beautiful ribbon bracelet Any stylish girl prefers to keep upwith time and fashion, to follow modern trends and, of course, to add a highlight to any image, the very detail that will give a stylish image of brightness and create a unique look. You can achieve this by spending a lot of time in various new-fashioned boutiques, chasing new acquisitions of exclusive collections and seasons. You can order individual sewing of the newest designer collections. And you can just add that novelty that will decorate any style with just a small but very interesting detail, for example, an element of costume jewelry, decorative binding or embroidery and, of course, a bracelet. The original decoration can be made by own hands, it is only necessary to find some free time and desire, and special skills are not needed here.

A fascinating hobby

Today, a great interest among girlscauses a new fascinating and beneficial and beautiful hobby - weaving. For example, woven bracelets made from ribbons will always be appropriate, as selecting the basis for weaving, any skilled worker will understand how and with what to wear it. The widest opportunities open up for the manifestation of fantasy and its implementation in life. Picking up ribbons, beads, beads and flowers you can create a real masterpiece and stand out from the crowd of women of fashion. A bracelet made of satin ribbons, woven with their own hands, will be a wonderful addition to any one and complete the image, the main thing is to think carefully of the color solution and style. Weaving from ribbons is often called baubles. To date, this kind of weaving can be called one of the most popular types of needlework, which is widely distributed for both adults and children. With your own hands, bracelets from tapes can be woven by any beginner, you just need to pick up the interesting scheme of weaving and understand how to shift the ribbons so that they are entwined in a beautiful row. Satin ribbons are a beautiful decoration and decorative edge for dresses, handbags and embroideries, and from them you can make bracelets. It can serve as an independent decoration. They can embroider pictures with their own hands, use for weaving bright and unique baubles. bracelet with ribbons and beads

Simple weaving technique

In order to weave bracelets by hand fromribbons, you need a few multi-colored satin ribbons about a meter long each. It is very important to pay attention to the combination of colors among themselves. You can combine red, yellow, green, blue or black and white. To begin with, it is better to take two satin ribbons of equal width, fold their ends together and tie a knot with a loop. After that, from each tape, you need to make two loops along the length of not more than 10-15 cm and stack them on top of each other. The connection of the ribbons is best secured with a needle or a pin for fixation. Weaving a bracelet with your own hands, the loop on the first (for example, white) tape should be threaded into the loop on the second (blue) and tighten the second loop. Again, form a loop of ribbons on a blue ribbon, thread it in a loop on the white, and tighten the now white ribbon. And repeat the same actions all the time, pulling at the end the last ribbon in the loop. So continue, changing and tightening the eyelets, until the bracelet is the right length. The loops need to be stretched to the same length, not tightening too much, so that the pattern is neat, and the ribbons lie equally. At the end of the weaving bracelet for fixing, you can tie the ends to a normal knot. bracelets from ribbons

Original bracelets from ribbons, laces, chains and beads

Carefully selected jewelry will emphasize detailswardrobe and will complete the image. That's why it is important to create such a masterpiece with your own hands, which is right for you. You can give vent to fantasies and weave a bracelet of lightning, dig into the remnants of your home inventory of jewelry and make a bracelet from what comes to your eyes. The main thing - a fantasy, it is the key to success! Consider one of the variants of the creative combination for braiding the bracelet. For this you need beautiful ribbons, chains, beads, fasteners. The bracelet is made very simply, which can not be said about its appearance, and it will be difficult to recognize the simplest weaving due to chains, laces, raznofakturnyh tapes and beads. Such beauty is made very simply! Beads string on the thread. We take tapes, thin and wide chains sew on to a fastener, we divide all tapes into three parts and weave a pigtail! That's the whole trick. The main thing is not tightening, but overlapping the ribbon one on the other, thus giving the texture. At the end, we sew the second edge of the fastener again. There is another easy way to create a wonderful bracelet! This will require one tape and beads. Of course, it's better to take beads with a pearl color, with pearly tint. We take a thin needle, with the eye that passes through the hole of the bead and thread on the string a bead, pierce the ribbon, again the bead and so on. At the end we tie a knot and tie the bracelet to the size of the brush. It is more beautiful when the loops of ribbons between beads are more pristine. In general, it remains only to apply imagination, and taste will tell. You can weave bracelets from ribbons of 4 colors. Such bracelets to weave longer and in structure they are more similar to an elastic lace. Everything depends on the degree of tightening of the belts during weaving, the more tight the braiding, the denser the bracelet will be. Approximately of the 2 m long ribbons, the finished bracelets are 17-18 cm long without the fastener. At the beginning of the weaving, it is necessary to fix the edges of the future bracelet so that it does not twist and the weaving fell evenly, this is best done by attaching the ends of the ribbons with a needle, for example, to a table covered with a coverlet. Weaving from 4 tapes must begin with fixing the edges. You can simply tie them in a knot with a loose end of 10 cm.

  • Put the left pink on the right over the red one, which lies below;
  • red over the left and right pink ribbons;
  • pink right ribbon over the bottom and top red to the left;
  • red ribbon, the one on top, shift to the right pink;
  • Now you should pull the ribbon to tighten the knot. Of the 4 ribbons, a quadrilateral in the middle should turn out;
  • and start all at the beginning.

Bracelets from satin ribbons serve as a beautiful decoration for hands. They are especially valuable for modern girls, if they are woven with their own hands.