pink wedding or 10 years of marriage The 10th anniversary of the wedding is a special date. This is a long enough time for a joint life. During this time, the couple spent a lot together, experienced both good and bad, shared joyful and sad events, learned to understand, feel and anticipate each other's desires like no one else. Therefore, the choice of a gift to his dear man, given the characteristics of this beautiful date, a loving woman will not be difficult.

Tin or pink anniversary?

The first round date of married life is calledtin or pink wedding. As you know, tin is a plastic and flexible metal. In this case, tin symbolizes the fact that the husband and wife, having lived together for 10 years of life, have learned to adapt and sag under each other, their relationship has become "plastic", each of them knows and accepts the shortcomings of the other. In addition to tin, the symbol of the 10th anniversary of the wedding is a rose. Hence the more romantic name - "pink wedding". This luxurious flower symbolizes a great feeling, strong love, which the couple saved and carried through a decade of living together. But along with the beautiful petals, the rose also has thorns. So in life everything does not calmly and smoothly, all face unpleasant moments, but loving hearts have learned all the difficulties to overcome together. by tradition for the 10th anniversary of marriage, the husband must present a bouquet of 11 pink flowers

Following the traditions

On the day of the anniversary of marriage, the husband, by traditionmust give his wife a bouquet of 11 roses, 10 of which are scarlet or pink, and 1 rose is white. This combination of colors means 10 years, lived with the wife in love and passion, and hope for a further happy future. And what can a woman give to her husband? If you also want to observe the traditions of the holiday, you need to give gifts with a "tin" or "pink" theme. At first glance, it seems that the gift of tin will look plain, since this metal does not have an aesthetically attractive look. However, souvenirs from tin look very original. It should be noted that tin is a rare metal, therefore, if you want to give a personal or exclusive gift, you need to order it from the master in advance. Especially you will not have to spend money, a gift from this metal will be inexpensive. A loving wife, like no other, knows her husband's preferences. For example, if he is fond of ancient weapons, you can give a souvenir - a tin gun or a gun. Is your man interested in aviation or water transport? Give him a model of an airplane or ship. A tin ashtray or cigarette case is useful for a smoker. A good gift will be a jar of tin. It will perfectly preserve the properties of the drink and at the same time it will be easy enough. Men like to receive such practical gifts as a keychain, a money clip or cufflinks. To your husband did not forget how he got this or that souvenir, you can make an engraving on the gift indicating your names or the date of the celebration. You can present your husband with such a gift, which you will enjoy together. For example, a tin stand for champagne looks very refined. To give it, of course, it is necessary together with a bottle of a sparkling drink. They will also come with tin spoons, like tea and table spoons, glasses on tin legs, glasses in cup holders, again from tin. If your husband wears jewelry, you can give him a tin ring, chain or pendant. Inside the pendant place your photo, then your spouse can admire you at any time. Such jewelry will suit a man who loves comfort and convenience, because they are pleasant to the body, do not rust and are not covered with bloom. In addition, jewelry made of tin gives its owner strength, masculinity, firmness and self-confidence. wedding celebration

Ideas in pink color

The very name "pink wedding" casts somethinggentle, romantic. A wonderful gift for the 10th anniversary of the wedding will be a romantic evening for the two of you. On this day you can afford to send your children to your grandmother, so that nothing prevents you from enjoying each other. Prepare a delicious dinner with a "pink tint", for example meat or red fish, a seafood salad, and as a drink select a red wine. On the table put a pink candle, especially suitable for such a dinner, small floating candles, which can be placed on small plates with water. Any man will appreciate the continuation of such a dinner in the bathroom or bedroom, where to create a sensual environment, you can scatter the petals of roses. Giving yourself a beautiful underwear is also a great idea. Some men are very pink clothes. If it's about your husband, then you can safely give him pink shirts, T-shirts, ties - let him look fashionable and stylish. But in order to emphasize the pink color, on this significant date you can give any necessary and useful thing, simply by packing it in a pink wrapper. Does your husband dream of new headphones, a phone, a disk with your favorite game? So fulfill his dream, and you will see how sincerely he will be pleased! For packaging, you can use any pink material: boxes, paper, ribbons, bows, stickers-hearts. If your man has a rich sense of humor, you can give him a comic and simultaneously romantic gift. For example, underwear with hearts, a T-shirt with your co-photography and an inscription, for example, "10 years together", a pink soft pillow toy with embroidered on it confessions of love. Such a gift will underscore the fact that your relationships are not subject to years: they remained the same light, with a spark of coquetry and flirting, like when you were just married. Surely your husband loves how you cook. In addition, almost all men are awful sweeties. Bake to your beloved cake, decorating it with roses, candles, sensual inscription, and your man will be so childishly delighted with such a gift. If you do not know how, the cake can always be ordered, now there are no problems with it. Delicacy decorate at your request. a pink wedding is not worth giving his man something everyday in the form of a razor or cologne

What gifts should I avoid?

That you and your gifted man were happy and happy to remember the first round date of your wedding, you must remember that in no case it is impossible to give.

  • If only your man is not fiercecollector of tin soldiers or any other metal figures, do not need to give him meaningless tin statuettes. Men prefer practical gifts, and such a thing will be useless to stand on the shelf, and then you will have to wash dust off it.
  • It's no secret that many men like to get intogift flowers. However, on the 10th anniversary of the wedding, you should not give your husband a bouquet, because your man by tradition of the holiday will surely present roses to you and the exchange of bouquets will not be appropriate.
  • Different pink "cute little things" are also not forthe stronger sex. Agree, a man with a pink keychain, a purse or a cover for the phone will look ridiculous and cause only puzzled looks of others. Such gifts to men should not be given.
  • Such a date, like 10 years of marriage, I want to noteso that the celebration will be remembered forever. Therefore, exclude non-original gifts, such as shaving tools, shaving foam, cologne, which your man uses every day. Such traditionally men's gifts are best presented, for example, on February 23rd.
  • If you are invited

    It is possible that such a wonderful date asThe 10th anniversary of the wedding is not with you, but with your friends or relatives. You were invited, and you need to choose a gift for jubilee. The culprit of the celebration, of course, is given a bouquet of roses. An alternative to a bouquet can be roses in a pot. Good options for the gift are practical and useful things in the family life. You can give, for example, bed linens in pink, a set of towels of the same shades, table set, red (rose) wine. If the jubilees are your close relatives, you can give them a photo album made by yourself. With what interest and tenderness the spouses will consider the photos for the period from the moment of their wedding to the present day! If you approach the design of a photo album creatively, collect as many photos as possible, disassemble them by years, come up with each original signature, then you can create a real masterpiece. Such a gift will be especially warmly received by the jubilee. You can also order and donate tin cups or medals, which will be engraved with warm wishes to a married couple or, for example, the inscription "10 Years of Wedding". Whichever gift you give for 10 years of marriage, the main thing is that it was done with all the heart and with kind, sincere wishes!