ponytail with false locks With the fact that without a chic head of femininity andcharm is not achieved, you can not argue. After all, it has always been considered an attribute of the beauty of the beautiful half of humanity. The feminine image in our time is more than ever at the peak of popularity. Today, the fashion for short hairstyles for boys is a thing of the past. Proof can serve all kinds of glossy magazines, where today models are often represented with long hair. And on TV in every clip or advertisement we see beautiful women with such hairstyles. Spectators often admire the exterior of celebrities, and for many people it remains a mystery how they manage to have such a rich shock on their heads. In fact, the secret is simple - false hair. false hair

Why false hair?

Earlier, artificial curls were also fashionable andthey were made from non-natural materials mainly in the form of wigs, which looked like a parody of genuine hair. They were uncomfortable to wear. And if the wigs were made of real hair, then they were very expensive. Not every woman could afford to buy them, as they were made manually by individual order. That is, the quality false hair in its time used mainly only TV stars. Then came up with different ways to build hair. But, as practice showed, this way of purchasing a beautiful hairstyle is too expensive, as it spoils the structure of the hair, and after this procedure they need serious treatment. Today thanks to such a harmless invention as false hair, any fashionista can look no worse than the most beautiful star from the screen and change her hairstyles every day. At the moment they are available to any lady, because they are relatively cheap, they are comfortable to wear, and sometimes they are difficult to distinguish from these. Overhead hair is often used by hairdressers, stylists, as they are an indispensable tool for creating, for example, any wedding image for the bride. They are produced in the form of tails, strands, chignons or can imitate a real braid. There are everyday options that are designed for self-use. In other words, now any women can change their image according to their mood and thereby surprise others with their uniqueness. Even the owners of short haircuts have already become easily accessible to have luxurious hairstyles. elegant hairstyle with overlaid locks

Beautiful hairstyles for every day using false hair

All forgotten, but fashionable in the 60's hairstyle forthe name of babette (high hairstyle with fleece) is gaining popularity again. Hairstyles with fleece more often began to meet in designer shows on the carpets of the podium. This is an excellent option for those who have a small nape and a small amount of hair. Babetta visually increases growth, so even wearing shoes on a low heel, any woman will seem taller. It should be noted that the owner of a narrow face should wear it with a bang. Babette can do without having long and dense curls, as now there are on sale just such hairpieces with false hair with clips in the form of clips that are easily attached and firmly hold on their hair. Or if they are not, then such a hairpiece can be fixed with ordinary hairpins. The choice of models and color scales is huge, and the closer the tone of false hair to the native color is picked up, the more naturally and imperceptibly the babette will look - her false hair is certainly not called. So, first you need to wash your head and blow it dry with a hairdryer. Then you need a tight elastic band, which, having previously gathered your hands on the crown of your hair, you will need to tighten them firmly in a smooth tail. It should be well combed and lightly sprinkled with varnish - this will serve as the basis for babetta. After that, the chignon is applied to the tail in such a way that it hides beneath it. If your hair is long enough, you can not hide it, but simply straighten it with a hairdryer - this will give Romanticism an image, that is, in this case you can get two variants of such a hairstyle. Further, the hairpiece is carefully attached by already attached clips or hairpins along its entire circumference: first on the occipital part of the head, and then - by grasping the parietal region. The base where the chignon connects with the native hair can be covered with a silk ribbon or a hoop, which is selected in the tone of a handbag, scarf or shoes. In the evening version, the babette can be decorated with various beads or rhinestones, and on the sides let out curls. You can endlessly fantasize with such a haircut. The false tail is also ideally suited for all cases of life. With its help, you can create a vivid image, which is suitable for work in the office, and for any corporate party. Owners of rare hair, he will give an effect of the density of curls, and due to this hair will look exquisitely and with a special charm. Fixes such a half-wig almost the same as the invoice babette. On sale there are various models of tails with a huge selection of shades: from straight blond tones to curly black or with a variety of highlights. Each lady will be able to choose the right color for herself. In many cases, simply overhead strands are simply indispensable elements for creating voluminous hairstyles. They are easily attached to the roots of hair with special clips. With their help, you can create almost any image.