flowers from satin ribbons by own hands Satin ribbons - one of the most famous and the mostdemocratic materials for decoration. They expanded royal dresses, decorated folk costumes and woven into the manes of horses at village weddings. By adopting traditions and applying new techniques, modern masters also actively and willingly use tapes for decorating clothes, making souvenirs and fashion accessories. For example, today popular artificial flowers from satin ribbons can be easily made by hand. Let's and we will try to make cute flowers from this affordable and inexpensive material.

Miniature Flower

An uncomplicated, but very original flower can be made by simply folding a ribbon with an envelope. For such an ornament, we need the following materials:

  • a narrow satin ribbon thirteen millimeters wide (pink and green):
  • wide satin ribbon (two and a half centimeters) in white;
  • beads to decorate the middle of the flower;
  • matches or a lighter;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • glue.

Take a white ribbon and bend it in the middleat a right angle so that the upper edge of the tape lies perpendicular to the bottom. Lying horizontally the end of the tape is also lowered down, passing it under the tape and laying next to the second end. At the top of our design should be a corner. Now, holding the finger of the corner, turn the left end of the tape to the right and put it on top of the right end. Cut the ends protruding beyond the edges of the tape and get an envelope. Stitch the envelope along the perimeter (along the edge), leave the thread with the needle in working condition, without removing the thread from the fabric, and cut the slices so that they do not pour. Then we tighten the thread, collecting the ribbon in the bud, and fix the seam with a knot. Straighten the "petals". From the pink ribbon we make the same bud, put it on the white petals and sew the two parts together in the center of the flower. We decorate the middle with beads. For the leaves, we fold the green ribbon with a cone, cut off the excess fabric, and cut the cut. The edges of the tape are glued or stitched together. After making three leaves, we put them under the flower with glued edges and attach them. A miniature flower from the satin ribbon is ready. flowers from satin ribbon by own hands

Satin Carnations

Simple enough to make a flower resembling a carnation. For its manufacture we will prepare such materials and tools:

  • wide and narrow satin ribbons of any color;
  • a needle and a thread;
  • scissors.

For voluminous and fluffy carnations we take a widesatin ribbon a little more than a meter long. Well it is ironed, we cut off the ends and we cut the slices. We thread a long thread into the needle and make offset stitches along one edge of the tape. Slightly pulling the thread, we collect the tape with not very frequent folds and fix the thread. Wrapping one edge of the tape inside, we begin to collect the flower, folding the tape into a roll and thread each thread on the bottom edge (where the stitches are laid). From the narrow ribbon make a small carnation. To do this, we also collect it on a string, but we tighten the thread more tightly, and the assembly is thicker. beautiful flowers of satin ribbons with their own hands

wild Rose

Elegant and fairly natural lookinga wild rose flower can be made from satin ribbons. And, as you have already understood, it is a question of a common dog rose. The proposed technique for making this decoration is more complicated than the previous ones, but the result is worth it! So, for a wild rose from satin ribbons we will need:

  • a meter of white, pink or red satin ribbon five centimeters wide (for the flower);
  • on ten centimeters five-centimetric tape of green color (for leaves of a dogrose);
  • yarn (iris) of yellow color;
  • Threads in tone tapes;
  • a needle (sharp and long);
  • scissors;
  • candle or lighter
  • felt or accessories for the base;
  • cardboard for the template.

First, make a rose petal pattern. The height of the petal should be slightly less than the width of the tape, that is, almost five centimeters. The width of the petal is measured about two and a half centimeters. After making a template, apply it to the ribbon, outline and cut out the satin petals. If you want to speed up the process of cutting the petals, fold the tape in several layers. Just do not fasten it with pins that can leave ugly burrs on the fabric. Note that the base of the petal (straight cut) must be with the edge of the ribbon, and its upper edge must be cut so that there is no edge at the top of the petal. This is convenient for the subsequent reflow of the petals above the flame, and for assembling the petals in the flower. Cutting out six identical petals, we make another pattern that repeats the shape of these petals, but only will be millimeters by five (on each side) less. And we make the third template, also less than the second one by half a centimeter. For these patterns, we cut out six more petals of medium and small size. Having received three kinds of petals, we proceed to melt their edges. Gently bringing the blanks to the flame, let the petals slightly curl and become slightly wavy along the edge. To make the petal turn out to be convex, pouring the edge over the fire and clutching the non-fragmented part of the petal with your fingers, gently stretch the fabric in opposite directions. Note! To pull it is necessary still a warm tape: the cooled atlas will start to be torn. To make the petals even more like real, alternately each petal is held above the flame, giving the tissue the opportunity to deform. Now we begin to collect the flower. First, we collect the lower tier of the largest petals. We take two blanks and add them overlap, so that the edge of one petal is half (in height) overlapped by another petal. Sew these blanks along the bottom edge with a few stitches. On them we put the third petal, so that it also half closes the adjacent workpiece, and attach it with a seam "forward needle". We collect all the petals of the same size and close the tier in the ring, connecting the first and last petal. In the same way, we collect two more tiers from medium and small pieces. We stack the tiers of the flower on each other (from large to small) and sew them together, connecting the lower edges of the blanks. For the middle of the flower, take a small square shredder, cut off from the ribbon, and embroider it with a French knot and make from the yarn of the loop. After embroidering the center of the flower, pull it on the button, and sew the button to the center of the upper tier of our wild rose. For the leaves, take a piece of green tape length of ten centimeters and process the slices over the flame. Fold the ribbon corners to the middle, forming a triangle, and sew the superimposed parts along the lower edge with a small dotted seam. Then we tighten the thread and sew the extreme corners of the workpiece with each other. If desired, the edges of the ribbon open from the inside are also stitched together. After making two or three leaves, we sew them to the flower. The ready flower of dog rose is fastened on felt, on a basis for a brooch or on a hairpin. That's all the wisdom. Having mastered the easiest ways of making flowers from satin ribbons, you can start more sophisticated techniques, for example, making Japanese decorations with tsunami Kanzashi. And when you shake hands, you will get just a piece of creation. After all, it was not in vain that the satin ribbons were appreciated even at the royal courts, and the flowers of them were adorned with the outfits of the most senior people. Try it. And you will succeed!