Silver pendant - a small detail that can change the face of a woman A chain can only be one, and a lot of pendants- this is the recipe for an excellent female jewelry for all occasions. A variety of jewelry pendants can decorate not only the neck chains, but also bracelets and even earrings. They can be changed depending on the color of the attire, accompanying jewelry, events or just mood. There are several unspoken rules that must be observed when wearing jewelry pendants. Let's consider the most important of them. 1. Moderation - a sign of style The maximum allowable simultaneous wearing of pendants is three pieces. But it's better if only one pendant or two silver pendants are used on the chain, if it's about earrings. You can arrange three pieces on the bracelet. 2. Large stones not for young people Pendants made of silver with large stones do not fit young people. But the older a woman becomes, the more suitable jewelry with large stones and the more they emphasize its beauty. 3. For evening dresses, jewelry pendants or necklaces are mandatory. If the dress is already bright and saturated with small details, then you should choose modest classical pendants. But monochrome and especially black outfits should be complemented by a bright spectacular decoration. 4. To choose silver pendants to along with it is necessary taking into account its style. For romantic dresses it is necessary to choose classical pendants with flowers, natural stones. And for catchy and bold clothes, products with strict geometry and an abundance of zircons will do. 5. Dear outfit - expensive accessories In no case can not combine outfits from expensive fabrics with cheap jewelry. But if you use gold jewelry with diamonds, then this can also be a brute force. The best suited for these situations are jewelry pendants made of silver with or without natural stones. 6. Minimalism - a sign of impeccable taste If the dress is very strict, then it should be supplemented with a pendant with a geometric pattern of simple shape. Inadmissible excessive shine, but it is quite possible to have a neutral color in the pendant of natural stone. 7. Suspension can make a complete set with a ring. For a set to such an ornament, you can put on a similar ring. But with earrings do not do this. It is acceptable to combine a suspension of silver, located on the bracelet, with earrings. But with this necklace should be absent. 8. For business meetings - only neutral Pendants and pendants made of silver with the sign of the zodiac, symbols of religion, as well as other "talking" jewelry are not allowed at business meetings. Better to give preference to neutral and not too flashy options. It can be concluded that there are not many silver pendants. These decorations give the woman the opportunity to diversify her wardrobe. In this case, you can even change the location of your pendants. It is often very advantageous to buy a thin silver chain instead of one necklace and several different pendants to it.