women's sheepskin coats Warm clothing becomes extremely relevant withthe arrival of frost. The choice of outerwear for the long winter months is great, but almost everyone prefers sheepskin coats. Having a number of obvious advantages over other clothes, women's fur coats from mink are very popular. They are more accessible than fur coats, but they are equally attractive. Sheepskin coats look more elegant than coats, and more solid than down jackets. An increasing number of women choose this trendy clothing, as it has all the advantages of fur products: both high ability to keep warm, and beauty.

Fashion for sheepskin coats

The length of the sheepskin coat, as a rule, does not happen belowknee, which is its main difference from the traditional fur coat. This length is optimal even for the harshest winters and allows things to be comfortable even for ladies leading an active lifestyle. It's very easy to choose a sheepskin that suits you in style. Any fashionista will easily find a model for her taste, as they mutate every season to please fashion. Therefore sheepskin coats became the main trend of the winter season. Winter of 2012 is no exception. Designers offer a huge variety of women's sheepskin coats. The combination of fur with the skin and tissues makes the thing more accessible. women's sheepskin coats

How to wear a sheepskin coat?

Sheepskin coats can be either everyday orbusiness attire. Combining them with high boots, trousers or a skirt just below the knee, you will not only protect your feet from frost, but also emphasize your individuality and uniqueness. If you choose a bright scarf or handbag to your liking, the sheepskin coat will look even more elegant.

Mink fur

Despite the abundance of the proposed models, a clearPreference was given to prestigious coats of classic cut and natural colors. But among all models sheepskin coats keep winners for many seasons.

The color of the model can be any:

  • More noble look dark brown and beige products made of mink.
  • Beige undercoat coloring in combination with a dark pile looks very interesting.
  • The illusion of flowing velvet creates a mink fur coat, sewn from black fur with a purple tint. Because of the thick undercoat, such a sheepskin coat is warm and very beautiful.
  • Young mums will be given a white mink charm. Short coats from white mink are especially popular.

women's coats from Mouton Pay attention to choosing a sheepskin coat, and hewill serve you not one season. Before buying, decide for what purpose the product will serve: it will be a tribute to fashion - get creative; if you intend to wear a thing for a long time - give preference to the classic cut, which, by the way, does not exclude fashion elements. Admire decent quality mink fur coats of Chinese manufacturers, which are the most affordable prices. More expensive American fur. Fashionable sheepskin coats from the European mink are the most expensive. With the right choice of mink fur coats will serve you a few seasons in a row.

How to choose a sheepskin coat?

Fur mink in recent years have preferredalmost all the famous couturiers of the world podium. Buying mink fur coats, you will come across a huge variety of models. The quality of the proposed fur should be paid close attention:

  • Its surface must be uniform.
  • The mink should have a smooth shade, if the sheepskin coat is dyed.
  • It is very important that the thing should sit exactly on the figure. Therefore do not be shy, measure all the proposed models, since the sheepskin coat is not purchased every day. Sellers of the fur salon perfectly know the scruples of some women of fashion and will understand you perfectly.
  • It is also important to choose the color of a sheepskin coat, harmoniously combining it with your own preferences, you will complete the image of a stylish and unique lady.
  • And finally, the main thing is that you yourself like the proposed model.

fashionable women's sheepskin coats

The sheep's fur

Mouton - mutton fur, processed by a special methodwith the use of formalin. Since we do not currently have a suitable breed of sheep, the mouton is made from skins exported from various countries. The main supplier of sheep skins for mouton sheepskin coats is Australia. Mouton - warm, thick fur, which is not afraid of wet snow, nor strong wind. Since the natural color of the skins is not very pleasing to the eye, most often the women's coats from the mouton are painted. The average period of wear of the product from the mouton is 18-20 years, as it is practical and resistant to erosion on the folds. For a long time, sheepskin coats do not go out of fashion. This is a classic thing that will always come in handy. When choosing a successful model sheepskin coat will look great on women of different ages and different builds. You will look stylish and feel comfortable, if you appreciate all the advantages of sheepskin coats. We advise you to read: