creative hairstyles for short hair You are the owner of short hair, and you wantto experiment? Then turn on the fantasy and act. Creative haircuts for short hair can be chosen for every taste. The main thing is to carefully consider the features of your appearance. You can easily hide the flaws and emphasize the "raisins" with a properly selected hairstyle.

Short haircuts with a face shape

If you have a round face shape, you need to chooseA haircut that will visually narrow the chin and lengthen the face oval. For this purpose, "ragged" creative haircuts with asymmetrical strands are perfect. By laying down the hair that is cut in this way, the strands can be slightly twisted towards the cheeks. This will visually reduce the excessive roundness. Another good option - a haircut with volume on the crown. Ideally, if it will be multi-layered, and the strands will gently unravel the contours of the face. But if you have an elongated face, then avoid too short a haircut. Choose hairstyles with volume at the level of the temples and cheekbones. A long asymmetrical bang, either broad or straight, will also help you correct the elongated shape of the face. A panacea can be romantic and careless curls of small length. A style of hair in this case will be extremely simple: after washing, apply foam or mousse, fan your fingers and blow dry, slightly twisting curls. For volume you can also use the diffuser nozzle. The main thing is, do not leave your forehead open and forget about the direct parting and "sleek" hair. Well, owners of the oval face can safely try the most diverse varieties of creative haircuts on short hair. If you also have the right facial features, then you can do at least a haircut "for a boy", at least shave whiskey, at least leave a "hedgehog." You can show creativity and play with the color palette. Winning will look like multi-colored contrast strands, and soft smooth transitions of natural shades. Too broad forehead will easily hide a straight haircut with an elongated bang. If the bang does not fit well or curls too much, then you can straighten it with iron. However, do not overdo it. This also applies to hair dryers, curlers and stowage. Despite the fact that short hair is much easier to endure all these tortures than long ones, there is still a chance to make a dried nest out of its locks. Therefore, use everything in moderation and do not forget to pamper your hair with balms and masks. haircuts for short hair

Creative haircuts, depending on the type of hair

Haircut for too thin hair necessarilyshould attach volume. Otherwise, the hair will look too unhealthy and lifeless. Not a bad option - a stepped hairstyle is not shorter than the bottom of the ear. The neck line is best left open, and slightly cover the forehead with a ragged bang. For those who have curly hair, you can make a short haircut, in which the hair at the nape will be shorter, and at the cheekbones - longer. Do not choose a hairstyle that requires too complicated styling. If you want to make the hairstyle more "live", then it's better to emphasize by highlighting the strands in color. Hair, which do not curl too much, can be decorated in a neat cascade. This will give your image a certain charm. Very short hair can look very attractive if you have the right proportions of the figure and facial features. Today, the haircut "Ganson" is especially popular today. It can be made into a strict hairstyle that will suit a business lady. You can ruffle, and it will look very creative in an informal atmosphere. And if you decorate your hair with a soft bandage, ribbon or bandage, then such an unusual combination will favorably emphasize the romantic nature. As you can see, picking an interesting haircut is not so difficult. In order to be beautiful, you do not need to have curls to the waist! Correctly selected short haircut with ease will make you a charming lady.