition. In the diet should always be present products that contain all the required substances and vitamins. About the products that need to be chosen for this, we'll talk more low;
    • the hair needs regular, regular care. In addition to the usual shampoo, you need to apply masks, balms for washing, do not use too often such cosmetics for hair, as varnishes, gels and so on. If this is difficult to do without, then after every such use, it is necessary to comb out all the means from hair, apply drugs that reduce their negative effect;
    • It is worth using home hair masks, which are easily mixed with their own hands from purchased in the pharmacy of vitamin complexes, natural herbs, fruits.

    For each complex of measures against hair lossis selected individually, as the reasons for this can be very different. The excess of vitamins can be just as bad as its deficiency, so you have to act very cautiously, in accordance with all the recommendations. mask against hair loss

    We keep the right diet

    Not only prevent hair loss, but alsothey can be improved through proper diet, which is especially important for women. To keep your hair curly elastic and beautiful, you need to correct your diet, eat foods that contain a lot of vitamins, which help to effectively combat hair loss. Make sure that your diet contains the following products:

    • liver and any meat;
    • fish prepared in any way;
    • fish fat;
    • all dairy products (cottage cheese, cheeses, milk, cream);
    • cereals (millet, buckwheat, oats, rice);
    • carrot;
    • spinach;
    • tomatoes;
    • broccoli, cabbage;
    • dates;
    • apricots;
    • avocado;
    • chicken eggs;
    • melon;
    • mushrooms;
    • Nuts (walnuts, peanuts, almonds);
    • citrus fruits (tangerines, oranges, lemons).

    If your diet does not contain at least one ofproducts of this group, it is unlikely to improve your hair. Even provided that expensive vitamin complexes and masks are used, hair follicles will not become strong without correct and full nutrition, the action of such drugs will not last long. But this does not mean that it's enough to spend a week on such a diet, and then safely forget about their admission. Such products should always enter the diet, but in a normal amount. In this case, it would be nice to consult a nutritionist. Special Vitamin Complexes An excellent fortifying agent for returning to the hair of health are special vitamin complexes that have a purposeful effect. Such complexes are guaranteed by certificates, cosmetologists recommend starting with them. Excellent recommendations received such drugs as Merz, Panto-vigard, Perfectil, Revalid, Complivit and many others. When buying such funds, you need to pay attention to their composition and purpose, which can be designed for use in various situations, for expiration dates, availability of contraindications, recommendations for use. It is good to combine such complexes with other measures to prevent baldness, for example, with home masks based on natural components.

    Home hair masks: how to prepare yourself?

    To prevent hair loss, theirstrengthening, returning health and a beautiful appearance can do homemade vitamin masks. The peculiarity of them is that they should be used immediately after cooking, fresh. You can not store such funds, because they lose their useful properties. The most effective are masks based on natural oils, lemon, honey, various herbal decoctions. The first group of masks includes natural oils and vitamins B. Make this mask is very simple. To do this, one egg yolk to beat, add almond, burdock, sea buckthorn oil in the amount of one full table spoon. The composition is perfectly mixed, it adds a mixture of vitamins B2, B6, B12. All vitamins are added in the amount of one ampoule, which you can buy in any pharmacy. The mask is applied to clean, dried hair. The composition is rubbed into the roots, evenly spreading along each strand. The head should be covered with a plastic cap, a warm kerchief or a towel, then keep one hour. The mask is washed off with warm water using a normal shampoo. Apply this vitamin mask once every four to five days, and the entire course of treatment for hair loss is from one month. The second group of masks from baldness is the use of mixtures based on natural herbal infusions and vitamins. Their preparation is more complicated, but the result is stunning, the hair will become strong, will acquire a beautiful, natural shine. To make the mixture you can use fresh flowers of chamomile, linden, nettle leaves, take them one full tablespoon, grind them thoroughly. The herbal mixture is poured into a glass of boiling water, it is insisted and filtered during half an hour. In the resulting broth should be added 50 g of rye bread, then pour a mixture of vitamins B1, B12, E, A for one full ampoule. The resulting mask is mixed, applied to dried, clean hair, rubbing in the roots of strands, scalp, on the tips of hair. The strands are applied to the strings in the last turn, after which the head should be covered with a polyethylene cap, a towel. It is recommended to hold the mask for one hour, then wash it off. The course consists of 10-15 masks, you can repeat every few months. When choosing vitamins against baldness and to strengthen hair, you should consult a specialist. Correctly selected complex will ensure the enrichment of hair, strengthening of hair strands and bulbs, their nutrition. But not only vitamins can strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, but also compliance with the rules of care, washing your head, diet. In addition it is recommended to make masks from natural components, which will become an excellent preventive against alopecia. Such care is available at home. It is not necessary to visit an expensive salon for treatment, although the recommendations of a specialist will not be superfluous.