women's haircut If a woman decides to change something in her life,then she will start with a hairstyle. Stylish haircuts can be made on short hair. Choose such an alternative those women who want to give themselves a youthful appearance, simply put, to rejuvenate. Haircut can be safely worn by girls with absolutely any type of face. How short it is necessary to cut hair, each lady decides for herself, individually. Everything depends on the bold desire to take the boyish appearance.

Main advantages

Such a radical change in the haircutdue to the fact that among the variety of hairstyles, pixies are rapidly gaining popularity. Many women decide on such a spicy change in appearance. Before agreeing to this step, think about the fact that as a result you will have to part with your hair, and they will not grow back soon. If you are ready for such an experiment, then without regret go to the salon. Pixie strikingly goes to women of mature age, and on young girls looks simply amazing. Regardless of the fact that long hair is always in fashion, short hairstyles emphasize the sexuality of the female to a greater extent. Most likely, these hairstyles were popularized by Hollywood stars, because they are the ones who set the style and fashion for us. A good haircut and the fact that almost does not require any specific care. This will definitely be appreciated by too busy ladies who never have time for complicated laying. The refined combination of a hairstyle with any style of clothes of your wardrobe - one more doubtless plus. Why spend so much time to get your hair in order? Down with elastic bands and hair clips, hairdryers and curlers - the trend of short hair conquers more and more hearts of fragile individuals. Fashionable Haircut

Distinctive features

Pixie - short haircut for bold ladies,ready for radical reincarnations in the image. It, of course, is similar to many other short hairstyles, but its distinctive feature is a bold, extravagant and mischievous representation of the image. And if you accompany the haircut released by bangs, coloring or modern styling, you can achieve an astounding effect. Problems of thin or too voluminous hair can be solved with such a hairstyle. She looks beautiful and on curly hair, unlike other similar haircuts. Do not be afraid of your new image. Let your hair look shorter, but now you definitely will not be among the "white crows". Your personality lies in your hair, clothes, shoes, makeup. Do not miss the opportunity to shine with courage and determination, you will be rewarded with millions of admiring looks and cries. beautiful haircut of a pixie on short hair

How to create an image correctly

Before most women and girls arethe following questions: whether the new hairstyle will be good with dresses; what makeup is preferable to do, not to look too vulgar or on the contrary inconspicuous. It is worthwhile to consider in advance what hair styling is relevant; and whether or not with the chosen haircut decorations. About dresses. Ladies with short hairstyles will not have to worry about this. If you one day will want to try on the image of an athlete, nothing will prevent it. In addition, haircuts pixies are ideal for sports. Do not be afraid that you will be mistaken for a boy. Your feminine, rounded outlines in a moment will give out your real sex and stand out from the crowd. To leave the house in a dress is a good option, especially with such a haircut, a long evening dress will be combined. But this does not mean that it is better not to wear short now. On the contrary, often wear a mini, but best of all with a deep neckline. So you focus on your main virtue - the swan neck. Strict trouser suits, blouses with skirts perfectly harmonize with your short hair. Experiment, open a new one, do not get hung up on the familiar image. Only in this way you will achieve an ideal result. About makeup. Here everything is simple, any make-up should ideally be combined with your new haircut, the main thing - do not go too far with dark shadows on the eyelids. The use of red lipstick is encouraged. This will especially highlight your short haircut, but will not reveal the secrets of transfiguration. you will remain a mystery to many people. About stacking. It would seem that the length of the hair is small, but in this case it is possible to do a variety of daily styling. Change every day, short hair - this is not a sentence, but your dignity! Classic styling using a hair dryer and a round comb will add volume and make the image more original. And if you add more wax, you get a very modern and popular among the stars hairstyle. A gentle image in a romantic style will help create light waves created with the help of curlers. A wild, unbridled and daring look to your image will give a pixy in the style of punk. You can model it with a gel. Be careful, so extraordinary hair style causes various reactions in the surrounding. So if you are not ready for such a bold experiment, refrain from this styling. Many other images can be created by using various accessories designed for short hair. For example, all kinds of bands tied around the head are perfect. Look good rims or not too bulky barrettes. About decorations. Under your perfectly arranged hair will suit a variety of precious jewelry and jewelry. Very stylish will look great earrings rings. For a romantic image, earrings with small stones or clips are ideal. A classic option will be long earrings with many stones. On your neck may adorn an ornament in the form of a chain, necklace, pendant. All this will perfectly blend in with the image and emphasize your extravagance.

Individuality of style

The first impression of the pixy can besurprise or even fear. But this is only with the habit, do not be afraid. Simply, you are no longer similar to others, once you have decided on the cardinal changes in the image. Over time, you will get used to and understand that this hairstyle will also give odds to other trendy and popular haircuts.