french fries at home Very many like this dish, like French fries. Not only because it is very popular, but because it can be quickly and easily prepared at home. Fried thin potato slices will appeal not only to adults, but also to children. Let's try to cook French fries at home?

French fries cooking recipe


  • 1 kg. potatoes
  • vegetable oil
  • pepper, salt

Cooking method: Preparation of french fries at home, begins with the fact that the potatoes must be peeled, washed and cut each potato through horizontal layers. The width of each should not be more than 1 centimeter. Each layer is cut into strips. The resulting straws pepper, salt, and then put on a well-heated frying pan and fry until cooked in a large amount of vegetable oil. French fries in the deep fryer are prepared according to the same scenario. Serve with ketchup. Bon Appetit! We advise you to read: