Morning warm-up

Gymnastic exercises develop a common motility, strengthen muscles, promote posture formation and have a beneficial effect on the immunity of the baby.Gymnastics for children 4 yearsGymnastics for children of 4 years is the basis of good health. Photo: Getty You can start the warm-up at home after waking up. To do this, it is better to use simple tasks, for example:

  • The game "Fingers". Give a child one rubber toy in his hands and ask him to quickly squeeze and unclench them. The child should perform the task about 5 times.
  • "Strong". To the child lying on his back, give a large toy. The kid must raise it on his outstretched hands and lower it to his right. After that he must raise the toy again and lower it on his left side. Do this exercise at least 7 times.

These simple tasks are aimed at strengthening the back and muscles of the hands. Exercises should bring the child pleasure. They can be performed to music to arouse greater interest in the baby.

Classes for the formation of posture

For correct posture formation, suggestthe child to wriggle from the sofa or armchair, without bending his legs. After that, he must lower his head down and maximally bend his back inside. You can play with the baby in the game "Cockroach". To do this, put him on the floor so that he rests on his hands behind his back. The child needs to raise the pelvis as much as possible and, starting from the arms and legs, start moving around the room. Interesting and entertaining occupation can be the game "Carousel", which requires the participation of an adult. For example, the dad must hold his hands in the castle and lead them by the head. The task of the child is to hang on his hands, clasping his hands in the castle. After this, the father with the child starts gently in a circle, turning first to one side, and then to the other.

Complex of exercises

In order to involve all organs, it is better to carry out assignments in a complex. The kid can do them in this order:

  • Raise your arms above your head and spread your fingers. Standing on your toes, you need to tighten up and inhale as much as possible. On exhalation, take the starting position.
  • Place your hands at the seams, feet shoulder width apart. On inhalation, you have to crouch slowly, stretching your arms in front of you. Then, on exhalation, it is necessary to straighten sharply, returning to the initial position.
  • Put your feet on the width of your shoulders, and put your hands onbelt. At the expense of parents, the toddler must rotate the body alternately, then to the left, then to the right, making cotton over his head. During cotton - inhale, in the initial position - exhalation.
  • The kid needs to make several jumps on 2 legs, then on the left and on the right. In the end, there should be jumps on both legs, combined with turns in different directions.
  • At the final stage, the preschooler should be a little bit like.
  • If some task is not given to the child or he is notwants to fulfill it, then do not insist on it. The baby should feel comfortable, return to the task in a few days. Do sports with a preschooler, this is necessary for its harmonious development.