Gift to the groom for a wedding Almost without exception, girls, happythe owners of the offer of the hand and heart at the time of preparation for the wedding start to think about the gift to their beloved. And, of course, everyone wants to make this gift original, unforgettable and most importantly, necessary! I dare to give some advice to the brides:

  • You can give something romantic, made with your own hands (heart with your initials or a photo, and say that now this heart belongs to him)
  • Or you can give something symbolic, for example, a silver spoon - they happen to be with the zodiac signs. It is very useful in water to keep - the beloved will drink tea with her and always remember your day ...
  • The souvenir coin, which is sold in the bank, as a symbol of the beginning of savings
  • Engraving on the rings, or a souvenir with engraving (lighter, flask)
  • And if you think to give a jewelry, then for men are gold key chains, gold clips for a tie or cufflinks.
  • You can also joke and give him ordinary flip flops, with the inscription Just Married, and take them on a honeymoon
  • An excellent gift will be a bottle of wine with aging according to the date, for example the groom or husband of 25 years, means the wine of the harvest of 1984
  • Well, if you sing or dance, you will really like the song in your performance, and maybe a funny dance for incendiary music like in the movie "The rules of removal: Hitch's method"
  • In addition to all of the above, you can doan intimate gift to his fiance, but of course so that only he knew about him. It can be a beautiful underwear, stockings and negligee that you wear on your wedding night. Believe me, every man will appreciate such a surprise. You can order beautiful linen through .

Very expensive gifts do not need. First, it is his obligation to give something like this to you, and secondly, it takes a lot of money for the wedding, so they are not superfluous .. and then, it's YOUR common holiday! The gift should be symbolic and always remind you of what it was given to! Love each other! We advise you to read: