women's raincoats 2016 What to change after a warm winter coator a down jacket? What kind of outerwear to choose for rainy spring weather? With the advent of spring, these questions always worry the beautiful half of humanity. It is at this time of year that every woman wants to look particularly attractive. In the spring of 2016, these questions are no longer so important, as fashion houses took care of this problem, presenting a huge variety of women's outerwear that can satisfy the taste of any fashionista. In order to find out what the world designers have prepared for us in the spring, pay attention to women's raincoats 2016, photos of which they offer in their catalogs. Spring is capricious and unpredictable. Having in your arsenal this fashionable detail, even rainy and windy weather can not spoil your mood. For fans of classical style in this season, the actual element will be cloaks. After all, fashionable women's raincoats in the spring of 2016 allocated the main place in the women's wardrobe. If you are pricked with unappealing and monotonous jackets, and you think of such outerwear as a coat as a long-ago fashion out of the past, then, most likely, a pretty and elegant women's raincoat 2016, photos are already in fashion magazines, you will have to taste . Cloaks women's spring 2016 will please women with their variety. To find a model to his liking among the presented assortment will be able and extravagant beauty, and a classic business lady, and a romantic young lady. Spring fashion requires that women's raincoats models be original, practical and feminine at the same time. Women who not only carefully follow the trends of fashion, but also follow them, designers offer to try on this season models of women's raincoats, photos of which can be seen on the covers of glossy magazines with fashion shows.

Fashionable styles of raincoats

Fashionable women's raincoats spring 2016 or, as they love themcall today fashion designers, trench - are one of the most comfortable and stylish little things ladies' wardrobe. This season, designers provide the freedom to choose spring cloaks: the photos give us to know about it, but the most popular innovation of the fashion trench this season is the length just above the knee. When choosing the style of a women's raincoat, note that in the spring of 2016 the three leading directions of women's spring raincoats took the lead: military style trench coats, fashionable raincoats of the A-shaped silhouette and women's spring coats 2016, the photos show the popular oval and pear-shaped forms. This outfit of incredible femininity perfectly matches with any things in the spring wardrobe. It can be worn as with jeans and trousers, and with dresses and skirts, and even shorts. leather cloak for womenCloak in the style of military and cloak of the A-shaped silhouetteFor spring, designers offer styles of women's raincoats of straight and fitting tailoring, the main detail is a hard strap or a carelessly tied belt. Among the presented variety of outerwear, the hit of the season deserves special attention - a leather women's raincoat with decoration and military style elements. Stylists recommend choosing for women women's leather cloaks of classic red or black. Also relevant leopard print and drawings for the tiger and zebra. women's spring coats 2016Leather coats For fans of shocking stillthe mini-trench and mini-bolero, barely reaching the waist, remain in fashion, made of genuine leather, suede or lacquered acrylic. Most classical models of women's raincoats have a fitted silhouette, underlined by a belt, and the length reaches the knees. Also this spring, long raincoats made of a wide variety of fabrics are in vogue. spring raincoatsCloaks with a fitted silhouette and waist belt at the waistDenim, tweed, screaming colors safari, lacquered-glossy and leather raincoat for women - we choose ourselves according to your taste and mood. When choosing fashionable things, pay attention to the length and cut. Remember that such a trend in recent years, like a woman's long raincoat, visually shortens the silhouette. The fewer elements of external decor and decoration, the slimmer the figure looks. A voluminous variegated handkerchief around his neck, a broad-brimmed hat or a tight knitting cap, as well as a small handbag or clutch in his hand - all these accessories will help brilliantly complete the spring image of any woman.

Long cloak - hit the spring season 2016

A long female cloak is present in almostall spring collections of famous designers. Women's raincoats, photos from the catwalks can already be found, represented by models with large lush collars or completely without them. Fashion Spring 2016 offers women of fashion such a trend as a long leather cloak with a wide belt, with a black glossy finish and a frivolous cut that complements the independent image of a female vamp. women's raincoatsLong Cloak Leading brands in the new springseason presented a number of stylish outerwear on the world podium. Therefore, the question of where to buy a women's cloak, the representatives of the weak so far as such should not arise. Indeed, at present, in stores and boutiques of women's clothing there is simply an incredibly huge selection of spring raincoats of both foreign and domestic producers. But if you could not find the cloak of your dreams, do not despair. We will show you one more option, where to buy women's raincoats this spring. Recently, a huge number of people all over the world make purchases of clothes, equipment and other goods in online stores, as it is not only profitable, but also convenient. Perhaps, in this way you will be able to buy a fashionable new thing for the spring. Spring raincoats photos can be found in the catalogs of clothing stores. Choose, buy and wear with pleasure the women's leather raincoats, as well as models from other topical for spring trench water-repellent fabrics.

With what to wear a raincoat?

Initially, the cloaks were worn only by the military, inModern peacetime is their all. Of course, with what to wear women's spring raincoats, the English know best. After all, this fashion went from there. This season, the most popular are cloaks to the knee. And it pleases, because such a spring trench model fits all types of figures without exception. The main thing when choosing a stylish and fashionable item of women's wardrobe is to choose the right cut and decor. So with what to wear fashionable trenchi this spring? Let's start with the shoe: a short raincoat depending on the style can be worn with ankle boots and boots (including rubber boots, but not with boots), and also with shoes and sandals. To create the integrity of the image, it is very important that the cloak and the shoes selected for it be made in the same style. fashionable women's raincoatsShort trench In addition to short spring raincoatsfashion 2016 offers more women's long raincoats. However, such models can be worn only for a limited number of women, as they do not fit every type of figure. Designers recommend them to those women who have the figure "Hourglass", to all the rest of the fair sex - depending on the proportions. With what to wear such raincoats? Best female long raincoats look with shoes without a heel (or on a low heel) and capacious bulk bags. women's coats 2016 photosLong trench Now a few words about scarves,kerchiefs and stoles that, with a skilful approach, can correct any female figure: for example, make it more slender and elongated, and also hide the full waist and other flaws of the figure. Remember that they should not only harmonize with the color of outerwear, but also be combined with other accessories. We advise you to read: