1 The choice of a child car seat is not thatIt's a simple task, as it may seem at first glance. The child's age plays a large role in it, but this is by no means the most important criterion. Children of the same age can vary greatly in height, weight, activity, and so on. Therefore, when choosing a car seat, you must, first of all, be guided by these parameters. In general, children's car seats are divided into five groups. The first, zero group, is designed for children weighing less than ten kilograms and age from birth to six months. This is an auto-chair with a system of fastening car belts and an internal system of belts, designed to fix the child in the chair. Such car seats can be used if the child was in diapers during the initial period of his life. And for children in the sliders are more suitable car seats group 0+, designed to carry a child of age from birth to a year and weighing up to thirteen kilograms. These are children's car seats with a cup-shaped body. They are equipped with internal seat belts, designed for three or five anchorage points. Such chairs, to reduce the load on the neck of the child when the car is suddenly braking, are installed only against the course of its movement. You should not hurry to transplant the baby into an armchair designed for the older age group, even when he already knows how to sit well. A freer car seat will become necessary only if the child has grown and his head has become higher than the edge of the existing car seat. And he needed a group I chair. The Group I car seat is a baby car seat for kids from one year to four years old and weighing nine to eighteen kilograms. They are aimed at already well-seated children and are equipped with internal seat belts for five attachment points. These belts usually have three degrees of height adjustment, allowing you to put the car seat into a sleeping position. The chairs of this group are used until the child's whiskey is at the level of the edge of the car seat. After that, they are replaced by the group II children's car seats. The armchairs of this age group are designed for children from three to seven years old and weighing from fifteen to twenty-five kilograms. They are devoid of internal seat belts and have a small range of adjustment of the angle of inclination of the back. The car seatbelt is fastened in such armchairs over the child's shoulder and through its hips and the upper part of the legs. The guides that adjust the position of this belt are located in the headrest of the child seat or in the armrests. In such chairs children can be transported until their growth does not exceed one hundred and fifty centimeters. For children above the Group III car seats are intended. This is a very light and comfortable seat without a backrest with a safety belt, the belt guides of which are in the armrests. On sale there are universal children's car seats, which combine several groups. For example, a model of an armchair It is designed in such a way that it can besimultaneously used for children of different ages, height and weight. Such a model is very convenient and economical, because it can be purchased once, and no more is spent on the purchase of a child car seat. Child car seats - the guarantee of maximum child safety in the car. Therefore, buying them is not only prudent, but extremely important. Author: