fish oil for weight loss The fact that fish oil is useful, and adults know, andchildren who had to swallow magic pills, carefully bought by parents. But, unfortunately, voluntarily there are these round or oblong capsules with not always pleasant smell and taste will not be everyone. And in vain! Omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, phosphorus, vitamins A and D - this is only a small list of what is contained in fish oil. In addition, it helps to get rid of excess weight without debilitating and leading to loss of consciousness of diets and hunger strikes, which is important for many women.

We burn fat correctly

Say goodbye to excess body fat onsides, accumulated by the body "in reserve" - ​​is quite difficult, because during sports or when a girl is on a diet, first of all water leaves the body. Thus, having thrown off five to ten kilograms per week, soon (usually after two or three days) more people are recruited. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right remedy, which not only helps to get rid of subcutaneous fat, but also stabilizes the metabolism without causing side reactions. How paradoxical it sounds, but using fish oil, you will lose weight two or even three times faster than if you refused, for example, from protein or carbohydrate foods. Of course, you do not need to hope that it will save you two or more pounds in maximum in three weeks, and you will be able to eat whatever you want without getting better. Taking fish oil for weight loss, do not forget about physical activities and training in the gym. useful fish oil for weight loss

Daily rate

To date, there are many disputesaround how much you should take this substance a day. For example, the American Heart Association states that fish oil should be consumed in a fairly small amount - from half a gram to two within twenty-four hours, no more, since this will be quite enough for the human body. Other experts call a different figure - one gram for each percent of subcutaneous fat. But this is incredibly high, especially if we consider that women can have more than twenty-five percent. And the excess of vitamins in the body is as dangerous as their shortage, so in order to choose the best option for yourself, it is recommended to consult a nutritionist. If you do not have more than fifteen or twenty kilograms of excess weight, you can consume one to two grams of fish oil two to three times a day during meals. A day goes about two to six grams, while the norm should be calculated based on their physiology and body needs. Thus, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, do exercises, walk in nature and take fish oil for weight loss, then in just one month you can say goodbye with four extra pounds. In this case, you do not have to suffer and look with envy at how your relatives and friends enjoy eating tasty, but high-calorie food. However, never forget the precautions! In no case should you take pills on an empty stomach, or you will suffer the whole day or evening with a digestive disorder. Also do not forget to take breaks, because you can not always consume fish oil for losing weight. The optimal interval between courses should be four months, the duration of one course is twenty-five to thirty days.

Who is recommended fish oil

Winter is the time of vitamin deficiency, as a person beginsuse much less vegetables and fruits, and goes to a greasy and spicy food, which helps him keep warm in the cold days. Meat (pork, beef), chicken, cereals, potatoes, pasta and flour products do not give the body all the necessary nutrients, so we start to get sick all the time. To avoid this will help fish oil, which not only will not allow to postpone calories on the stomach, buttocks and sides, but also will satiate you with vitamin A and D, protect against viruses. Also, you need to take this remedy for those who have vision problems (if, for example, in the evening at dusk and at night you see absolutely nothing), with teeth (very much crumbling), who constantly breaks their nails, hair, and all the girls with a dry type of skin. fish fat

Contraindications: cautiously, dangerously!

Before you decide to consume fish oilfor slimming, consult with a specialist, since these pills are completely contraindicated if you have, for example, excess calcium and vitamin D, thyroid problems, kidney problems, and in some cases, patients with tuberculosis. Another point to pay attention to is the possibility of a serious allergic reaction to this product. Most often this happens to people who do not tolerate seafood. Therefore, if a couple of hours after ingestion of fish oil you feel nauseated, dizzy or on the body will appear a rash, redness, and the skin starts to itch, then you should stop using pills. If symptoms do not go away after twenty-four hours or have intensified, contact your doctor. Allowed reception in limited quantities (but only after the appointment) to people who have problems with the heart, liver, stomach, intestines. Also, cautiously to fish oil should be treated in the position of girls and moms during lactation. In the risk factor are hypertensive patients, since fish oil, if misused, significantly lowers blood pressure. But this does not mean that people with high blood pressure can combine it with other drugs, since in this case the result can be unpredictable.

How to choose the right pill

It's no secret that the same medicinedifferent manufacturers can have quite the opposite effect on the human body. The thing is that each company has its own secrets of producing fish oil, which does not always guarantee high quality. Therefore, when buying, you should be vigilant, learn the basic characteristics, and not rely on your intuition and advice from your friends. What to look for first of all:

  • Certificate availability

In any pharmacy at your first requestThe pharmacist is obliged to provide you with all the necessary documents confirming the quality of the product, as well as the legality of its implementation. In the certificate should be indicated, from which fish oil is made, what substances and additives are present in the composition.

  • Packing and labeling

Take the jar in your hand and read everything thatwritten on the label. Each manufacturer must write on it the composition, purpose, etc. information. Even such a nuance as the material of capsules plays an important role not only in the effectiveness of the product, but also affects the cost. For example, animal gelatin is less useful and cheaper than fish. As for the very packaging of the jar in which the capsules are stored, one should take one that is made of dark glass. Direct sunlight does not have the best effect on fish oil, or rather on fatty acids Omega-3. Also make sure that the container is tightly closed.

  • Brand of the manufacturer

The more famous the company that deals withproduction of medicines, the more expensive its products will cost. But on the other hand, you are completely insured from buying low-quality products that less honest firms can supply. Confirm or refute the quality can only certificate.

  • Shelf life

On average, this product can be consumed infor two years from the date of production indicated on the package. Remember that in no case you should not take the medicine if it is overdue, as they can get poisoned, so when buying fish oil, make sure that there is enough time before you use it. Thus, if you follow the instructions, observe precautions and do not violate established rules, buy a quality product and take it correctly, while not overeating and leading a healthy lifestyle, you can quickly get rid of the hated pounds on your stomach and sides. We advise you to read: