why women want to get married Why do women want to get married? Yes, who knows ... Well, it seems, it would be easier for the fair sex to live better than for a married woman. Nobody requires delicious lunches and dinners, do not grumble over trifles. No one needs to iron for the morning of the shirt and prepare clean socks. No one should wait from work until three in the morning, nervous and tormenting the buttons of the phone. In a word, not life, but solid raspberry! But we want to get married for some reason! We just dream, sticking out our tongue, race after work home to deliciously nourish our own respect. And then, when he will lie on the sofa, stick out his shirt in the bathroom until midnight. Straight masochism of some kind, right? Right. Theoretically it's better to be free. And almost all of us are striving for this "masochism" and are afraid of loneliness. Let's see why.

The reasons why women want to get married

So why do women want to get married? Probably, this is a natural need, in something similar to the need to eat, drink, sleep. It is peculiar for a man to desire love for himself and want to love himself. Weak sex especially needs it. Every normal woman cherishes the hope of meeting a wonderful man who will wear it all her life. But you do not need to get married for that! In the end, you can sit on someone's hands for years, without thinking about the stamp in your passport. So no, give us a legal marriage! What for?! The fact is that in a legal marriage:

  • Love seems more stable and reliable;
  • The woman feels more protected;
  • The woman is more confident in the future;
  • A woman gets the opportunity to at least partially relieve herself of the burden of material and everyday problems.
  • In general, material prosperity is quitea weighty argument for the pursuit of marriage. Many ladies tend to have a strong shoulder next to you, which you can lean on any minute. There are also those who simply dream of sitting down on their husbands. But at the same time, almost all of them would like to have a strong shoulder and neck belong to a beloved man. True, some of the girls agree to go to the registry office and with someone who at least does not cause disgust. There is another significant reason for the desire for official marriage. In marriage, a woman feels full and more in demand in society. It's no secret that in our society until now a lone fair sex representative is considered, in some way, a loser. Like, something is wrong with it, if no man ventured to invite the "poor thing" in the registry office. Public opinion is a great thing! It can exert powerful pressure on our decisions and even change destiny. Thanks to him, many girls marry an unloved person just because it's accepted. After all, being alone from the point of view of society is "indecent". Well, finally, someone is trying to find a husband, because he's tired of living with his parents, and someone really wants to put on a smart wedding dress. In short, there are more than enough reasons for women to dream of getting married. Some want to love and be loved, to take care of someone, to know that someone is waiting at home, to feel protected and not to be afraid of condemnation of society. At the same time, there are also such girls who dream to marry by calculation, in order to manipulate the spouse and use his fortune. Well, now, my dear women, we have sorted out a little about why we want to get married. And now let's talk about what comes of it. After all, to get out, as is known, do not attack ... why women want to get married

    Defective marriage

    If earlier the most successful period for marriagewas considered the age of twenty-one years to twenty-four years, today the customs have changed somewhat. Now special approval is caused by marriages, prisoners, when the girl turned twenty-seven to thirty. Why? Because in society in recent years, the opinion has formed - before getting married, a woman should get an education, have a job, life experience and established character. This is previously neshmyshlennye girls vykkivali married "for the beautiful princes", and then tolerated their chauvinistic tricks for decades. And now - the pipes! Now women first intend to make a career, and then create a family. Say, enough, suffered from husbands - tyrants and tyrants. We now and ourselves who you want from them "torn years" will arrange! Let them be counted with their wives ... And everything seems to be logical. Since women have become more independent, it means that men should appreciate them more, cherish and more often give in. Therefore, marriages must be stronger. But - alas, alas ... Almost half of our contemporaries in marriage are unhappy. Because the faithful still kick in the same way, they look to the left, and often collect things at all. And to save the family is still trying, mainly, the fair sex. They, as before, hide from their neighbors their family problems until the last moment. Like, it's a shame! People will think that the role of the wife is not for me! Often such a position only aggravates the situation. Because always tense, suffering from inattention of the husband the woman becomes similar to the driven horse and hardly during such period can become for the believer the object of love. As a result, the "horse" runs around, losing strength, respect for the spouse and self-confidence. The question is - who needs it? Why try with all your might to save a family that has not existed for a long time? Because divorce is a powerful stress that many are afraid of. Stress is not only because the habitual way of life breaks down and not only because a woman can suffer financially. And also because after the divorce she will get the status of a single woman. It would seem that there is nothing terrible in this, if the lady is provided, has a good job, and the ex-husband no longer causes her no warm feelings. Be divorced and become free and happy! Aha. It was not there. In this freedom there are a lot of traps that almost always create the surrounding society.

    Divorced woman and society

    In general, even if the break with her husband was not toopainful for a woman, in the future her psyche will still be subject to a whole mass of attacks. Why? Well, let's imagine this situation. The divorce behind, the faithful went on a free flight, the woman is now considered unmarried. Even if she has children, parents and a lot of girlfriends, still from now on she will be called lonely. A heavy word ... Lonely - means abandoned, even if she threw herself. Lonely - then, a failure, even if she wholeheartedly wanted a divorce. Lonely - it means unhappy. And if it looks pretty and cheerful, then it pretends. It turns out, is secretive and cunning ... Because "intelligence" is not supposed to be neither happy, nor lucky, nor frankly life-loving. The bulk of married ladies are confident that divorced women with terrible force envy them. And that "divorces" are a threat to their family well-being. Therefore, they reflexively fence off a lonely lady, stop inviting her to home celebrations and avoiding common parties. And they begin to seek in her behavior an excuse for their alienation. Here, for example, two women are late for work - one has a husband and children, the other is divorced and also has children. The first colleagues sympathize, they ask what happened, they are interested in the health of the children. The second is greeted with a sarcastic mockery, claiming that she was hanging out until morning. But after all, she also has children! Perhaps they are sick. Or maybe they just slept through! Of course, it is insulting for a divorced woman to listen to these ridicule. Willy-nilly, she flashes ... Intelligence generally need to be very patient, at every step to explain why she is alone. Well, she likes to be alone, so who will believe it? Late - then, spent the night with her lover. I did not have time to place an order in time - that means, I'm thinking about some peasant, I answered sharply - that means I've become brutalized without a man .... And so on and so forth. What nerves withstand such a constant press of tactless questions and the same tactless advice from employees, neighbors, relatives, acquaintances? If a divorced woman does not learn to behave in such a way that others are afraid to ask such questions, it will be hard for her. The society will try to develop complexes of guilt, self-doubt and a sense of worthlessness. In a word, a woman after a divorce will have to face daily, almost daily, with questions, instructions, advice, suggestions with someone to get acquainted and greasy hints. Because very many "benefactors" will show in it a heightened interest, as if to some not quite ordinary person. This inadequate perception of the public, of course, irritates and frightens. After all, a woman needs peace, and not someone's compassionate advice and gossip behind her. Well, do not run to her immediately after the divorce on admission to a psychiatrist, in fact? However, not everything in our time is as terrible as we just described. Now many people are treated to divorced women quite calmly, believing that nothing tragic in this. But, unfortunately, there are enough people who are sure of the opposite. So what do you do? Should I be afraid of loneliness? why a woman wants to get married

    Should I be afraid of loneliness?

    Why, after a divorce, a woman can not leaveat rest? First of all, because some married ladies do not even think that any of them can also be divorced. Quite frankly, such confidence in the inviolability of one's own family often goes against the woman. Well, who among us does not know of cases when any representative of the weaker sex endures her life all her life - the alcoholic and the reveler - and boasts that she is a "married woman"! And with pity (or contempt), he says to his unmarried acquaintances: "Oh, how I pity you, girls!" What are you restless, all without a husband and without a husband! Although sorry in this case it follows her. It is hardly possible to feel "crooked" when a faithful every evening makes you look for the fifth corner. In principle, in isolation there is nothing disgusting, if a woman feels comfortable. She is free in her actions, so why endure to the old age next to someone who does not appreciate you at all? Of course, if the expression "lonely woman" is very scary and seems excessively offensive, you can jump out to marry anyone. And then to howl at night in a pillow from despair and longing. Loneliness is not a tragedy at all. This is just one of the stages in a woman's life. In the status of divorce, a woman has a lot of advantages. He makes it wiser, more experienced, making it clear that our destiny depends only on us, and not on the opinion of society. And if a woman realizes this, she will have the opportunity to build her own life with her own hands. And be happy regardless of whether there is a husband or not. Many unmarried women have children, friends, relatives. Loneliness is their conscious choice. These are successful ladies, quite content with their lives. Is someone outsiders entitled to say that they are unhappy? Yes, everyone wants to have a close person next to him. But a man beloved and loving! And not a scoundrel who does not need any children or wife. And anyway, why divorced women are called "poor loners", and men immediately fall into the category of "promising bachelors"? Whence such injustice, and by what right does society judge to judge, who is happy and who is not? There is no standard of happiness in life. How simple it would be if it existed! Has found to itself the husband, and everything, it is ready, is happy for all life. But no. Happiness is individual. The presence of his legal wife, unfortunately, does not guarantee at all. Why does a woman want to get married? Well, of course, to become happy! Or prosperous, at last ... But not in order to just have a representative of the opposite sex. And, whatever, if only in pants. Pants - not a guarantee of a happy life. Even if they are very expensive. No, maybe someone is happy from this! There is a husband, and everything is fine. And someone without it is not bad. And society has nothing to do with it. You have to be able to decide for yourself what is necessary for you, and not for this faceless society. After all, by and large, what difference does it make whether we are married or not! The main thing is to be happy. Or always have that right. We advise you to read: